Dr. Gayl Hubatch – The Amazing Health Benefits Of Qigong, Acupressure and Chinese Herbs To Help Heal & Restore Your Body – Extreme Health Radio

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Dr. Gayl Hubatch – The Amazing Health Benefits Of Qigong, Acupressure and Chinese Herbs To Help Heal & Restore Your Body

Dr-Gayl-Hubatch-bio-picDr. Gayl Hubatch was on the show today to discuss Chinese medicine, the health benefits of qigong and her experience working with patients from all over the world healing from all kinds of health conditions!

She is the author of Fabric of the Soul: 8 Extraordinary Vessels .

We had a very informing talk about the benefits of ancient Chinese Medicine and all the different ways in which she uses this healing modality to help her clients recover from devastating diseases.

Qigong is something that I practices on a regular basis and I think that it’s essential for building more energy and bringing a deep focused intention into your day.

I HIGHLY recommend doing it each and every day!

I hope you enjoyed this podcast as much as we did. If you enjoyed it please share the love with your friends by clicking “like” and “share” on this page!

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Show Date:

Monday 11/10/2014

Show Guest:

Dr. Gayl Hubatch

Guest Info:

Dr. Hubatch is a practitioner and instructor of traditional Chinese medicine. Her interest in extraordinary vessel theory has led her to study qigong and TCM in China and compile extensive clinical research. For 28 years she has contributed notably to the rise of Chinese medicine in the west. Dr. Hubatch maintains a clinic in Austin, Texas and teaches throughout the U.S. integrating acupuncture, herbs, qigong, taiji, yoga, and Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®.

Gayl Hubatch, OMD earned a doctorate degree in Oriental medicine from the International Institute for Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM and Harbin, China. She has been a practitioner and instructor of Chinese Medicine for over 25 years. Gayl has been on the faculty at the Academy of Oriental Medicine and teaches nationwide while maintaining a practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine, acupressure, cranial sacral and massage therapy.

Show Topic:

qigong, tai chi, acupuncture, cranial sacral, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, avatar master, chinese medicine, herbs, digestion, cleansing

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