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Eating A Diet That Supports Your Highest Purpose, The Merging of Technology With Biology, Personal Responsibility, Is Karma Really True, Breaking Free From Fear & Much More!

FFAF-Show-New2These Free For All Friday shows (FFAF) are just my favorite. I love the conversation, the banter and how we can express our thoughts, ideas and opinions freely and openly.

We really hope you enjoy listening to them. I want you to know that we DON’T have it all figured out. We are on the journey just like you. We are on the quest for optimal health, insane energy levels and the motivation to do whatever we want to do in our lives.

After all what is health, if not living the kind of life you really desire?

So with that said, we hope you enjoy being on the journey with us.

We talked about eating a diet that supports your highest purpose is a pursuit and a noble one at that. Many people say that eating such and such “won’t kill” them but they don’t realize what they’re doing. Every food we eat becomes intricately infused int our DNA matrix which causes genetic expression to turn on and off.

What we eat becomes us.

[spp-tweet “The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think – David Icke”]

Just because something isn’t going to kill you is not a good reason to eat it.

We also talked about how technology is merging with biology. People are calling it wearable technology. I put the link below to the article I referenced during the radio show.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting more and more turned off to technology and how it’s encroaching on every area of our lives. Perhaps that’s why I don’t own a cell phone?

We also talked about how important it is to be somebody who takes personal responsibility in as many areas of your life as you can. It’s easy to rely on other people to do things for us but the more self dependent we can become, the better of everybody will be. Because we’re such complex people that live complicated lives there will always be a need to have help from others, but in my opinion it’s important to never rely on that.

The other thing we talked about was whether or not karma is really true. Do you believe in karma? Is karma another way of saying what the bible says, that you “reap what you sow?”

Then we ended up talking about Kate’s journey in overcoming fear in her life. It’s been quite the tumultuous journey but she’s bee on the path and it’s been incredible to witness her transformation!

We hope you enjoyed this show!

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Show Date:

Friday 10/24/2014

Show Guest:

Free For All Friday

Show Topic:

diet, nutrition, immunity, fear, ebola, karma, technology, biology, responsibility, fear, health, natural, holistic, alternative

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