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Kate’s Journey From Living in Fear, The Dangers of Media, Tattoos & Breast Cancer, Why You Should Consider The Ayervedic Diet, The Benefits of Float Tanks!

FFAF-Show-New2We had once again another fun time speaking with each other and hanging out with people listening live in the chat room.

We talked a lot about Kate’s journey of overcoming fear in her life. It’s been a spiritual, emotional and nutritional journey to overcome programming from the past that resulted in her living with a lot of fear.

We’ve all been programmed and taught certain things. In fact we downloaded most of our subconscious thought patters before the age of 6 as Dr. Bruce Lipton says!

It’s quite an undertaking when you want to become more of who you are. You have to shake off the bonds of the past and start to think for yourself about all the important issues in life.

People don’t like that…

[spp-tweet “The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think – David Icke”]

They like it when you stay in the nice little boxed in label of the person they created in their head that somehow represents you. As soon as you start speaking your mind and offering your opinions (not the one’s you were taught) it starts to make people uncomfortable a little bit.

If people look up to you, then it ruffles their feathers even more. It makes people afraid themselves that maybe they’re wrong about what they believe.

Getting rid of fear in your life is a life long journey.

We also talked about the media and how that affects our psyche and mental processes. We talked about how fear is the number one tool mass media uses to control the masses. You have to stop watching TV if you want to start to forge your own path.

We also talked a little bit about how women with mastectomies are getting tattoos as a “celebration” of sorts. Many of these women getting the tattoos are actually getting preventative mastectomies if you can imagine that.

We also discusses our transition into the Ayervedic diet (see links below). For me right now, I really resonate with the principles in this 5,000+ year old science. My digestion seems to be getting better and better the more I adopt Ayervedic principles.

How about you? Do you have much experience following an Ayervedic diet?

Lastly we discussed float tanks (aka isolation chambers or sensory deprivation tanks) and why they’re necessary for us in our lives now. We linked below to the place that we frequent on a weekly basis!

We hope you enjoyed this show!

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Show Date:

Friday 10/17/2014

Show Guest:

Free For All Friday

Show Topic:

Float tanks, the media, fear, programming

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