Susan Smith Jones 10 Motivational Tips To Change Your Life


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Susan Smith Jones – 10 Motivating Tips For Reinvigorating Your Body & Life


susan-smith-jones-bio-picEvery time we have a talk with Susan Smith Jones Kate and I always walk away more inspired and motivated than ever.

Have you guys felt that way?

We had a really fun time going through a list of 10 things you can add to your life that would not only benefit your health but they would also help you be successful in all areas of your life.

Here’s one of the quotes Susan shared on today’s show which I thought was really great…

[spp-tweet “Walk your dog every day, whether you have a dog or not.”]

If you’d like to read over them I’ve added them below.

Here are the 10 steps in case you are interested:

  1. Revitalize & Refresh.
  2. Exercise for Vitality.
  3. Join the Breakfast Club.
  4. Utilize Nature’s Best SuperFood & SuperNutrient.
  5. Visualize Your Day Ahead.
  6. Eat More Fruits & Veggies.
  7. Nourish Your Body & Lose Weight with Ample Sleep.
  8. Adjust Your Attitude & Say Goodbye to Procrastination.
  9. Take Time to Meditate & Breathe Deeply.
  10. Enjoy Daily Laughter & Tickle Your Funny Bone

Susan shared many motivating and inspirational quotes during this show and even if you are able to implement just 5 of them over the course of a month you’ll see tremendous results in your health, life and energy levels.

At the end of the show we talked about some strategies so you won’t sabotage yourself for failure.

We hope you enjoyed the show! 🙂 Please pass it on to your friends to spread the message of hope!

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Kate and I would greatly appreciate that! 🙂

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    Show Date:

    Thursday 9/18/2014

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    Susan Smith Jones

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    Internationally Renowned Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Columnist, Holistic Wellness Consultant, and Pulitzer Nominated Author. Internationally Renowned Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Columnist, Holistic Wellness Consultant, and Pulitzer Nominated Author

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    Motivation, inspiration, life change

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