Jill Schneider – Her Journey From Overcoming Class 5 Malignant Cervical Cancer To Running Juice Fasts, Writing Songs & Traveling The World! – Extreme Health Radio

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Jill Schneider – Her Journey From Overcoming Class 5 Malignant Cervical Cancer To Running Juice Fasts, Writing Songs & Traveling The World!

Jill-Ayn-Schneider-Bio-Pic2Jill Schneider joined us today to talk about her story of overcoming class 5 malignant cervical cancer when she was just 29 years old.

Can you believe it?

I believe it’s important to have cancer survivors on the show to talk about their story. Listening to doctors talk about their approach to healing cancer naturally is one thing, but listening to somebody that’s actually done it is quite another story indeed.

I believe both are important and necessary. One provides science and biology while the other provides true inspiration.

We love having Jill on and it was so fun to get to know her!

We hope you enjoyed her too.

One of the things that stuck with me for this show was the fact that Jill didn’t tell anybody of her diagnosis when it happened. Can you imagine being 29 years old, diagnosed with late stage cervical cancer and not telling anybody?

If you’re going to get resistance from people, what’s the point in telling them?

You must protect your space. You must protect your energy and life force.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Jill Schneider as much as we did and if you did would you consider clicking “like” and “share” on this page to let your friends and family know about the work he is doing?

Kate and I would greatly appreciate that! 🙂

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    Show Date:

    Wednesday 9/3/2014

    Show Guest:

    Jill Schneider

    Guest Info:

    In February, 1975, I was diagnosed with malignant cervical cancer. I had no pain or other symptoms, and would not have had any idea I was sick if the cancer had not shown up on my annual Pap test, which had come back from the lab marked “Class Five: conclusive for malignancy.” I received the news from a concerned receptionist at my gynecologist’s office, who said I should come in and have another test taken so they could double-check the results. I did, and spent the next few days wondering whether I would die, or ever be able to have children. And then the same results came back.

    It’s funny. There I was, young and seemingly healthy, listening to my doctor describe something hidden within my own body that had the power to kill me – or at the very least to substantially change me. He described all the options at my disposal, invasive procedures every one, starting with what’s called a conization, in which a cone-shaped section of my cervix would be cut out, hopefully taking all the cancerous tissue along with it. But that might not be enough, he told me. I might still need a hysterectomy – the removal of my cervix and uterus, and perhaps my ovaries as well.

    Show Topic:

    Cervical cancer, traveling, singing, juice fasts, colonics, vegetable juices, coffee enemas

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