Dr. John Holliday – How Mushrooms Can Save The Planet & Supercharge Your Immune System & Allow The Body To Heal Like You Never Thought Possible – Extreme Health Radio

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Dr. John Holliday – How Mushrooms Can Save The Planet & Supercharge Your Immune System & Allow The Body To Heal Like You Never Thought Possible

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dr-john-holliday-bio-picDid you know that mushrooms can help to form concrete? Did you know there are mushroom spores that can decompose rock and create water?

There are even some mushroom spores that have eaten through plastic and create biological material as its waste product?

Did you know there have been mushroom spores found in space? Could mushroom spores be on other planets?

Mushrooms are truly a fascinating subject but what interests me the most is how mushrooms can help to boost our immune system naturally and give the body what it needs to fight off, fungus, virus, mold, bacteria, along with chemicals and toxins that assault our bodies on a daily basis.

One could spend many life times studying all that there is to know about mushrooms.

[spp-tweet “The virus-to-cancer connection is where medicinal mushrooms offer unique opportunities for medical research. Paul Stamets”]

Many people talk about the immune system having two arms to it while others talk about the role white blood cells play in killing off harmful invaders into your body.

Then there are others that talk about how 80% of your immune system is in your but because of the beneficial bacteria that are in your digestive tract.

Mushrooms help with all 3 of those component of your immune system. I think being on some form of medicinal mushroom is critical in today’s modern age of stress and toxicity. Whether you take capsules, powder, decoctions, herbal infusions or simply just boil the bulk herbs in your medicinal tea, you have to get them into your body on a daily basis.

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Show Date:

Thursday 9/11/2014

Show Guest:

Dr. John Holliday

Guest Info:

Dr. John Holliday Elected Vice President of the International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms

Dr. John Holliday, the founder and current president of Aloha Medicinals Inc, has been elected as Vice President of the International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms. The ISMM is an international society for the advancement of research in the field of medicinal mycology, and Dr. Holliday joins the world’s preeminent scientists in this society.

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Aloha Medicinals, mushrooms, reishi, chaga, cordyceps, immune system, white blood cells, flora, bacteria, gut health, immune modulation, disease prevention, natural health

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