Is It Possible To Raise Healthy, Conscious & Aware Children?


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Is It Possible To Raise Kids In A Healthy Way But Not Go Overboard?, What Kind Of Water Is Best, Thoughts About New Media, Can Trapped Emotions Make Us Physically Stiff? And Much More!


FFAF-Show-New2Do you think it’s possible to raise a child in today’s world to be healthy, conscious, open minded and aware?

It seems like the obvious answer is yes.


There’s always a but. How many children of pastors do you see that go wild when they turn into teenagers? How many children of “health nut” parents turn into adults who each junk food and who are over weight? Many times these kids from hippy parents often don’t desire to return to their natural health paths until it’s too late.

Why is that?

I think it’s because human beings by nature seem to learn more from mistakes than from people whose lives seem perfect.

Humans are naturally curious. We naturally want to try things out and develop our own opinions. We don’t like having people tell us how to think, what to eat and how to live.

So how does this translate to a child? Do you feed them garbage so they’ll get so sick they desire healthy food? Well that’s one way, but there might be a more balance approach.

I believe the best method is to figure out a way to have the child themselves “want” to eat healthy. Now how that motivation transfers from parent to child all depends on how the child “is”.

Some people learn more from seeing train wrecks (like me) in their lives and knowing I don’t want to go there so I chose something different.

This is up for debate and I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

Also we talked about how old style media is going way. People don’t like that fake stuff anymore.

Then we talked about what kind of water we should be drinking. Should we drink alkaline water, acidic water, high TDS water or low TDS water, how about ionized water, filtered water, spring water from the source, structured water, tap water or what? How does plastic play a role in how we store water?

Who knew water was so complicated?

No matter what kind of water you’re drinking we talk about some ways to doctor it up and make your own “designer water” at home.

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Friday 8/29/2014

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Free For All Friday

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