Atom Bergstrom – Can ALS Really Be Lyme Disease?, The Many Ways That Fluoride Can Damage Your Health, The Power Of Our Thoughts, The Placebo Effect & Many More Deep Thoughts! – Extreme Health Radio

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Atom Bergstrom – Can ALS Really Be Lyme Disease?, The Many Ways That Fluoride Can Damage Your Health, The Power Of Our Thoughts, The Placebo Effect & Many More Deep Thoughts!


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  • Atom-Bergstrom-New-Bio-PicWhere Mr. Atom Bergstrom gets all of his information is beyond me.

    If you’re interested in the more “strange”, weird or esoteric concepts about life, you’ll want to listen to this interview with Atom Bergstrom.

    We talked about so many interesting topics. One of the more timely discussions was this whole ALS ice bucket challenge.

    Does it really help to poor cold water over the top of your head in a Youtube video?

    [spp-tweet “The act of defining life, limits your perception of it. – Stuart Wilde”]

    As Kate surmised on one of our previous shows, yes this is bringing awareness but that’s all it’s doing. Awareness alone won’t cure anything.

    What “cures” people is lifestyle and diet and their own bodies. Perhaps ALS is really lyme disease in disguise? Maybe there’s more going on with ALS than we know!

    We also talked about how to avoid having negative energy and emotions effect you and pull down your vibration. He talked about how he uses specific strategies on how to disperse negative or low vibrational emotions off of you on a daily basis.

    Very interesting.

    We also discussed the placebo effect and how that plays a role into super conscious.

    Also up for discussion was this whole idea of fluoride in our municipal water systems. Did you know that even if you eat organic food, there are chemicals falling from the sky on your produce and most likely that same organic produce was watered with municipal water that contains, fluoride, chlorine, chrloramine, amonia, and even pharmaceutical prescription drugs.


    But there are ways around every challenge. Listen to this episode with Atom Bergstrom to learn some cutting edge techniques for improving your health!

    I hope you enjoyed this podcast as much as we did. If you enjoyed it please share the love with your friends by clicking “like” and “share” on this page!

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    Show Date:

    Thursday 8/28/2014

    Show Guest:

    Atom Bergstrom

    Guest Info:

    Atom has been teaching workshops and seminars across the U.S.A. since 1977. With over 50 years experience in health and nutrition, Atom has been counseling people with various diseases and ailments since the 70’s. His expertise is on nutrition, chronobiology, reflexology, slit-lamp iridology, meditation, Sufi, and I Ching and other holistic modalities. He graduated from Adano Ley’s Texas Institute of Reflex Sciences in 1979.

    Show Topic:

    ALS, lyme disease, fluoride, organic food, mind over matter, affirmations, the placebo effect

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