Ron Becker – Change Is Coming: Why Sensory Deprivation Tanks (Float Tanks) Are Going To Be The Next Big Thing In The Natural Healing Community – Extreme Health Radio

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Ron Becker – Change Is Coming: Why Sensory Deprivation Tanks (Float Tanks) Are Going To Be The Next Big Thing In The Natural Healing Community

ron-becker-bio-picHave you been interested in float therapy? I heard about these sensory deprivation tanks or float chambers for a long time.

Years actually.

I did a ton of research about all the benefits of them and how they affect consciousness and can even take your health to another level.

I was so intrigued. The idea of creating an environment here on earth that simply cannot be simulated anywhere else really got me thinking.

When you’re on the earth, how is it possible to create an environment where all 5 senses are removed while you are actually awake?

  • Taste – your mouth is closed so that’s a no brainer
  • Sight – it’s pitch black, problem solved
  • Hearing – the chamber is 100% silent
  • Touch – the water and air are the same temperature as your body
  • Smell – it’s odorless inside the tank

There isn’t a situation on earth where you can essentially shut off all 5 of your senses. When you do this, you truly allow the body and mind to heal at a very deep level.

Not only is floating extremely relaxing because of the infusion of magnesium flooding into your pores, but you feel almost euphoric.

The first 30 minutes for me was just a lesson in letting go. I had to trust the process. I had to get comfortable. I had to let go of my obligations and my thoughts. I had to dig deeper into my true essence at the core of my being.

Then I had to let go more.

I had to fully commit to letting go of commitments, my to do list, time and even who I was. Because you can’t feel anything you feel like you’re just a mind floating in that tank.

I had a weird experience. After about 45 minutes of floating I felt like I was comfortable and relaxed. I was in. Then I heard the knock on the door from Ron and knew it was time to go.

I feel like I could have floated for 3 hours no problem. Man is floating addicting or what? You should definitely try it out if you can. Find a location in your area!

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Show Date:

Monday 8/18/2014

Show Guest:

Ron Becker

Guest Info:

Ron Becker is the founder and owner of Newport Float Therapy in Newport Beach California.

Show Topic:

float tank therapy, sensory deprivation tanks, magnesium, meditation

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