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Dr. Larry Lytle – How The Q-Laser Restores Electrons To Atoms Changing Tissue PH & Ultimately Supercharges Your Health

1292647083-larry-lytle-bio-picToday we spoke for a 2nd time to Dr. Larry Lytle who talked about how low level laser therapy can alter the body and what it actually does.

According to the science the light waves from the Q-1000 laser restores electrons in the tissue. We lose electrons from the atoms within cells when we are stressed, sustain some kind of injury or experience any kind of stimulation or lack of circulation.

We’re losing electrons all the time and when the atoms lose their electrons they become damaged and as a result create damaged cells. These damaged cells begin to replicate thereby creating damaged tissue. This damaged tissue often times cuts off blood flow to the surrounding areas in the body.

When there’s a lack of proper blood flow, the area begins to create lactic acid and build inflammation. The resulting inflammation creates soreness, tension and ultimately pain and reduced functionality of the organ, muscle, joint or tendon.

When there’s a build up of inflammation the ph of the tissue begins to change. When this happens in the organs disease is ultimately the final result. When organs don’t function properly it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the other organs to do its job.

As you can imagine this is a low level but constant state of stress on the body. The Q-Laser 1000 restores electrons which fixes the PH of the organ or area of the body and thereby dramatically reduces inflammation.

As a result of this decrease in inflammation, more oxygen and blood flow is routed to the affected area which promotes health and fast healing. Remember the laser isn’t healing you. It’s just allowing the body to do its job. The body heals nothing else does.

So that’s how I understand what’s going on with this interesting tool called the Q-Laser.

If you’d like more information about how it works you can click here to dive in even deeper if you’d like.

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Show Date:

Tuesday 8/5/2014

Show Guest:

Dr. Larry Lytle

Guest Info:

At 78 years young, perhaps no one knows more about the theory and practice of applying energetic light frequencies to halt pain and heal diseases than Dr. Larry Lytle, one of America’s pioneers in the research and development of cold laser light technology for medical applications. A lifelong student of the healing sciences, Dr. Lytle received his first doctorate in 1964 in the field of dentistry, and his second in the field of nutrition in 1979.

A former president of the International Academy of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine, Dr. Lytle turned his focus to the study of low level laser technology in 1994, and his passion for the subject soon earned him recognition as a foremost expert in the field of cold laser therapy.

His design advancements in hand-held low level laser devices resulted in the first ever FDA clearance for the use of light in the treatment of arthritis. Trained as an educator, Dr. Lytle is considered by all who know him as a “teacher among teachers and a student among students.

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Cold Laser Therapy, Healing Light

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