Robert Mueller – The Shocking Truth About What’s In Your Dog Food, Maggie’s 90 Challenge Update And Why Enzymes Are Critical For Longevity & Vitality! – Extreme Health Radio

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Robert Mueller – The Shocking Truth About What’s In Your Dog Food, Maggie’s 90 Challenge Update And Why Enzymes Are Critical For Longevity & Vitality!

Robert-Mueller-Bio-Pic1Today we had a fascinating conversation with Robert Mueller.

Robert is the author of a book called Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret and he’s an expert in the BARF (biologically appropriate raw food diet) diet for dogs and even other animals as well.

Today we had a talk about Maggie’s 90 BARF update. She’s been on the BARF World diet for 90 full days now! Amazing how much time flies but also it’s quite amazing to see all the benefits of this diet even when she was eating a relatively high quality raw food diet before switching over. At the 45 day mark I wrote an update about all the benefits here.

We’ve noticed a HUGE difference with her energy levels which we talked about during the show. We also noticed big changes with her stools and bowel movement. She used to really drag behind us and get really tired especially on long walks during the middle of the day.

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She’d be panting with her tongue hanging down to the ground and barely able to keep up. Maggie used to do well on the morning walks and evening walks but she would really get tired in that hot noon day sun.

Now the contrast is like night and day. Now not only does she not drag during her mid day walks in the heat but she’ll pull me on a 3 mile walk which are even longer than her other walks.

I assume it’s the diet because nothing else has changed.

Robert is the man behind, which is a company that provides the healthiest dog food on the planet.

We also talked about what’s in conventional wet and dry dog food these days, most of which comes from rendering plants that includes road kill. Can you imaging your dog eating other dogs that have had cancer and tumors all over their body? Can you imagine your dog eating food that comes from animals that have been hit by cars along the side of the road? It’s sickening to think about but it’s no wonder why our dogs are sick and getting cancers.

We also talked about why Maggie’s fleas have almost disappeared since being on this diet. We used to have to spray her with natural Cedar Cide oil to get rid of the fleas. Now they’re barely even there anymore.

She’s had increased energy, almost no fleas, drinks less water and has remarkably better stools since being on this BARF diet. It’s pretty amazing. Her coat is shiny and soft as well.

Feel free to try this diet for your dogs. If you like it and them as well we can share our experiences in our community.

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Show Date:

Monday 7/7/2014

Show Guest:

Robert Mueller

Guest Info:

Robert Mueller, Bsc Pharm is a registered pharmacist, author of “Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret”, and co-developer of BARF World’s BARF diets patties, nuggets and supplements. Rob has helped zoos worldwide incorporate the proper raw food diets for their carnivorous population of animals. He has consulted hundreds of pet owners on how to improve the health of their pets using the BARF Diet philosophy. He and his wife love to travel around the world with their dog, Moxie – a Yorkshire Terrier/Maltese mix.

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The BARF diet for dogs, raw food, enzymes, disease, cancer, weight loss

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