Robert Von Sarbacher – Why Biofilms Are Making Everyone Sick, How To Get Rid Of Them, Overcoming Candida, Tips For Better Skin, The Dangers of Canola Oil & Much More! – Extreme Health Radio

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Robert Von Sarbacher – Why Biofilms Are Making Everyone Sick, How To Get Rid Of Them, Overcoming Candida, Tips For Better Skin, The Dangers of Canola Oil & Much More!

robert-von-sarbacher-bio-pic-newRobert Von Sarbacher joined us today to talk about healing our sickness by killing off biofilms in the body. Dr. Bob Marshall talks a lot about killing biofilms as well.

For those that don’t know essentially biofilms are what protect viruses and bacteria from being recognized by the body as a pathogen. Think of a football player wearing pads while playing or an astronaut wearing a space suit.

If they don’t wear this protective armor it will die.

It makes sense right? I mean all organisms want to live. All of us will fight to protect our own existence on some level.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a worm, a parasite, a virus, bacteria, fungus or even a cancer cell, all of these life forms want to live and will do what they can do survive. So what they do to prevent the body from seeing them for what they are, is encase themselves in this biofilm so it can live and continue to exist.

Isn’t life grand? But what would happen if all of these foreign organisms had their biofilms broken down and the white blood cells and immune system of the body were able to get at them? Well you guessed it, they would simply die a slow slow death.

If we can somehow eat foods and take supplements that gets rid of this biofilm (which according to Robert Von Sarbacher) can be actually inside the intestine preventing us from actually absorbing our nutrients, then we can see tremendous advances in our health.

All those amazing supplements we’re taking like Spirulina, Astaxanthan and other goodies can actually be absorbed. Imagine that? Imagine having to take less of these superfoods and super nutrition just by increasing our absorption by killing these biofilms? You could actually eat less protein and put on more muscle. You could get more enzymes, phyto nutrients and minerals from the super foods you do eat. You would have more energy and decrease your energy crashes. You would dramatically improve digestion and elimination and improve sleep.

You would also help your body to prevent cancer, heart disease and have the energy to live your dreams. These biofilms are killing us and we don’t know it. We can’t feel it so we think it’s not happening. But each day it’s happening whether we know it or not.

All disease begins in the gut. If we can increase our digestion, absorption and elimination we can live the best life possible!

Other items that we discussed were

  • Where these biofilms came from,
  • When they arrived on the scene
  • How to get rid of candida
  • How all skin issues are related to biofilms
  • The dangers of canola oil
  • How to cook correctly to preserve enzymes
  • What oils work best for oil pulling
  • and much more!

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Show Date:

Monday 6/23/2014

Show Guest:

Robert Von Sarbacher

Guest Info:

Robert Von Sarbacher is a health researcher works with people all over the world. He’s into anti aging abd pro youthing.

Show Topic:

Biofilms, candida, yeast infections, oil pulling, canola oil, vaccinations, skin issues, preserving enzymes when cooking

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