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Why I Don’t Own A Cell Phone, The Power Of Learning, What It Takes To Change, Kate’s Crazy BioMat Experience & More!

FFAF-Show-New2Another show in the can as I always say. Kate makes fun of me for that but it’s fun to say.

We had such a great time on this show. We really feel like our Free For All Friday shows are getting better because although we have lots of listener questions, articles, quotes and different topics to talk about, we generally just end up going with the flow and having a good time.

The idea we’re going for is to make it feel like you’re just sitting on the couch with Kate and I and we’re all having a normal conversation.

In today’s show we talked about why people generally don’t like it when we make majors changes in our lives. You see people tend to create a story in their own mind of how they think we should live our lives and who they think we are. When we start acting outside of their story, they all of a sudden feel weird about that.

And when we start making positive changes that makes them feel somehow depressed about their own lives. Perhaps they feel like they have a dream and they don’t act upon it. They beat themselves up over it and now they see you living your dream and it reminds them of the guilt they feel for how their own life is going.

Funny how that is, isn’t it?

We also talked about how Kate is learning how to play the banjo and we talked about how important it is to always be learning in life. What a testament to a great life if you can always be willing to learn and grow on all levels.

Then we talked about why I don’t own a cell phone and the dangers of EMF radiation. I don’t own a cell phone for many reasons which we discuss and most of them don’t even have anything to do with radiation, although that is a big reason.

And we also talked about Kate’s crazy experience the other day on the Biomat and what happened to her while laying on it. It involved possible internal healing and visions of some sort. Pretty amazing stuff indeed.

This was a really fun show and we really hope you enjoyed listening to us banter on!

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    Show Date:

    Friday 6/20/2014

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    Free For All Friday

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    Cell phones, making changes, learning new things, biomat

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