Maria Valdivia – How She Used Biomagnetic Healing To Help Her Body Overcome Stage 4 Breast Cancer & How It Can Help You! – Extreme Health Radio

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Maria Valdivia – How She Used Biomagnetic Healing To Help Her Body Overcome Stage 4 Breast Cancer & How It Can Help You!

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Maria-Valdivia-Bio-PicMaria Valdivia joined us today to talk about healing her stage 4 breast cancer with biomagnetic therapy.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2004 and refused chemotherapy, radiation or surgery to treat it. Obviously her friends and family thought she was insane.

But “by chance” (we don’t believe in chance here at Extreme Health Radio!) she happened upon a TV program featuring Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran from Mexico talking about healing disease using magnetic therapy and using the power of magnets to help alter the body so cancer no longer wants to live in it.

It’s really fascinating information and I think very inspirational to anybody who’s been diagnosed with any kind of degenerative disease like cancer.

Here’s the theory…

Cancer is caused by viruses and bacteria (which has been corroborated by the work of Hulda Clark while other think cancer is a liquid or even a fungus) and these bacteria and viruses like to live in specific areas of the body. It’s similar to why polar bears live in the cold and alligators like to live where it’s warm.

The energy from the magnets actually change the PH of the blood and tissue where they’re applied. This rapid change in the PH actually disturbs the virus’s ability to replicate in the cancer cell and robs the cancer cell of it’s fuel thus preventing it from further growth.

Now I hope I got that right, I stand corrected if I got some of that wrong. But from what I remember her saying that’s what she said.

It was a very interesting show and I’m wondering if after listening to it, you’re either motivated to learn how to apply biomagnetic therapy principles or just go out and get some magnets and see what you can do with them?

I think there’s a lot to it and specific ways of best utilizing the information to make sure you get the best benefits from this unique therapy.

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Show Date:

Thursday 6/19/2014

Show Guest:

Maria Valdivia

Guest Info:

Maria Valdivia is a practitioner in Biomagnetism and the person who first introduced this science in the USA, with the opening of the first office of its kind in 2007, located in Los Angeles, California.

Show Topic:

Breast cancer, magnets and how biomagnetism helped her body to heal from breast cancer

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