Dr. Richard Massey – How Unresolved Grief Affects Your Physical Health And Can The Traumas Or Events From 3 Generations Past Have Any Effect On Your Current Health? – Extreme Health Radio

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Dr. Richard Massey – How Unresolved Grief Affects Your Physical Health And Can The Traumas Or Events From 3 Generations Past Have Any Effect On Your Current Health?

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dr-richard-massey-bio-picDr. Massey was on top of his game once again!

We always love having Dr. Massey on whenever he’s available. For those that don’t know we had the wonderful opportunity to visit him and Meridian at their home in Texas the last time we got our root canals and cavitations extracted by our biological dentist Dr. Stuart Nunnally.

Today we talked about many different subjects that fascinated me. I could have talked with Dr. Massey for hours upon hours just picking his brain.

In the beginning of the show we talked about music and how music is a big part of our lives and how we’ve lost touch with making it a part of our health and healing. In ancient cultures music had more to do with community, sacredness, healing and personal connection than it did with iPods like it does today.

Then we talked about verbs and nouns and how the medical industry has hijacked our language systems to disempower us in terms of the language we use surrounding disease. We talked about how we do cancer instead of getting it. We talked about how verbs create responsibility and action on the part of the recipient and how verbs if used in a way that supports us can actually empower us to greater healing.

We talked about grief and how family constellation therapy and gestalt therapy can help resolve present health challenges. We might express a disease based on somebody in our family 3 generations ago.

We also talked about death and how sacred that can be if we tune into it and get back to how our ancestors would honor the dead and support those left behind. Then near the end we talked about how to protect yourself from emf radiation from cell phones and so much more.

This was such a fun show we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Please share it with your friends because more people need to know that there are viable options for natural healing if people just know about it. So please share!

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Show Date:

Wednesday 6/11/2014

Show Guest:

Dr. Richard Massey

Guest Info:

Dr. Richard Massey is a holistic doctor and former medical anesthesiologist. He now works with patients all over the world via Skype and offers dried blood cell analysis for patients. See video below.

Show Topic:

Recall healing, Family Constellation Therapy, Gestalt therapy, Living in the heart and more!

Guest Website(s):

Email: docmassey@gmail.com
Phone: 830-992-1143

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