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Dr. Mark Sircus – Using Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium & Iodine To Prevent & Reverse Diseases

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If you’re suffering from cancer, heart disease, skin issues, diabetes or a host of any other ailments this is a great show to listen to. Dr. Mark Sircus is truly a wonderful man doing amazing work. At the heart of his protocols are magnesium, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and iodine. Did you know that you can prevent just about all major diseases for just dollars a day using his cutting edge therapies and protocols?

He’s on the cutting edge and we love to support people like him.

Please listen to this interview and pass it on to your friends! Please “Like” it on Facebook and do whatever you can to help spread the message of hope to people! I would be very grateful. 🙂

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • How hemp oil/cannabis can help people heal & how to LEGALLY get some!
  • What specific brands of magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and iodine to use
  • Specific ways to use each of these different substances for your particular situation
  • How a lack of key nutrients is at the cause of diseases
  • A special announcement about his upcoming books and brand new website!

Prevent and reverse disease for pennies per day. Learn what & where to buy these natural substances. Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: 10/24/2012
Show Guest: Dr. Mark Sircus
Guest Info: Dr. Mark Sircus, one of the most prolific writers in medicine, holds the honorary title of doctor of Oriental medicine and was one of the first nationally certified acupuncturists in the United States.

He was trained in acupuncture and oriental medicine at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe, N.M., and in the School of Traditional Medicine of New England in Boston. He served at the Central Public Hospital of Pochutla, in Mexico.

Dr. Sircus is the director of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA), which is advocating radical changes in orthodox medicine.

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Topic: Cancer, Heart Disease, Sodium Bicarbonate, Iodine, Magnesium, Natural Healing
Guest Website(s): http://www.imva.info
http://www.drsircus.com (Coming soon!)

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Items Mentioned: Rick Simpson – Phoenix Tears – Hemp Oil/Cancer
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Podcast Transcript:

JUSTIN: Thank you so much everybody for joining us today on another edition of extremehealthradio. I’m really excited about today’s show. We have Dr. Mark Sircus on the line from Brazil. This is going to be a really exciting show and thank you very much for joining us today. We are broadcasting worldwide from Southern California, so thank you again. This is Justin and this is extremehealthradio.com and it’s Wednesday, October 24, 2012, Episode #26. You can find it at extremehealthradio.com/26 and on that show you will see the transcription, the show notes with all the reference materials and website and anything the good doctor mentions. So, thank you for joining us.

If you have any questions for our show guest, or for me, you can email them justin@extremehealthradio.com or you could call our voicemail line, which is (949)391-7363 and I will play your message to our guest on the air. This show is brought to you by the Vitamix Blender. If you know anything about blenders and are in the market for a good industrial blender, consider buying it through us and we will get a little commission and you will get free shipping as well. You can check it out at extremehealthradio.com/vitamix.

Before I introduce our show guest, I would like talk a little bit about our upcoming show schedule. On Friday, we have Dr.Jack Tips, who is a prolific author and individual out of Texas, working with patients worldwide. That should be a good show. Then we have Danny Roddy, who is a researcher mainly into the area of thrush and hormones and that should be a really interesting and fascinating show. Then we have Amanda Love next Wednesday, talking about the value of fermented foods and probiotics in your intestinal flora. So, join us for that show.

Today we have Dr. Mark Sircus who I’m so excited about. He is one of the most prolific writers in medicine and he holds the honorary title of Doctor of Oriental Medicine and was one of the first nationally certified acupuncturists in the United States. He was trained in acupuncture and oriental medicine at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe and at the school of Traditional Medicine of New England in Boston. He served at the Central Public Hospital of Protutla in Mexico and he is the Director of the International Medical Veritas Association and he advocates radical changes in orthodox medicine. So, thank you so much for joining us today, Dr. Sircus. I really appreciate that.

MARK SIRCUS: Thanks for having me Justin.

JUSTIN: In honor of you being on the show, I just sprayed some magnesium on my body.

MARK SIRCUS: My favorite medical treatment is magnesium massage and I probably get more of them than anybody else.

JUSTIN: Does your body get used to the magnesium over time, you know how it feels scratchy and that kind of thing?

MARK SIRCUS: Yes, it usually does. If you skin is sensitive, it helps to take baths first and that sort of tonifies the skin. Some people are really sensitive and some people it burns their underarms or certain sensitive places, but you can always dilute it and you can always use the magnesium gel instead magnesium oil, and that of course, usually doesn’t burn at all.

JUSTIN: Oh wow, magnesium gel. We’ll get into magnesium, but first of all there is something I want to ask you. I had the opportunity of going to Brazil, about ten years ago I was in Nepal, Brazil for about a month and it was the most amazing place. I took a trip around the world and that was my favorite spot. How did you end up in Brazil? I think you went there in 1991, is that right?

MARK SIRCUS: I went in 1991. There was one morning when I work up and my heart was just grieving over a separation from my wife. It’s a long story, but anyway, the first I ever asked for anything in my life from God, I said ‘please, I need a new life, please I need a new life’. And five hours later, I walked into somebodys house, this was in Gainsville, Florida. I sat on the couch and 30 seconds later, this American girl came like a tornado into the living room, screaming about a town called High Paradise, or Alto Paradiso, in the interior highlands of Brazil, where she and a group had bought a valley. My skin got goosebumps and I …..5:02……that God is speaking to me and is answering my prayers. Pretty soon I was on the map showing me where my new life is.

Stepping back, of course my life changed. I burned all my bridges and seven days later I was gone from the States and it’s been 18 years since I stepped on American soil.

JUSTIN: Wow, 18 years. Do you have plans of coming back?

MARK SIRCUS: It’s against my religion.

JUSTIN: Were you facing some issues with the powers to be, or some issues?

MARK SIRCUS: No, I would say some things, about 10 years before I left the country, I ran into the Medical Board in New Hampshire. I was practicing acupuncture and there were no state laws, but I found out the hard way that on the medical board’s statutes that you had to be an M.D. to practice acupuncture, so they tried to get me for practicing medicine without a license and I fought them in the State Senate. I didn’t lose and I didn’t win but I left the States and changed my life.

JUSTIN: So you’re in a town called Joao Pessoa?

MARK SIRCUS: Yes, I’m about three hours south of Natal. I’m at the exact point furthest east in north and south America. The sun comes up here first as we are the closest to Africa and if thought Natal was nice, this is the nicest city in Brazil.

JUSTIN: I looked at it recently on ‘google maps’ and what an amazing place it looks like. You have great beaches and a great town and it looks a little bit like a big city.

MARK SIRCUS: It’s a sacrifice for me though. I built my sanctuary 1000 miles into the interior and after six years I’m just finishing it. I was there living for 10 months with my with my family and my wife for and it was hard moving them out and getting back to civilization. We have so much work we’re launching. My 16 year old son, he is now 17, he boiled down 22 of my sites to one portal and he created drsircus.com and it should be up next week.

JUSTIN: Really, we’ve been waiting for that.

MARK SIRCUS: And then, hopefully by November 1st I’m going to be declaring November Winning the War on Cancer month and then I am going to present my case to the world about the protocol, my naturalpathic which I consider the definitive protocol for cancer. I’m really be coming out of the corner. I’m going to be publishing a book in a few weeks called Treatment Essentials which is like giving away the kitchen sink. I mean it’s going to be a practical book and will have an hours worth of videos from me and all the practical information you need to do my protocol. The dosages, the precautions, which products, where to buy them and just lay in out and how the philsosphy treatment at home and so, and then right after that, I’m going to publish a book on 8:23…….cancer therapy, which will be the cornerstone of my work in terms of cancer. So, this is a very exciting moment for me.

JUSTIN: Yes, how many hours each day do you spend writing? Do you have a really rigorous schedule each day for your writing?

MARK SIRCUS: Well, I do write more than anybody else seems like, I do write seven days a week. But don’t feel sorry for me, as I take plenty of time to relax and I play tennis 5 days a week and I have a good family life here. I’m very mellow and accelerated…..8:50 the same time.

JUSTIN: That’s so great. Do you see patients there?

MARK SIRCUS: No, but in the interior of my sanctuary I practice pestoral medicine. When I practice pessoa medicine. I’m a certified doctor of pessoa medicine. When I practice pessoa medicine I don’t charge and sometimes I give away the medicinals they need and I really do a lot in the sanctuary, in the interior. Here, things have just, I’ve been very quiet for 8 years in this city and, in the next few weeks, I’m going to be kind of unveiling myself, in Brazil, in Portugese and in the Spanish world. I’m going to come out like Cassius Clay in the corner.

JUSTIN: Sting like a butterfly. You are a prolific writer. I think I saw on your website that one of your books is something like 900 pages. Is that right?

MARK SIRCUS: Well, actually the longest one, which I think I’m going to take down soon is 2200 pages. That was my Survival Minutes into the 21st Century, which has all of my writings from five years ago and before, but does not include anything recent. My cancer book came out a year and a half after that, and that has 900 pages, but I have basically been working as I keep updated and integrated. I have now just finished my research and now I’m going to put it out in a complete form. It’s been very intense.

JUSTIN: That’s great. Now the heart of your protocol is magnesium, iodine and sodium bicarbonate. Is that for all diseases or just for specific diseases?

MARK SIRCUS: Let’s go through the protocol. What I should have put first, which is now #4, is water. Water is the most basic medicine. Water technology, water pH and water purity are all very important, but because I’m famous for the things that are #s 1, 2 and 3, which are magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, which is not just sodium bicarbonate…………..11:21 bicarbonate medicine and No.3 iodine, I left those are the top 3 in the protocol. They’re all emergency room medicines. They are all almost universely needed and deficient in modern populations. They make excellent medicines because they work through the fulfulment of nutritional loss..It you’re crippled with something, missing something and you provide it it’s a clear solution. So, you resolve a lot, if not all medical issues with this principal.

So, magnesium stays #1. Sodium bicarbonate is really neck and neck to #1, and that is because of #5, which I’ll talk about in a minute, which is breathing retraining or CO2, carbon dioxide physiology. They want to tax the world because of carbon dioxide as they try to draw carbon dioxide as a poison. But it’s ……12:32 food plants love it and we in terms of our breathing or anything that we do as far as oxygen which everyone knows is the key. What the key is to oxygen is carbon dioxide. The faster people breathe, the sicker you get the faster you breathe, until you say I’m hyperventilating, until you die actually.

So, what happens when you breathe too fast, which everybody is doing, by getting rid of too much CO2, this is good stuff. If you bottle it up a little bit and slow your breathing down like Yogi would, what happens? Your CO2 goes up, which brings your oxygen up. This goes back to #2, sodium bicarbonate. Why does sodium bicarbonate work? Why is one of the best medicines in the world even though it’s the cheapest? Because it raises instantly the CO2 in the blood, which increases the pH, which increases violation of the veins and vessels, it increases cell volt voltage and it increases oxygen…….13:44 sodium bicarbonate. Old people are desperate for bicarbonate because their bodies can’t make enough anymore.

JUSTIN: Is there a difference between baking soda and baking powder. Are those the same substances?

MARK SIRCUS: No, baking soda and sodium bicarbonate are the same thing because they do not have aluminium. Baking powder is something else and it usually has aluminium.

JUSTIN: So the baking soda is usually a more fluffy substance?

MARK SIRCUS: Yes, pure powder. They inject it in the emergency room if you’re dying, if you have a minute to live and your blood is frying with acid, they inject sodium bicarbonate in standard emergency rooms all over the world.

JUSTIN: Don’t they use that in chemotherapy as well?

MARK SIRCUS: They use it in chemotherapy and why do they do that? Because it’s properties are one of the best buffers, so if you’re going to be poisoned, it’s almost like acid, it’s a buffer and protects the bodies from the poisons and help you get eliminated much quicker. So, why do they use it? They don’t want you to die right in front of them. They are administering high and toxic poisons, so they need a buffer.

JUSTIN: With those three substances, why are we so deficient as a culture? I’m sure you’ve talked about this many times, but for our listeners why do you suppose we’re so deficient in magnesium, iodine and sodium carbonate?

MARK SIRCUS: Well, each one is a little different. The magnesium is very clear.The simpliest way of looking at it on a population worldwide basis, there are white foods, white rice, white bread, white sugar and white spaghetti. They’re white, why are they white, because they’re really poison food because they take out all the nutrition, specifically magnesium. If you’re a 6’5″ man, you need 500 mg of magnesium a day and you’re only eating in your diet 200 mg, which is almost normal now,200,250 300 maximum. It’s like running your car up a mountain road with half a tank of oil, things start burning quickly.This is one basic reason. Drugs also, many drugs drive down magnesium levels, poisons the
body needs it if you’re drinking acidic water or acid foods, your body needs bicarbonates. It needs minerals, bicarbonate and magnesium to defend the body. So, as you do toxins you use up the minerals you have. It’s a disaster and millions of people have died, millions, of heart attacks. They don’t die of heart attacks, they die of magnesium deficiency. Is there any licensed doctor who will stand up and say that, even though it’s the pure naked tooth? People die of magnesium deficiency. They don’t die of heart attacks, because people don’t have heart attacks if they have a full tank of magnesium in their bodies, in their cells.

JUSTIN: I have a heart condition call hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and just before the show I sprayed a few sprays on my chest (I usually do it every night as well). How much magnesium. I guess it depends what brand you’re using, but how much, if you use a brand you’re familiar with, are you getting by spraying a few sprays on your skin like that.

MARK SIRCUS: A few sprays is just a few sprays. If you can put it on your body and want to do it therapeutically, you want to take an ounce of this stuff and cover your whole body until you’re dripping. It’s messy and it’s not so practical all the time but you can get a very strong bath, you canput it on your body and get massaged. You can drink it if you have pure magnesium chloride and you can nebulize it. The first few months you need to saturate your center. It takes a year to raise your magnesium level if you just use oral. If you combine oral and transthermal, 2-3 months of dedicated treatment. That easy.

JUSTIN: Could you also put it in, I’ve got those little AA capsules. Can you put it in those capsules and swallow it like that?

MARK SIRCUS: Sure, some companies do it for you. Are you talking about putting liquid in the capsules? I’ve never heard of anyone ask that, but I wouldn’t store it. I would just put it in the capsules and swallow it.

JUSTIN: So there are no issues with taking it orally?

MARK SIRCUS: There is one issue. If you take as much as you really need orally, it will give you diarrhea. There is a limit as to how much you can take orally. If you take the magnesium with meals you can take higher doses.

JUSTIN: So, it’s kind of like vitamin-C in that regard.

MARK SIRCUS: Yes. But I want to go back to answering your question. That’s magnesium deficiency. Bicarbonate. The stomach makes bicarbonate to buffer the acid in your stomach. The pancreas makes bicarbonate so when the food comes out with the acid it buffers that, and the kidneys make bicarbonate to keep the pH in vert tight control in the blood. As we get older, we don’t make as much bicarbonate and we live in a poisoned world, lousy food and the air is poluted. The water has chlorine in it and I could go on and on and on, not to mention the microwaves, cell phones and our own emotions. So, we become acidic, people eat a lot of meat. What does that mean? It means we are deficient in bicarbonate and the more deficient we get in bicarbonate, the more acidic we become and acid burns. Our cells are getting older and burn, burn, burn so you get sick. Bicarbonates is a miracle medicine because it reverses all of that and gives you what you need. It gives you alkaline pH and it gives you higher oxygen.

So, for you also it would be very interesting, as #3 in my protocol is iodine, #4 is water and #5 is breathing retraining. The Russians are just way ahead of everybody else. They developed this CO2 breathing technology. I’ve been training with this breathing device from Russia and it actually sells in the United States now for half the price. You practice with this breathing, it’s like going to a yoga master sitting at his feet. Everytime you train with this thing it increases your C02 by teaching you to breath slower and your oxygen goes up and the lights go on in your brain and things just, everything works better with higher oxygen conditions. There is really no limit to how much bicarbonates you can eat, but there is no replacement for breathing correctly. There is no replacement for drinking enough water, like medicinal quality water. This breathing thing was developed to cure asthma. What is asthma? People breathing so fast they can’t even catch their breath. They will pass out, because they got a little too much C02, they are breathing too fast and nothing comes in.

JUSTIN: That is fascinating. When we come back, we have to take a short quick break, but I am fascinated. I want to find out where we can get that contraption you’re talking about, if possible, and we’ll talk a little bit about iodine as well.

We’re with Dr. Mark Sircus and his website, coming soon, will be drsircus.com so look out for that. We’ll be right back in just one moment.

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Alright, we’re with Dr. Mark Sircus. His website is drsircus.com as well as IMBA.info and on this show page, extremehealthradio.com/26, we will have links to his facebook accounts, social media sites, youtube and all that good stuff, as well as his website.

Doctor, before we were interrupted by the break, we were talking about sodium bicarbonate and I have a question. Does that have any effect on the hydrochloric acid levels in your stomach?

MARK SIRCUS: Yes, it does. They work together and one will stimulate the other. There are some situations where it is helpful to take more acid. Bicarbonate is not, unless you take it while you’re eating, because then you need use the acid for food digestion. But in terms of day by day, then you increase your bicarbonate level it’s actually nutritious, it’s a source needed for hydrochloric acid production.

JUSTIN: What are some good ways to introduce that into your protocol or daily diet or things like that?

MARK SIRCUS: Basically, two bicarbonates, sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarboate. Potassium is also a very necessary full on bicarbonate, especially for cancer treatment because the …….25.18 …..has anti-tumor properties. So I found the company online that sells capsules of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. I don’t use it myself even though I ordered some. But it’s very easy to take alot. You can take one, if you lightly bicarbonate your water, you can drink all of your water with a slight bicarbonation. If you’re treating cancer and you go to your maximum dose, you can do 1/2 teaspoon in a full glass of water 7 times a day. For some people it’s easy and for some people bicarbonate doesn’t go down so easy. So the tablet ……26.10….One of the most powerful ways of doing this therapy is that you can jump into a bath with 1, 2, 3 lbs of bicarbonate and 1,2,3,4,5,6 lbs of magnesium salt. At that level, it’s not quite like an IV but if you’re having a stroke in the ambulance is an hour away this is what you’re going to want to jump into.

JUSTIN: Would that work for heart attacks as well?

MARK SIRCUS: Yes, for heart attacks as well. First you would want to drink it and cover your whole body with it, and jump into it in a bath and sit in it. Probably not too hot if you’re in an emergency situation, drink it and nebulize it, you just want to pump it in. It’s exactly what they do with an injection. In Los Angeles they have a program where the technicians in the ambulances when they pull up to the driveway, if you’re having a stroke, they put you in the ambulance and right there they will give you a magnesium injection.

JUSTIN: The magnesium that you talk about and that you use, does it have that oily feeling and stays on your skin for a long time?

MARK SIRCUS: Yes. I use the purest form that comes from a 250 million year old sea deposit that’s 1500 meters below ground in Europe. Just pump it up and it’s been down there for………27:35 so there’s no colusion, no mercury in it, very,very, very pure.

JUSTIN: You can’t beat 250 million years, can you? Wow, this is fascinating. I’ve also heard that people who have heart attacks, sometimes it helps if they’re given cayenne pepper.

MARK SIRCUS: That can help. I needle right below the nose, on the upper lip or putting something sharp there, in emergency procedures. The magnesium and sodium bicarbonate too, if there is an emergency. The thing is to not wait until you’re having a heart attack, but finally wake up to the fact that you need some magnesium.

JUSTIN: Right. A few minutes ago you were talking about iodine, the breads and the white food. Do those contain the bromides.


JUSTIN: What do those do?

MARK SIRCUS: Dr. David Brownstein who practices near Detroit, which is now declared a War Zone offically by the police by the way.He tested 5000 of his patients patients and 95% of them are iodine deficient. You could probably make a general statement that 90% of Americans are iodine deficient. What does that mean? That is really, really dangerous and this is really what is really crazy about medicine and the American government. Until a few years ago everybody knew you had to put a little bit of iodine in the salt to make sure everybody didn’t get goiter. What happened? First we went to fluoride 50 years ago and what happened with this fluoride? Fluoride is just like iodine, it’s a halogen and will go into the thyroid gland and sit in there instead of iodine. Now, if you’re deficient in iodine, of course you can do it much easier. If you’re full of iodine and the fluoride has no place to go in the thyroid, the body will get rid of it much quicker.

There was one point there that they actually started putting iodine in bread. They took the iodine out and some idiot or terrorist or cruel Genghis Khan type of guy decided to put bromide into the bread instead and this is another halogen that replaces iodine, but it’s a poison. They put it in drugs, they put it in white bread and then Fukushima came by. Now here we have 95% of the population are iodine deficient. What does that mean? It means that the thyroid, breast tissues, and prostates and ovaries which are all very concentrate iodine. They are all sponges for iodine, they’re hungry hungry 29:40…….? If anybody in the government, I don’t remember any doctor standing up and saying everybody should take some iodine after Fukushima blew up.

JUSTIN: No, I didn’t hear that at all.

MARK SIRCUS: No, you didn’t hear that. So iodine is very important and also essential for the 21st century because we’re going into the age of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and fungus and mold diseases are growing. The disaster meningitis is a fungal infection. The disaster happening with tuberculosis is a fungus problem and we don’t have very good fungal medicine except very toxic forms of homeopathic medicine, but sodium bicarbonate, perfect antifungal.

JUSTIN: Now, with the white breads and the white food, not only did they remove the iodine in them, but they replaced it bromide, which is a substance that pulls iodine from your body. So, it’s a double whammy with that.

MARK SIRCUS: Aren’t they nice guys?

JUSTIN: They love it. And it’s so addictive too, which is great, isn’t it?

MARK SIRCUS: Yes. Iodine is really important because of with very high dosages you can treat any pathogen. 100 years ago they used to treat syphilis with iodine.

JUSTIN: There are lots of different types of iodine. There is Lugols and there is Nascent…..

MARK SIRCUS: I recommend two. I recommend Lugols for topical use, also for breast cancer patients, they should be painting their breasts everyday with iodine. Lugols is perfect for that. Lugols is also much less expensive than Nascent and is very good for oral as well. The Nascent is much more expensive and it’s a Ferrari type of iodine, it’s an atomic form, it’s more absorbable, it’s just nicer.

JUSTIN: A lot of people take the Iodorol, like as a tablet.

MARK SIRCUS: I don’t like solid minerals because then you’re relying on the digestive system to break them apart and absorb them.

JUSTIN: I see.

MARK SIRCUS: So you need hydrochloric acid for that and some people are very deficient. I stay away from the solid minerals. They would still work for cancer as they use iodine to treat cancer and they use these.

JUSTIN: So with these three substances, magnesium, iodine and sodium bicarbonate, you mentioned that you could nebulize these things, you could take them internally and paint the skin. It sounds like that if get really creative there are many different ways of applying them to your body, right?

MARK SIRCUS: That’s true.

JUSTIN: Have you ever done anything with like using magnesium, probably not iodine, but magnesium in your eyes or things like that?’

MARK SIRCUS: Good question. If you dilute the pure magnesium oil, you can use sea water evaporation which is a common one, you would dilute 15-20 drops of pure water to your magnesium you have a beautiful eye wash.

JUSTIN: Does that sting your eyes like it does on the skin?

MARK SIRCUS: It depends how much you dilute it. It will give you a little sting for sure if you use 15-1. I always use about 15-1 so a 20-1 would be very mild I would imagine.

JUSTIN: The kind that you would recommend for that would be the Nascent?

MARK SIRCUS: No, it’s not iodine, we’re talking about magnesium. You could use the ancient minerals magnesium, which is the one from the 250 million year old mineral deposit. A doctor could use it as well for injections. The pharmaceutical companies can’t produce a pure enough, anything pure enough…..34:00

JUSTIN: As part of your protocol do you use some of the high end silvers that are out there?

MARK SIRCUS: No, that’s very low on my protocol,like on the 26th level, something like that.

JUSTIN: I want to ask you, real quick, about for people at home, if they’re looking, this is something I want to do, to recreate the traditional medicine cabinet at home. So, what are some of the top ten things you would put in your medicine cabinet for natural substances?

MARK SIRCUS: This is exactly, in answer to your question, is what I’m going to be putting out in my next book, that’s going to be centered on the first 15 levels of the protocol. In terms of substances it will talk about magnesium, two …35.49 …..bicarbonates, iodine and of course water and breathing. I would put everybody on this breathing machine on the list. I will give you the site, it’s called breathslim.com, they’re selling it in the United States is a weight loss device, because when you increase oxygen, you increase your your metabolism and you burn more fat. Some people can’t lose weight because their breathing is wrong. Of course everybody tells them that. So No 6 though, skip to No 7 is glutathione, a very, very important enzyme. You can nebulize it, in fact for the nebulization of sodium bicarbonate, I recommend the company that makes the capsules, which is half glutathione and half sodium bicarbonate. You break open the capsule and put it in your nebulizer and poof, right into the lungs. There’s a new glutathione that you put under your tongue for absorption and you have suppositories, so you can get the glutathione three ways. And then No 7,I don’t know if you’ve heard about this Justin, but this is the most exciting news of several decades. Basically, two weeks ago in the United States, a company from Denver started shipping legally all over the United States, medical marijuana without the DHT? …….37.16…It’s called .PVD?….. a pure concentrated form. So, it’s legal. The DBA, FDA it went through everybody and they will be shipping it internationally soon.

JUSTIN: What is that company’s name or website?

MARK SIRCUS: It’s called Dixiex.com. They sell it in three forms, capsules, a tincture you put under your tongue and it works in about 10 minutes. My assistant is using it already. It’s for pain, for mellowing out, for recovering from cancer or whatever. This is one of the premier medicines. It is #7 and I have written a book about medical marijuana. It totally legalizes my protocol. There is this guy, Rick Simpson, in Canada he just grew a field of marijuana, boiled it all down, made oil and gave it away to 100 people. A lot of them survived their cancer, just because of the THC.

JUSTIN: Yes, Rick Simpson has a website called Phoenix Tears if people are interested, and he is quite a guy. We’re working on having him on the show as well. How did they allow this to get out and make it legal? That’s just amazing?

MARK SIRCUS: Well, it’s industrial hemp, which has always been legal. Hemp is legal. The only cannabis that’s illegal is THC. There are strains of marijuana, I’m not a marijuana farmer, but you can cultivate marijuana with not having THC, but it has high levels of CBD and this has been clinically tested already. CBD in general just has an incredible anti-tumor effect and in my marijuana book, I come up with a Batman and Robin medicine. Batman is magnesium and Robin is marijuana. You put the two together and you’re talking about information for pain, promotional upset, you’re talking about a real dynamic duo. People who know about marijuana’s medicinal qualities. A hundred years ago you could walk into a pharmacy and the principal thing was iodine and medical marijuana.

JUSTIN: Marijuana has been maligned and it’s because it would put so many industries out of business, you know. If you’re the government and wanting to keep control, of course you have to ban that.

MARK SIRCUS: This company was on 60 Minutes on Sunday. They just launched …….40.21…..Denver now is the capital of the world for cultivation and efficiency and ……….40.28…for marijuana growing and it’s legal……………….was on 60 Minutes …………….CAN’T UNDERSTAND ANY OF THIS SENTENCE……

JUSTIN: I would just love that because, as you know, marijuana is one of the most powerful plants in the world. That would be so good. We have to take a quick break. We’re with Dr. Mark Sircus and his website again is drsircus.com. That will be coming soon and currently it’s IMBA.info. We will have a quick break and we’ll be right back.

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JUSTIN: Alright, we are with Dr. Mark Sircus and he is a prolific author and an amazing individual, as you can hear, and he has written a book called Winning The War On Cancer. He’s written many books, and some of the highlights are Survival Medicine E-book, Magnesium, and The Ultimate Heart Medicine E-book. There will be links to these books on our show page. If you buy them through us, I would really appreciate that as we will get a little commission that would help our efforts as well.

Doctor, I wanted to ask you, we were going down the list of some of the things that you were talking about. We were just talking about cannabis and hemp and all that kind of good stuff. With that substance, what would you buy from that website dixieX.com? Would you buy capsules, or what would you buy from them?

MARK SIRCUS: I would buy the tincture and I would buy the cream for starters. If you’re going to treat cancer, I would still go with the liquid form………43.16….taking a capsule, take one or two of those a day.

JUSTIN: This is huge. I can’t tell you how delighted I am. I spoke at length, about a year ago, with a lady who was part of the Rick Simpson network. She was talking about all the legalities of growing hemp and things like this, but if you can buy a substance, like you were just talking about, that’s incredible.

MARK SIRCUS: It’s incredible and it’s going to be really damaging to the pharmaceutical companies. They really can’t compete with them. ……43.53…..medicine. I feel that way about magnesium and iodine combined, but in terms of medicine, pharmaceutical medicine, they don’t have anything even close. This can …….44.06…..billions of dollars, billions. ……….billion dollar industry by the year 2016. Now that’s
…….billion dollars that’s going to come out of the pharmaceutical pockets.

JUSTIN: What do you think they’re hoping, that this may be that the vast majority of people won’t know about it, kind of thing.

MARK SIRCUS: Justin, before I answer that, let me tell your listeners that the best place to go to get into my site is at drsircus.com which is coming up next week. Right now, it would be the blog, IMBA.info or publication.imba.info for the books. Actually, it’s better to go through your site for the books and that would still link back to my publications site.

Justin, I’ve been like a pitcher, warming up in the bullpen, these past months. When I release the site, it should be in a few days, I’m going to declare November the winning the war on cancer month, and then I’m going to take the world by storm with ………45.36 …..paradigm for cancer………..astounding to me. I feel like I know twice as much just in the last three months than I did in all the years before. …….an amazing thing.

I’m going to put it out there. It’s the same feeling that you’re getting now and I got it when these people came online and legalized medical marijuana for medical purposes in 171 countries. That’s basically what they’re putting out. I’m going to be promoting that like crazy and recommend that people buy their stock. It’s probably about 20-25 cents per share, it was 5 cents about two weeks ago. I’m coming out with a protocol, probably a DVD, for grandma or anybody can learn it, anybody can go out and buy it, although some places would be difficult to get to, like Africa or South America. But, the basic items you can get. Everybody can get sodium bicarbonate in every supermarket and pharmacy in the world, iodine at least the kind you put on your skin, magnesium is a little harder to get, but usually you can find it.

I’m going to put out a comprehensive protocol of 15 items that medical practises are using and it’s legal to tell your neighbor, your son or daughter, or husband or wife to go get some Aspirin if they have a headache, the same legality will apply to this medical marijuana, nutrition or magnesium. I’m putting out a 15 item hit list where even the top 3 or 4 are enougb to win the war on cancer………47.33…..only if you do want to die………from cancer….47.35 …normal people commit suicide as it’s not easy to live on this planet, and some people just can’t take it here and the population among …………47.57…..But, 90% of people ………like a slam dunk from Wilt Chamberlain….#7 is medical marijuana ………

I’ll share with your audience right now. Last night, it was like a divine inspiration and it just came to me, this phrase. Design, cancer, mathematics.


MARK SIRCUS: And I wrote it out. ………….48.40. There are two substances that we can use as a reference point. Selenium, which is #9, magnesium and selenium. If you live in a country where the soil is very high in selenium and magnesium, they have these numbers and the rate of cancer are 5 or 10 times less. The highest magnesium soil countries have 10 times less cancer because there’s 10 times more magnesium in the population because they are eating much more. So, we can debate the numbers …….49.20…….the…….is to saturate your body with magnesium and you will have a 20% less chance of getting cancer, and I’m being conservative.

Just saturate your body and your pH is perfect and the chance of your getting cancer is almost zero………….49.38……bicarbonates…..20% ……..40%……iodine……50%…..from these two substances.
…….60-80%….and with the medical marijuana you’re up to 100%…….My numbers and cut them all down by half …….and you only have a 50% cure rate, now let’s add…..50.12…and you add another 10%. Now let’s add probiotics, selenium and ………50.14….. You can cover the mathematics until you’re way over 100%. So if you do things rationally, mathematically you will also know how the other side of the coin moves. If you want to cure cancer or don’t want to get it, you will also mathematically stop doing things that increases your chance of cancer,like having a mamogram every year increases your chance by 5% every year. So do medications increase your chance of cancer. Chemotherapy creates more cancer and so does radiation. Avoid tests ……..50.48…..and dangerous chemicals and radiation treatments you will increase your chance of living.

JUSTIN: You know what the great thing about all of this is that it’s not like any of these things work in a vacuum because someone like me who has a heart issue, I can take all of these things and prevent cancer, but all of them are also great for the heart too.

MARK SIRCUS: Yes, I’m guilty of concentrating too much lately on cancer because……51.20…prostate and breast cancer and …………51.21….coming out also, but yes, my protocol is actually going to ………51.39…..neurological diseases, and even the flu. In 1926 the Arm & Hammer baking soda company published a little booklet on the medical uses of sodium bicarbonate. In that little book there was a doctor treating patients during the Spanish flu when millions of people died. He said ‘not one of my patients died’ and what I did was just give them sodium bicarbonate.

JUSTIN: Wow, there are so many natural remedies for cancer, it’s just amazing, isn’t it?

MARK SIRCUS: It’s amazing. That is a problem because there are really so many. What my work does is ……52.24…..it down, okay we’ll take the top 10 most powerful things and resolve the most basic issues and let’s concentrate on that……..52.35….the next five and then the next 5. Depending on how much money you have or how much time you have to treat them or how serious the situation is. The top 10 will probably be most situations.

JUSTIN: Can you recommend a good place to get a nebulizer?

MARK SIRCUS: I can give you a ………52.53…..I just gave it to my wife earlier, so I should be able to find it very quickly

JUSTIN: I’ve been in the market for one, a good one.

MARK SIRCUS: The site for nebulizers have many different ones and they really look like they know what they are doing, is justnebulizers.com.

JUSTIN: And that’s plural, nebulizers right.

MARK SIRCUS: Yes, nebulizers.

JUSTIN: I see on your list that you have pancreatic enzymes and those by themselves are incredibly powerful.

MARK SIRCUS: That’s not in my top 15……..53.42….more refined…..treatment in terms of cancer, but sure. There are some really good doctors ….53.50…and have had ……success. Once you are attacking the cancer and are beating it down, pancreatic enzymes ……..are responsible for dissolving, helping to resolve it and remove it. It’s another way of attacking the cancer cells.

JUSTIN: So they actually dissolve maybe the protein coatings around the cancer cells? These are exciting times.

MARK SIRCUS: One of the things I’d like to announce too, going back to #5, which is this Russian …….54.28….technology, I am creating a whole new system with marrying this technology ……..54.37………….but I’m marrying that with hot math technology ……..and hot health technology, which comes from my Heart Health book. Both technologies, hot math and hot health are originally ………54.48, who is the guy who……….54.50….to the world. So, I’m marrying these approaches into a really strong medication for the 21st century type of ……., but also medically with the breathing, raising oxygen levels and centering the heart in coherent vibrations. There are no words to describe it….it’s going to be something…….55.21…..

JUSTIN: Do you think that stress and our current lifestyles, maybe our mindsets, do you think some of those issues might even trump the food that we eat?

MARK SIRCUS: Yes, it’s really hard to say which is more stronger. My strength in life doesn’t come from the food ……..55.49, it comes from my heart. I spent two decades in medicine trying to get my mind to stop for 20 minutes and live in my heart. When my heart………56.06 so I’m just flowing with passion. …….CAN’T UNDERSTAND !!!!!….right now………………………………..right now I’m concentrating on taking …..bicarbonates, ………………………in my body.

20% of women have been sexually abused and that creates a ……..56.33…..that doesn’t go away and this is just like huge ground work for ………………..how many people do you know ………..56.46 …….anything less than that is sexual stress……..CAN’T UNDERSTAND……..56.49….abused as a child…….20-25 years ago, just the line of communication between people, listening to bad programming our brains have absorbed, all the polution from the government, corporations and the lies. People are just running, running and the world is more toxic and it’s difficult.

JUSTIN: So, prevention is just really the name of the game?

MARK SIRCUS: If you continue to ……..57.28………..living longer and happier. Happiness and health go together, right?

JUSTIN: I’m looking forward to your new website and to your new book. What were the names of those two books that are going to be released soon.

MARK SIRCUS: The first one is coming up………57.52…Essentials. Actually it’s a training manual and you can pick it up and see everything you need to do on a practical level……….58.01…..thousands of pages of that. So it will be 200 pages of practical and then I will come out with my ………58.08 ….cancer therapy book and then there will be the prostate and breast cancer book. Hopefully, I’ll get the three done within the next six months.

JUSTIN: So, what kind of books would you recommend, outside of your own, what kind of books do you read?

MARK SIRCUS: Actually, I don’t read very much as I’m so busy with writing. I do all of my reading online and ……..58.37…..Usually, I’m just reading the most recent research that comes out ………58.47….There are so many brilliant people out there and the internet connects you to everybody. Nobody who knows anything is not on the internet. The only thing that’s not on the internet is the work of Christopher Hills and his work in creative ………59.02…………It’s about deeply penetrating the……..59.21 …in group situations. Nobody wants to do it.

JUSTIN: It doesn’t sound fun for people, I’m sure.

MARK SIRCUS: No, but it’s very good in a relationship for a husband and wife. You don’t resolve all the conflicts so you cut down on communication……and……59.37…..

JUSTIN: This has just been an amazing time. That you for spending so much time with us. I’m just so excited about the websites you gave us, the cannabis and your website coming out. This is just fascinating.

MARK SIRCUS: It’s exciting for me to and thank you very much for having me Justin, and it has been a pleasure.

JUSTIN: You’re welcome. Would you mind hanging on the line while I close out the show.


JUSTIN: Excellent. Okay, well thank you so much everybody for joining us today. We really appreciate you spending some time with us. This has been a fascinating interview with Dr. Mark Sircus and I hope you got some nuggets out of that one. If you purchase any of his products through us, we will get a little commission and that will help us as well. You can find him at extremehealthradio.com/26.

Also, just to let you know, if you liked this show please click ‘like’ on facebook and consider sharing it with your facebook friends and also following us on there too. We really, really would appreciate that. You can also sign up for our newsletter as well and we would greatly appreciate that.

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