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Upcoming Events, Are Chemtrails As Bad As We Thought?, How Fear & Desire Can Cause Cancer, Going To Jail For Selling Apricot Kernels, Show Recaps, Listener Questions & More!

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FFAF-Show-New2We talked about our previous shows and recapped them for you in case you missed them. We talked about our show with herbalist Wendy Wilson. She has a lot to say about chemtrails, herbs, how to use herbs and tinctures to help us in just about every area of life.

Then we talked about our recent show with Ty Bollinger and his work with cancer. We love him and the work that he’s doing. He’s an amazing guy doing great things out there in the world.

Then we wanted to let you guys know about 3 upcoming free events that are happening online. All you have to do is sign up for them to learn more about how to listen and what time they’re playing in your particular part of the world.

The 3 FREE events are:

We’re signed up for all 3 and highly recommend you guys register so you can get access to them as well.

Then we talked about how almost all disease can be linked to fear, desire and ultimately attachments. When we really think about it, it seems like most decisions we make in our lives are done out of fear.

We’re afraid of what our co-workers think about us, we’re afraid of what our parents will think or our wives, and friends. We care so deeply about what other people think about us it cripples our ability to create and become the people we really want to be.

What’s holding you back?

When we suppress ourselves like this because of fear, we get upset with ourselves for not having the courage to be who we want. This creates a disconnect between who we are and who we think we really our. The frustration sets in and this creates unmet desires. We want what we can’t have.

We think things will make us happy. We feel attached to these things and we’re not happy because these things “out there” would make us happy if only we could possess them.

It’s a vicious cycle.

We also talked about chemtrails and how to detoxify (links for how to do that are below) heavy metals from our bodies. Heavy metals have been associated with neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and more.

The human body was never meant to be bombarded with so many heavy metals on a daily basis. In today’s world not only are we exposed to such toxicity but we’re also given the solutions as well.

With every modern problem there is a solution.

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    Inspirational Quote:

    “Any relationship that becomes a source of pain or creates stress on a regular basis, can be considered a Toxic Friendship.” Terri Cole

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    Show Date:

    Friday 5/16/2014

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    Free For All Friday

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    Chemtrails, fear, desire, emotional stress, detoxing heavy metals, cancer, apricot kernels

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