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Black & White People Don’t Exist, Our Results From Our Root Canal Extractions, Eating Contest, Urine Therapy & Lots of Fun!


Tahoe-FacebookToday we had another really fun FFAF show.

I had to get the whole racism thing off my chest. As a sports fan all I’ve been hearing lately is all of the comments about Donald Sterling (owner of the NBA team, The Clippers) regarding “black” people.

Let me make this clear, there’s no such thing as black people. There’s also no such thing as white people. I’m considered “white” but is my skin white? No. It’s tan and brown. If you compared my skin to a white sheet of paper, you’d see a huge difference in color.

Is any “black” person’s skin really black? No. Their skin is just a little darker than mine. In fact we’re the same color but different shades of that color. The whole idea of white and black in our language presupposes opposites instead of being similar shades of the same color.

Is this slip up in our language intentional? Who knows. Maybe it’s designed to incite the idea that we are separate and different. If we realized that we’re all the same color we might unite and actually be more powerful than we really are.

I’ve never heard anybody mention the fact that there’s no such thing as black people or white people. There are no races, no borders and no opposites. These have all been placed there by governments to rope us into the idea that we are separate from one another.

If you take it a step further, the color of our skin has nothing to do with who we really are on a spiritual level either. We are not black or white any more than the color shirt we wear. How can a soul or spirit have a color?

These are just labels we use to divide and make separate.

The more we identify with the color of our skin (or our gender, our ideas, our thoughts, our emotions, our heritage or anything else) the more we are attached to that which is only temporary. Our physical bodies along with everything associated with them (except for our spirit or soul) will be wiped away. If you take all those physical attributes away, how can you be attached to them and think that you ARE them?

We also discussed energy medicine with Hayden from Canada who called in during the show. That was a lot of fun.

We also fielded many questions sent in via email and from our chat room which is always lots of fun. We talked about yeast infections, candida and how our bodies have responded to getting our root canals extracted by the best biological dentist in the world, our dentist Dr. Stuart Nunnally. 🙂

We also discussed a listener’s idea that laetrile or amygdalin is a fraud and doesn’t help with healing cancer naturally. I say, show me the evidence.

Another listener asked about cooking broccoli with tomatoes as a way to heal from cancer. We referred him to our forum for more information. We also discussed a listener’s question about not being able to sweat. I surmised it had to do with heavy metal toxicity.

Then we talked about coloring hair using Morrocco Method’s natural hair color products.

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“Self-forgiveness is an important step to becoming a compassionate person. After all, if you can’t stop judging yourself, how will you ever stop judging others?” – Amita Patel

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Show Date:

Friday 5/2/2014

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Free For All Friday

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Racism, sweating, energy medicine, natural healing

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