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Otto Haddad – How To Use Sound To Unravel The Many Layers Of True Healing

otto-haddad-bio-picToday we had Otto Haddad on the show talking about sound therapy. Talk about a very interesting concept indeed. He actually uses the vibrational frequencies in sound to help tune specific organs in order to function properly.

Isn’t that a wild concept? How do our organs get out of balance? How does sound affect the cells and the organs themselves? Otto covers all of this in this particular show.

He’s a very interesting fellow and I think there’s a lot of truth to what he’s saying. Even in the bible it says, “God said let there be light”. So even in the bible there was sound before there was light.

I read a quote during the show that all physical matter and that which makes up our world is the dance between two things and two things only. Matter is the physical manifestation of the dance between sound and light.

Personally I think there’s much more to what Otto was saying than we can ever know. Perhaps in 100 years or so we’ll be able to scientifically verify everything he was saying.

Why wait 100 years?

If it resonates with you then you might want to see if he can help you out. He does see people over Skype and long distance.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Otto Haddad as much as we did and if you did would you consider clicking “like” and “share” on this page to let your friends and family know about the work he is doing?

Kate and I would greatly appreciate that! 🙂

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Show Date:

Monday 4/21/2014

Show Guest:

Otto Haddad

Guest Info:

I spent many years working in IT offices and have experienced what it is like to have terrible nightmares and wake up in the middle of the night in sweat and panic.

I have tried a few holistic disciplines which helped in bringing more awareness and mindfulness to my process. However the biggest shift in my life happened when I discovered Sound!

Sound Therapy has given me clarity in the toughest moments and allowed me to go deeper into myself in a very gentle and natural way to transform my nightmares into positive experiences. I also find it easy to go into a state of mindfulness with sound.

I closely analyze cutting-edge scientific research on the healing benefits of Sound, am a member of Sound Therapy Association and studied Sound Therapy treatments with groups and one-to-one in British Academy of Sound Therapy with Lyz Cooper, a pioneer in the field; and the cutting-edge Vibrational Retraining with the world class Sound Therapist Elaine Thompson at SoundTherapyUK.

Show Topic:

Frequency, sound, vibration, energy, acoustics, and healing of the body

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