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Jonathan Tripodi – How To Release Trapped Emotions, Stress & Trauma In Order To Heal From Disease & Start Living Your Life Again

Jonathan-Tripodi-Bio-PicJonathan Tripodi is the author of an interesting book called Freedom From Body Memory which is an interesting look at how our bodies somehow store energetic frequencies from the past and how to let go of them in order to heal at the deepest level.

What do you guys think of Body Memory? Do you think that all of our emotions, stress, trauma etc get stored in our tissues and cells?

Sounds kind of strange doesn’t it?

But if you understand that everything is vibration you can start to see the correlations manifest themselves in our own lives as well as the lives of others. Do you ever notices how after an athlete (say a boxer who has gone 12 rounds) will start to weep and cry during the interview right after the fight? All of those pent up emotions and stresses of training for the past year are coming out.

Or how about somebody like Michael Jordan who can shoot free throws with his eyes closed? That’s called muscle memory. Not much unlike the Body Memory principles that Jonothan Tripodi talks about.

Or think about your own life. Have you ever noticed that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you get bad news that perhaps somebody close to you has just passed away? Or have you ever eaten while you’re stressed out and you can’t digest very well? Or maybe you’ve almost been pulled over by a police officer after you made an illegal uturn but they didn’t stop you. Your heart starts to pound and beat in your chest doesn’t it?

Where does that come from?

How does a thought affect our physical biology like that and cause our heart to pound and to start sweating?

Because everything is memory Jonathan contends that these stresses actually stay in the body long after the initial problem goes away. Somehow the trauma of an argument witnessed when we were kids or the shock of being injured in an accident, somehow gets lodged in our cells and tissues and can’t be removed.

Think of it just like food. If food can get impacted in the colon and intestines, why is it any different with stress or traumas?

The Body Memory system is almost like an energetic cleanse just like a colonic or enema would be physically.

It’s my contention that in 100 years it’s going to be common knowledge that all disease comes from stress, negative emotions, trauma, not speaking your truth, bottling things up and situations in life that cause these types of reactions.

If you can do a stress cleanse like this Body Memory Program along with eating a diet that supports your health and couple those two things with some kind of exercise and fitness program, you’ll be well on the path to being bullet proof.

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Show Date:

Monday 4/7/2014

Show Guest:

Jonathan Tripodi

Guest Info:

Author of “Freedom From Body Memory”
& Founder of the Body Memory Recall (BMR) Approach

  • Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery
  • BS Physical Therapy
  • BA Movement & Sports Science

For almost two decades Jonathan has explored body memory and its relationship to chronic pain, stress, illness and behavior. His Body Memory Recall – BMR – approach has supported thousands of individuals to heal old wounds and experience renewed states of health, vitality, and function. His approach to therapeutic bodywork supports one to come out of survival mode and surrender to one’s self healing intelligence. In so doing, a person can release accumulated stress, fear and pain from past experiences, and actualize renewed states of health, vitality, inner peace and joy.

Jonathan devotes his time and energy entirely to his healing ministry (Freedom from Body Memory) which includes educating the public and healthcare professionals about the body memory phenomenon and his unique BMR healing approach. He teaches the BMR nationwide and is the author of Freedom from Body Memory – Awaken the Courage to Let Go of the Past. His book is the first of its kind in that it provides his personal awakening to body memory in addition to the current scientific, historical and clinical evidence of the body memory phenomenon.

Jonathan currently resides in Sedona, Arizona.

Show Topic:

Energy medicine, natural healing, body memory, releasing trapped emotions

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