When You Live Your Dreams Expect Resistance


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Tahoe-FacebookToday we had a fun time on this Free For All Friday show.

Kate actually has a side project she’s working on (which we will reveal in about a month or so) that prevented her from recording the FFAF show live on Friday itself.

We’ve been working like crazy people behind the scenes (12 to 14 hours a day) to get this side project up and running. As a result we recorded this FFAF show on Thursday night around 10pm which is our bed time. If this is your first time listening to our FFAF show please know that we’r not normally this tired.

We were really exhausted at the time of this recording but we wanted to get something out for everybody to listen to.

So please don’t hold our tiredness against us!

We talked about resistance and energetic blockages that come up when you finally get on the path you’re supposed to be in. It is interesting that one one level everything seems to fall into place with your ventures. But on the completely opposite level you might experience major resistance to your new found work.

Some people might say well if you’re experience resistance than isn’t that a sign you should not be doing your new work? In my personal experience if you experience a low level resistance that occurs over a long period of time that makes everything you do more difficult, then the answer might be a yes.

But if you experience serious spikes in your resistance where it might be pretty intense but only for a short amount of time, you’re probably on the right path.

This happens to us quite a lot with Extreme Health Radio show. Generally everything is falling into place perfectly, but then every now and then you might experience some massive tidal wave of resistance that seems like it’s trying to keep us from accomplishing a current project.

I feel more leery about a low level resistance where everything is hard and it lasts for a long time. I tend to identify that is you’re not on the right path with your life. This is not where your dreams are supposed to become reality. You might be working a job you have no passion for or you could be married or dating the wrong guy or girl.

Each person will have to take stock of their own situation and evaluate for themselves what life is trying to tell them about their current circumstance.

We hope you enjoyed this episode and once again I apologize for our lack of energy. We’ll be better next time. Thanks for putting up with us! 🙂

We hope you enjoyed this episode. If you did like this show would you consider doing us a favor and sharing it with your friends? Kate and I would be so appreciative. 🙂

Thanks everybody!

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Show Date:

Friday 4/4/2014

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Free For All Friday

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Natural health, alternative healing, living your dreams, being on the right path

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