Daniel Vitalis – The Intrinsic Taboo Why It’s Critical To Challenge Social Norms In Order To Improve Our Health, Vitality & Longevity – Extreme Health Radio

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Daniel Vitalis – The Intrinsic Taboo Why It’s Critical To Challenge Social Norms In Order To Improve Our Health, Vitality & Longevity

daniel-vitalis-bio-pic-newDaniel Vitalis is a wealth of interesting information. Today we talked about the intrinsic taboo and why societal norms are the way they are.

Daniel is the lead man behind http://www.surthrival.com where he develops some of the highest quality unique products you’ll find in the world today.

We also discussed the myriad of ways that these societal norms not only influence our lives but adversely affect our health as well. He posed the question during the show which was, why is it looked down upon to eat your dog?

If a family in your neighborhood growing up made it a practice of eating their dogs and cats for dinner, how would everybody else treat them?

It’s not like we were told to NOT eat our dogs. This kind of taboo in our culture typically permeates our lives through a subtle form of osmosis that’s difficult to detect.

It could be an off the cuff comment by a perceived person of authority when we were young or even a conversation by two people on a tv show. This kind of subtle indoctrination happens to all of us in our culture whether we’re aware of it or not.

In this episode Daniel Vitalis asks some questions that need to be answered. For example we did a show on urine therapy which is very much taboo in our society. But if urine contains incredible healing compounds in it, then that means we are preventing ourselves from ingesting nature’s most powerful medicine simply because we failed to ask the kind of questions Daniel brought up during the show.

We talked about agriculture and how civilization arose out of man’s desire to stop being nomadic wild hunters to being drawn to agriculture and organic farming. At the end of the show we discussed all kinds of ways (20 actually) that you can begin to regain control of some wildness in our lives.

Like Daniel said we can’t go back. We can’t go backwards but what we can do is take some principles of living in the wild, into our modern lives. It’s very simple and easy to begin the quest of personal development in terms of developing daily disciplines that will bring us back to our wild nature.

We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we enjoyed being on the air with Daniel Vitalis.

If you’d like to order any of his products from Surthrival all you have to do to get that 10% discount (through 12am Eastern on Friday April 4th) is enter the discount code WILDTABOO upon check out. 🙂

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Show Date:

Wednesday 4/2/2014

Show Guest:

Daniel Vitalis

Guest Info:

A leading health motivator, nutritionist, herbalist, educator and creator of danielvitalis.com and surthrival.com. He teaches people all around the world about how to apply nature based solutions from primitive times into our modern lives.

Show Topic:

Intrinsic taboo, questing social norms, Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll and Human Domestication, Chimps and Bonobos, meet your cousins, Husbandry revisited – what are the implications? Reconditioning ourselves, 20 Rapid-fire tips for building a healthier, wilder life! and more!

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