Steve Williams – Learn How Drinking Your Own Pee (Urine Therapy) Can Reverse Disease, Improve Organ Functions & Take Your Health To The Next Level! – Extreme Health Radio

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Steve Williams – Learn How Drinking Your Own Pee (Urine Therapy) Can Reverse Disease, Improve Organ Functions & Take Your Health To The Next Level!

Steve-Williams-Bio-Pic1Today we had a fascinating conversation with Steve Williams.

The first thought people have when they hear about urine therapy is, if it’s so good why is your body treating it like a waste and getting rid of it? We answer that question in detail in this show on urine therapy.

There are many medicinal uses for drinking your own pee that I mention in this post. Most people don’t know but tons of books have been written about how amazing this substance is for the human body.

Drinking your own urine has been a practice used by ancient cultures and civilizations since the beginning of time. I know it sounds gross and disgusting especially if your pee is dark yellow (I wouldn’t drink it that way but it’s your body telling you something).

People have reversed incredible diseases like cancer, diabetes and many more by working with their own urine. We’re just afraid of it in our culture because that’s what we’ve been taught. We are so incredibly programmed in our culture it’s crazy. It blows me away that we think we have our own opinions about things and then when something like urine therapy comes up we’re against it as our first knee jerk reaction.

If you were diagnosed with some terminal disease like cancer, I could pretty much bet you’d all of a sudden be willing to try anything if it means living.

Urine is anti fungal, anti parasitical, anti virus and anti microbial. It’s in lots of beauty products and face creams already and you don’t even know it. Urine helps to further educate your body as to what’s foreign and what’s domestic. This is why urine is one of the best choices for autoimmune problems that are running rampant these days.

Urine also contains vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates and most importantly it’s 100% structured. Your body will know exactly what to do with it because IT IS YOU. It also contains over 3,000 different chemical compounds and constituents that are incredibly powerful for the human body.

If you want a trick to get started drinking this amazing substance I have the best way of drinking it. Put a few drops or a tablespoon into a cup with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and you won’t taste a thing. You won’t gag or throw up at all because the only flavor you’ll notice is the sour aspect of the vinegar.

If you do urine therapy every single day for the rest of your life I’m convinced (as long as you live a healthy lifestyle) you’ll prevent disease, live much longer, have more energy, sleep better and feel amazing all the days of your life.

The only issue is that people are so scared of it and the subject is taboo in our culture even though it’s been practiced all over the world for thousands of years.

There are many ways to use it as well. You can put it on your skin, you can drink it, you can swish it around in your mouth (urine pulling like oil pulling – I know it sounds gross), you can wash your hair with it and so many more. The uses for it are endless and as Steve said in the interview it’s only a waste if you don’t use it for your benefit.

This is Extreme Health Radio by the way! If you’d like to join our discussion thread in our forum about it please share your experiences with it!

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Show Date:

Thursday 3/6/2014

Show Guest:

Steve Williams

Guest Info:

Steve Williams is a documentary film maker and is currently working on a documentary film called Midstream Miracles about urine therapy.

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Urine therapy, amaroli, all the medicinal uses for drinking your own pee.

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