Ann Boroch – Learn How She Completely Reversed Her Multiple Sclerosis, Had A Near Death Experience & How She Can Help You! – Extreme Health Radio

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Ann Boroch – Learn How She Completely Reversed Her Multiple Sclerosis, Had A Near Death Experience & How She Can Help You!


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  • Today we had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Ann Boroch.

    Ann is the author of two books which are Healing Multiple Sclerosis and The Candida Cure.

    She has a pretty incredible story which you’ll hear when you listen to the show. At 24 years old she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and around that time she had a near death experience. Her life was not what she wanted it to be and used her journey through disease and suffering to overcome her illness and eventually go on to help thousands of people from all over the world.

    As a result of her near death experience and overcoming her multiple sclerosis she decided that she would go back to school to become a naturopathic doctor so she could start a practice helping people.

    When you align with your mission, you can really change the world and Ann Boroch is a beautiful example of what’s possible if you hold on tight and make it through the fire.

    Ann truly understand how to give our bodies the tools they need to heal ourselves. She doesn’t heal anybody from sickness, she simply help our bodies to do the work the best way possible.

    Near the end of our conversation we talked a lot about the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of healing and how these are the root causes of disease in our culture. She talks about her regular practice with meditation and affirmations.

    Ann is available via Skype through her website where she can help you reach your health goals.

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    Show Date:

    Wednesday 3/5/2014

    Show Guest:

    Ann Boroch

    Guest Info:

    Ann Boroch, CNC, healed herself of multiple sclerosis and has been symptom free for 20 years. She brings her personal experience and 16 years of private practice to help you heal and recapture your vitality. Among her specialties: allergies, autoimmune diseases, and candida.

    As a nutritional consultant, naturopath, educator, author, and inspirational speaker, Ann Boroch is passionate about helping people realize that the body has an innate intelligence that allows it to heal itself. She firmly believes that with choice and diligence, each of us has the power to overcome any challenge.

    Show Topic:

    Candida, Yeast infections, multiple sclerosis, near death experiences, energetic medicine, crystals, cancer, fungus and more!

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