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Vortexing & Energetically Imprinting Water, Taking Your Zenemas To A New Level, Growing Your Own Food, Show Recaps, Listener Questions & Much More!

Tahoe-FacebookThis was a fun show because we had the pleasure of talking to Hayden who works with Chris Kehler. He called in to talk about water and how to store it.

We get water from a spring nearby when we can and when we run out (we usually get about 38 gallons at a time) we get alkaline water from Carlsbad.

The trick for us is once we get the spring water, how do we store it? I’d really like to come up with a better solution. Right now we have glass carboys that hold 6.5 gallons of water each. We put them down in our garage so the cold concrete keeps them somewhat cold. Then we put the cork in it (to protect from car exhaust and car fumes) and then we put a cardboard box over the top to keep it completely dark.

Light has a tendency to destructure the water molecules which causes it to hold less information.

The 3 things you want to be aware of when storing water are:

  • Temperature – (keep spring water as cold as possible)
  • Air – Ideally spring water needs some air to breath otherwise mold and moss could grow in it since it’s technically living
  • Light – The ideal situation would be to store spring water in completely dark containers

There’s a really great Clay Egg you can get online that helps to naturally keep the spring water cold. Because the egg keeps the water cool because of the shape, warm water will naturally be pushed to the sides of the inside of the egg. When that happens it creates a natural vortex in the egg as cooler water gets pushed to the top in the center which causes the water to move on its own.

Water never likes to stay still. They’ve even found water molecules in frozen ice that are still moving. Movement = life and life = movement.

We also discussed some of the interesting ingredients in the enemas (or zenemas as Dr. Richard Massey calls them) that are helping to really take his health to the next level. The next time he’s on the show I plan on asking him more about how he does this. Some people put baking soda in the enema water to create an alkaline environment in the colon. There’s lots you can do with enemas to really create high levels of detoxification for the liver and lower colon.

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“Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” Albert Einstein

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Monday 3/3/2014

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Free For All Friday

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Mold, emWave, enemas, parasite cleansing and much more!

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