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Geoff Melcher – This Little Known Substance Could Be The Key To Boosting Your Immune System To New Heights

geoff-melcher-bio-picToday we had Geoff Melcher on from East Park Research out in Nevada.

For those that don’t know about the many health benefits of olive leaf extract you can visit their site to learn more and listen to the show. Olive leaf is incredible for helping to build the immune system so that it can kill viruses, fungus, mold, yeast, candida and much more.

It’s important to remember that it’s our body’s innate intelligence that’s doing the work here. The olive leaf extract is simply assisting the body to carry out these functions.

The main components to this olive leaf extract are two substances. One comes from that aloe vera plant (if my memory from the show serves me correct) called manapol. The other substance is called oleuropein.

From what I gather (even though they have a tightly guarded proprietary process for maximum oleuropein extraction) they amounts of oleuropein (the medicinal substance found in olive leaf) they have in their product are not only much more bio available but occur in very large amounts.

I think they try to have the oleuropein content to be greater than 20%. It’s really quite fascinating what olive leaf can do for you and how it can improve your health.

Remember the name of the game is to have more toxins going out than are coming in. There’s no way we can avoid parasites, fungus, mold and bacteria. We can limit our exposure but by living on planet earth, we’re going to be exposed.

Plus when we’re exposed to these types of toxins, it’s very important to assist the body in dealing with it. Every time you fight the wars our immune system is supposed to be fighting, we’re weakening the immune system.

Think about it, what kid wants his Dad to fight all his battles for him? If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. The same goes with the immune system. Remember when you broke a bone as a child (or had friends that did)? You’d notice how after they took their cast off their arm was skinny and lacked any muscle to it.

Every time you take an antibiotic you prevent your body from having to work hard and overcome the infection. If you take a substance like this amazing olive leaf extract instead not only (in my opinion) will your cold or flu last for days instead of weeks but your body will be much stronger in the long run as an adult.

Don’t run out and take antibiotics the next time you feel a cold, flu or cough coming on. It’s critically important we understand that there are substances like olive leaf extract that are placed on this earth for our survival.

I’d recommend taking it every single day and then if you’re going to do something particularly stressful like give a presentation or take a long flight, you increase your dosage appropriately and then back off again.

What an amazing natural substance you can take to prevent getting sick!

As you know we here at Extreme Health Radio like to present to you only the cutting edge items that will take your health to another level. As with anything on this show or on this website please consult your doctor before making any decisions about your health.

Because we all know doctors are the only ones who know anything about health. That was a joke. 😉

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Show Date:

Thursday 2/27/2014

Show Guest:

Geoff Melcher

Guest Info:

Gregory Melcher is one of Gordon Melcher’s seven children and is now the Chief Operations Officer for East Park Research, Inc. Gregory has a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Finance from the University of California, Northridge and a Masters degree in Marketing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has previously held financial management positions for several banks and a real estate development company. In addition, served as Board of Director for East Park Research, Inc.

After overseeing projects, business plans and financial activities and assuring that production was of its highest quality for his employers, Greg decided to use his knowledge and experience in the expansion of East Park Research’s products in the nutritional market both domestic and international. He is working closely with group of professionals in developing products using the health promoting properties of d-Lenolate and other natural ingredients; documenting the benefits against every disease.

Greg shares his father’s strong belief to the use of natural remedies and is committed to continue in the research and studies of d-Lenolate.

Show Topic:

Olive leaf extract, the immune system, manapol, oleuropein, herbs, natural health, disease prevention, reversing disease

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