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Announcing The Squatty Potty Winner, Now Accepting Contributing Writers, Recent Dreams, Show Recaps, Listener Questions & Much More!

Tahoe-FacebookToday was one of the more fun Free For All Friday sessions we did.

We hope it was okay that we went for so long. We started the show talking about all kinds of fun things. We wanted to announce to all you listeners that if you’d like, you can join our tribe of contributing writers. If you’d like to gain more exposure from your work and submit to us some of your unique articles (not published anywhere online yet) than feel free to email me to find out more. Or you can read this page to learn about the requirements.

We also announced the winner of the Squatty Potty and even wrote a blog post about it.

We also talked about the benefits of reishi and chaga mushrooms. We like to consume the dual extracted tinctures from Surthrival as well as make the actual tea that we get from Mountain Rose Herbs.

A long time ago I heard Truth Calkins talk about how reishi mushroom is a shen tonic which means that it helps to support the spiritual side of life. Truth talked about making reishi tea and just sitting with it and seeing how it feels as you sip on it for an hour or two.

Rarely do people sit with their food or drink and just see how it’s affecting their spirit or even their body.

We also talked about the website Gate of Life which is an herbal training program. In it he teaches people how to make decoctions, tinctures and herbal infusions. I’m really a big fan of what Rhemannia Dean Thomas is doing over there. You can tell he really enjoys teaching people about herbs.

We all should be taught how to work with herbs and what they do for the body when we’re children. Unfortunately we have to seek out this type of unique knowledge and training. I’m a HUGE fan of what Dean is doing.

We hope you enjoyed this episode and please call in to the shows if you can during our Free For All Friday shows. We’d love to talk with you about anything you’d like to talk about!

Also if you would be so kind, please feel free to share this show with your friends by clicking on any of the share buttons on this page. 🙂

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The most powerful realization; same as it always is — to listen more closely to my inner voice. Don’t silence, drown, mute or ignore her when she whispers a knowing that may not be what you hope to hear or perceive as convenient. She is rarely wrong. — Giselle Fernandez

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Show Date:

Monday 2/17/2014

Show Guest:

Free For All Friday

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Aging, longevity, disease prevention, mammograms, folic acid, pregnancy and more.

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