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Dr. Nenah Sylver – The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health – Use Energy, Vibration, Color & Sweat To Heal The Incurables

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Did you know that all pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus & yeast) vibrate at a certain frequency? Royal Raymond Rife and Wilhelm Riche were able to figure out what these frequencies are and apply a counter frequency to kill them. Think of the opera singer shattering a wine glass using the vibrations in their voice. This is huge because this means all pathogens that cause disease can be destroyed.

You can extrapolate that as you see fit. We won’t make any claims in order to stay under the radar. This interview with Nenah Sylver will blow you away.

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • What is Rife Therapy and how does it work?
  • What conditions is Rife Therapy used for, and how successful is it?
  • How long does it take to clear up a condition?
  • If Rife Therapy is so effective, why hasn’t everyone heard about it?
  • Is it possible to get my own device and where can I purchase one?
  • Is there a special role of water, food, or nutritional supplements with this therapy?
  • Do EMF waves actually stay in our body?
  • Infared Saunas vs Regular Saunas
  • Empower people to not be symptomologists
  • Why Gluten is so harmful
  • How can grounding help?
  • The Bio Modulator machine from Dr. Jerry Tennent
  • Using color therapy to heal diseases

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Show Date: 10/10/2012
Show Guest: Dr. Nenah Sylver
Guest Info: Writer, educator, artist and musician, Nenah Sylver has devoted her life to the exploration of healing on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Her early training in music led to subsequent studies in spirituality and physics—all complementary paths to her lifelong passion, the science of frequency.

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Topic: Cleansing
Guest Website(s): http://www.rifehandbook.com

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Podcast Transcript:

JUSTIN: Alright. Thank you so much for joining us today. I really appreciate that and a very pleasant good afternoon or good evening to you. I hope you’re having a great day, wherever you are. This is extremehealthradio.com and we are currently broadcasting worldwide, through the magic of technology, from Southern California, and we appreciate you joining us.

Currently, we are doing about three shows per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and we’re hoping to expand on that in the future. Today is Wednesday, October 10, 2012 and this is episode #20 and you can find it at extremehealthradio.com/20. All of our shows are transcribed, with Show Notes, so make sure to refer back to this page in a few weeks.

If you have a question for me or for our guest, you can send them to justin@extremehealthradio.com or if you’re a little more brave, you can call our voicemail line. It goes straight to voicemail, so don’t be shy. It’s (949-) 391-7363 and I will play your message to our guest live on the air.

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Before I introduce our guest, Dr. Nenah Sylver, I would like to talk about our show schedule coming up. We have amazing guests all lined up for you, up until the end of the year actually. This Friday, we have Nadine Artemis, who is the master of essential oils. She also does a lot of great work on teeth protocols to help heal your teeth. If you know anything about teeth and how important they are to keep healthy, you will definitely want to tune into that show. Then we’ve got Ramiel Nagel, who wrote Cure Tooth Decay. It’s a great book that I have, and he’s on Monday, talking about how to rebuild your enamel and how to fix your cavities through diet. You’ll never hear this from your dentist, I can guarantee that.

We’ve got Dr. David Steenblock on Wednesday 17th. He’s doing a lot of cutting-edge research and information on healing, using things like chelation and stem-cell therapy. He’s working with stroke victims and heart attack victims, as well as people who have had cancer. He’s an amazing guy and is in Orange County, California. So check out that show when you get a moment.

I’m really excited about today’s guest, Dr. Nenah Sylver, Ph.D who is really, really exciting. You can find her website at rifehandbook.com. I will read a little bit of her bio before introducing her. She is a writer, educator, artist and musician and she has devoted her life to the exploration of healing on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels, truly holistic. Her early training in music led to subsequent studies in spirituality and physics, which are all complementary paths to her lifelong passion, the science of frequencies. For 15 years, Nenah had a private practise in body and mind psychotherapy, based on the groundbreaking principals of physician and natural scientist, Wilhelm Reich, who I’m sure you’ve heard of.

Then in 1996, she received her Ph.D from the Union Institute and Transformational Psychology, which is a multi-disciplinary program of Holistic Health Psychology and Gender Studies. Then she had some health crises of her own and she started researching Royal Rife and his inventions, along with other electromedicine therapies. Her extensive knowledge and effective and safe holistic protocols eventually coalesce into the Rife Handbook, and as Dr. Nenah Sylver’s knowledge base grew, the 448 page paperback edition of the Rife Handbook grew into a hardback volume containing 768 pages, which is incredible. I have the book and the latest version of the book was written and published in 2011 and it’s called The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health.

I wanted to say also, at the beginning of this interview, that we actually lost about 1-1/2 minutes of the interview and I apologize for that. We’re going to pick up right now where we left off, so we’ll cut right in. Again, I apologize for that, but here we go with this interview with Nenah Sylver, Ph.D.

NENAH SYLVER: To destroy it or disable it. Some of your listeners might be familiar with the old Memorex commercial, that had a soprano singing a really high pure focused tone and she shattered a crystal glass. It can happen, but it’s not as common as Memorex portrayed. That demonstrates the principal of resonance frequencies. Everything in the universe has an intrinsic vibration. Royal Rife figured out that if you could figure out what the vibratory rate was of the microbes that are implicated in various diseases, once you disable the killer microbe, then the immune system of the body would clean up the waste and without the continued microtoxic release from these microbes, the person would start to heal.

So, his first experiments, in the early 1930’s, were basically with eye diseases and cancers and they did really well. Now, a rife machine, as I’m using that term generically, any electromedical device that is based on the principals that Royal Rife formulated, conveys frequencies in two ways. One is current, very small amounts, that the person gets into their body by holding onto electrodes. Obviously, you’re not going to have it at a really high volume, because the idea is not to get hurt or get uncomfortable, but the current goes into the body and it targets the microbes. Then, they’re disabled or outright shattered, more often disabled.

The second way of imparting frequencies into the body is through a tube filled with plasma. Plasma is a super charged gas. Royal Rife filled his tubes with Argon and helium. He experimented with different noble gasses, and when high voltage was sent into these tubes filled with gasses, they lit up and became plasma, which is another state of matter and the frequencies were imparted actually into the body through the air via an electromagnetic field. So, that’s the original equipment that Royal Rife used. It’s completely safe, and as I said before, it’s not invasive. If you get the right frequencies, it’s virtually 100% effective.

I need to add a caveat to that. Whether or not somebody heals with Rife therapy, depends on a lot of things. It depends on, as we mentioned before, the detoxification channels. We need to make sure that the body can handle all of the microbial waste from the destroyed pathogens. We need to make sure that the person is eating right and drinking enough water. That’s really important as the body uses up a lot of minerals when it detoxifies. In my book, I have an entire protocol of what to do when you’re giving yourself a rife session, how long therapy should be, how long for each frequency, how long for each session, how many days in a row you should do the sessions for and over how long of a period of time. And that depends pretty much on what disease you have, although it also is of course tailored to individual’s needs and how much they can handle.

JUSTIN: You know what I like about your book too, is after going through it, I liked the fact that it sort of, like you said in the beginning, it’s a holistic primer, because what we’re trying to do is, obviously not have people become symptomologists, right? In our culture, people say, ‘I’ve got a headache so I’ll take an Advil. I’ll keep banging my head against the wall, but I’ll take an Advil’. What your book is doing is talking about liver health and maybe figuring out why some of these things are happening to you, so that you can empower yourself to become your own doctor, essentially, so that you won’t have to just have a symptom, use a certain frequency, get rid of it and then go back to your old life. Right?

NENAH SYLVER: That’s exactly right. You put it really well. Even Royal Rife does not want to see people use his therapy in an allopathic manner, meaning pop a pill and get rid of the symptoms. An example is that say you have cancer. Many people think that they’re getting rid of the cancer by removing the tumor. But, you may be getting rid of it locally, where the tumor was removed, but the conditions in the body that cause the creation of the tumor in the first place, needs to be addressed. Otherwise, there is ‘people who get it again’. Well, they never got rid of it, you don’t get it again. That’s why there is cleansing, essiac teas made from four herbs that’s really effective and juicing. I have a Vitamix too, and I love it.

You need to take care of the whole person. I also talk in my book about emotions, because when we have fear or worry, or seething anger and resentment, all that stuff has a coalition in the biochemical hormones that are produced in our body. These hormones are acidic and when there are too many acids in the body, they build up and then that causes a whole cascade of Ph problems.

JUSTIN: You know what, in my learning throughout the years, and am sure yours as well, it’s finally starting to dawn on me that it seems to me that health and being a strong vibrant person is really all about energy. If you think about it, the food we eat is just information and vibration. The same as the water. So the food just happens to be a way of getting nutrients into the body, but it’s almost like we’re bypassing the food, when we’re doing things like meditation and prayer, using rife technology and lowering our stress levels. These are all ways of almost dealing with yourself at the inner most core, instead of through diet. Diet is huge, obviously, but it almost seems like it’s going a level deeper than that. Diet is essentially frequency and vibration too.

It’s just fascinating. I wanted to ask you too about your book. I wanted to talk a little bit, you mentioned cancer and you mentioned candida, but essentially, the list is endless, of issues you can use the rife machines for. Right?

NENAH SYLER: That’s correct. The sections in my book are divided into pathogens, bacteria, viruses, candida, fungus, molds and yeast, and also parasites, like worms, flukes and things like that. And then, the frequency directory, that’s chapter 5, some of the categories are arthritis and joints, bones and skeleton, cancer, chemical poisoning and detoxification, dental, ears, eyes, gastrointestinal tract, glands, headaches, heartburn, injuries, insect bites, liver and gallbladder, lymphatic system, and with men, sexual function and productive organs, women’s productive organs and also breasts.

There is a separate category, mind and emotions, muscles, nervous system and brain, degeneration and healing, respiratory tract, tuberculosis, benign tumors, ulcers and urinary tract. It really covers every body part, every symptom and every formal medical name of a disease, as well as general wellness. There are actually two functions of rife therapy. Rife originally designed his technology to deal with disabling microbes. You mentioned that we are all frequency and energy, well, many of these frequencies that are in my book, have the ability to stimulate the cells in the body to function better. That’s independent of the function of disabling microbes.

JUSTIN: Interesting, so you could almost use that as a way to increase your level of health if you have no issues at all.


JUSTIN: Wow, that’s fascinating. So, those are the two basic ways of using the rife machine. I wanted to talk about the detoxification pathways and things like that. If you disable a micro-organism, essentially don’t you have two issues the body has to deal with? What other toxins perhaps may be stored in that organism, as well as the actual carcass, I guess would be a good way to put it, of the organism itself?

NENAH SYLVER: That’s right.

JUSTIN: So your body needs to be strong enough to detox both of those substances out, after a rife session is done, right?

NENAH SYLVER: Well, most of the frequencies do not shatter a microbe, which is a good thing, because it’s really talking about shattering a microbe, you would have to have a flood of waste material pour out. Then, you’d have more surface area of junk in the bloodstream. There’s a really impressive little video clip online, on the website of Dr. James Bare. He took a pond scum, it’s a paramecium and he exposed it to a particular frequency and you can see the creature get really jittery and starts to vibrate because it’s very agitated. In about ten seconds, all of a sudden you see stuff spilling out.

JUSTIN: Really.

NENAH SYLVER: Yes. I have that clipping in a slideshow that I show people. It’s very dramatic, but most of the time, instead of like shattering, the frequencies might disable a portion, or a part, of the particular micro-organism, so that it just kind of poops out and until it gets really tired and stops moving. That’s actually more preferable, because you want as little surface area of waste material in your blood stream as possible. But regardless of which way the microbes are disabled, killed or devitalized which is the expression Dr. Rife’s views,
once the microbes are no longer viable the immune cells say ‘oh, here is some junk food that was killed’ and then that person’s immune cells, and the rest of the toxic situations apparatus starts to move the stuff out of the system. That’s why it’s really important to drink water, as you want to dilute the amount of poisons that are floating around in your bloodstream. If people don’t drink water, they should not do this therapy

JUSTIN: Right, that makes sense. You want to be able to eliminate all of the dead material. I wanted to ask you too, about I know you’ve got a whole separate book on a sauna and how people can use the sauna for health and healing. You’ve also got a whole part of the rife handbook talking about color therapy, which I thought was fascinating. Along the lines of the color therapy, you mentioned that some of the colors were pink for being less aggressive, and blue for healing and things like that. So, tell us a little bit about the color therapy portion of the rife handbook.

NENAH SYLVER: Yes, colors have been used since way back for various types of healing. It’s known that if you put a
pink cloth on somebody and you muscle test them, they will be weaker than say if you put a green cloth on them. Pink is a relaxant, which is, as I mentioned in chapter 3, the prison walls in men’s prisons are painted pink. It’s deliberately done to decrease the level of aggression. But, there is an even better way to use color, and that’s when you use wave lengths of light, that are not necessarily pigments on cloth or on paper, but if you were to break up the prisms of the sun into various colors, each distinct color has a particular frequency. There have been many people who have been using these frequencies of color. One of them was a Dr. Babbitt, but Dr. Dinshah Ghadiali, in the turn of the century, He took Babbitt’s color therapy protocol and he improved on it.

What you have is something called Spectrachrome and I’ve used it. I promote it in my book because it’s really inexpensive, anybody can do it and you don’t need to plug it in. Even though it works a little slower, in some ways it’s more far reaching, because basically if you’re missing a particular frequency of color in your aura or in your body, you will manifest various symptoms, which we call disease. So, what Dinshah did was, he took very precise colors of different pools of glass, shined a light through the glass, which shone it onto a person in a darkened room, and you’re basically bathing your energy cells in a particular wave length, and it had to be those specific colors, a particular green, it couldn’t be a forest green or emerald green, it had to be a truer green. It couldn’t be pale yellow and it had to be a bright yellow. It was very, very specific.

The FDA pounded him too, not surprised, but what we have now, his life box that used glass were destroyed, but the Dinshah Health Society has books that tells you how to use colors, and they also have places where you can buy transparent plastic sheets that are the particular wave lengths of color that Dinshah originally used. You can get these plastic sheets from theatrical supply houses, and what they basically are, are gels that you put on vera lighting. So, you can call these places and say ‘I want the complete set of the Dinshah colors and they will know exactly what you mean, and you can get them.

JUSTIN: What kind of places do you call, theatrical playhouses and things.

NENAH SYLVER: They’re all in the book. You can either shine it, you know clip up the gels to a 10 dollar light that you can get in a hardware store and you can either shine it on the cells, on the bare skin, or whatever area you want to treat, in the dark, or you can take the sheets during daylight and just lie down and put the sheets over your bare skin, on the areas you want to treat. That works too. I was going to say that I stopped a gallbladder attack in 20 minutes with the color lemon. It’s a great therapy. I’ve used it for my dog too.

JUSTIN: In your book, you mentioned that you’re going to be able to wrap these color sheets around like a glass of water and use it that way, and you can drink the water. That’s amazing.


JUSTIN: Are people using these color therapies for really difficult diseases, like cancer, or are they mainly to be used on lesser issues of the body?

NENAH SYLVER: You can use it for cancer and lyme disease, the same things you use rife therapy for, and the color therapy for. ”

JUSTIN: That’s amazing.

NENAH SYLVER: I think a lot of people don’t really appreciate how powerful this color therapy can be. Partly because, in many cases, it doesn’t work as fast as the rife therapy. Also, maybe some people are very simplistic.
All you do is put a colored sheet over your body and lie down. It’s a little bit fantastic, but when you actually think of it in terms of really nourishing your energy field with wave lengths that are missing, the frequencies that are missing, and in this case it happens to be visible light because that’s the part of the spectrum that the frequencies are on.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing. We going to take a short break, but I’ve got a lot of questions for you. Thank you, everyone, for joining us today. This is Nenah Sylver and her website is rifehandbook.com and we’ll be back after this short break.

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You can find it at extremehealthradio.com/paleosummit and they talk about gluten sensitivities, how to curb food addictions and cut back on food cravings, how animal foods and things like cholesterol do not cause heart disease or degenerative diseases, as well as how to deal with things like bone loss, cancer, muscle pain, autoimmune diseases, how to burn fat and all that kind of stuff. So, if you’re looking to change your diet, once and for all, definitely check that out. It’s at extremehealthradio.com/paleosummit.

Alright, let’s get back to this interview.

We are with Dr. Nenah Sylver, Ph.D with her website rifehandbook.com and I highly recommend getting her book. It’s so worth it. Nenah. I wanted to ask you about all of these issues we’re having today with EMS, radiation coming from the walls, the wiring in the walls and not being grounded and all of these issues that are happening at an electromagnetic level. What are some of the things you do to protect yourself from this type of radiation?

NENAH SYLVER: That’s a good question? Before I answer it, I just want to make clear that frequencies or energy emissions from electromedical devices, which rife machines are one subset, are entirely different from the harmful EM field that you’re talking about. Some people might be concerned about that.

Certainly, harmful electromagnetic radiation is a real problem. I personally, I have these little stickers that I put on my phones of their earth that harmonize the radiation, so that it neutralizes it about 90%. What this harmful EMS does, it’s chaotic and interferes with the atomic structure of the person, so if you’re interfering with someone’s atomic structure, you can imagine all the biochemical…

JUSTIN: Like synapses in the body kind of thing?

NENAH SYLVER: Yes, but there’s a lot of things you can do to minimize EMS exposure and one is to use wired internet and I know that for many people wireless internet is a staple. I really felt a huge difference in my house when we had wireless. I got jittery, antsy and unfocused. We got rid of our wireless emitter and everything’s wired.

JUSTIN: Yes, we recently did the same thing. We still have a wireless router, but we keep it off all the time. We recently rewired our phone and don’t have the cordless phones anymore. That kind of stuff puts a damper on your immune system, doesn’t it?

NENAH SYLVER: Definitely.

JUSTIN: I’m sitting here right now, grounded on a mat. I don’t know if that technology is any good, or what, but I use it. Do you know about that?

NENAH SYLVER: A lot of people find the mat helpful. One thing that is absolutely free and easy to do, is to walk barefoot on sand, on dirt and on the grass, and you will get the healing electrons from the earth. It’s very, very powerful. I was in Korea to give a seminar last year, you know a 13 hour trip, jet lag and going backwards in time zones. It was really a mess and one of the things that they were talking about at the conference I was at, was how important it is to be grounded. I went to my hotel, took off my shoes and put my feet on the bare grass, and it was tremendously helpful.

JUSTIN: It’s amazing that you see people in like New York City, living on the 33rd floor in an apartment. I think over time it just puts a stress on your immune system, I would imagine.

So, back to your rife handbook, in the sauna portion of the handbook, there are different types of saunas. Some people may know and some people may not, the two main types are the regular conventional saunas and then there are the Far Infrared saunas. Is that right?

NENAH SYLVER: By regular conventional, do you mean hot rocks?


NENAH SYLVER: Well, I explain in my Sauna Therapy book the different types of heat. Think of heat as a range of frequencies, which it is. When you have hot rocks, there are a range of frequencies. Far Infrared saunas are very specific wave lengths out of that heat spectrum. Wave lengths that are responsible for stimulating growth in the body, hatching eggs, creating life and helping the body detoxify. That’s why the Far Infrared wave lengths, I think it’s between 9.35 microns and 12.0 microns in that range. You’re talking about very specific narrow range of a measurement that is responsible for most of the benefit that people get in saunas.

JUSTIN: Is my understanding of the Far Infrared sauna correct? As far as the Far Infrared saunas go, am I correct in saying that even within that group of saunas, there are different, you know some of those saunas have different frequencies themselves. Right?

NENAH SYLVER: Yes, exactly. That’s why in my Sauna Therapy book I have a chart of the electromagnetic spectrums that explains exactly where in the frequency continuum everything is, Visible light, ultra violet and infrared and that type of thing. It’s also reproduced in my rife handbook, in appendix C. Appendix C is reproduced on my website and it’s downloadable for everybody as a free PDF. It’s called Healing with Electromedicine and Sound Therapy. It explains very scientifically but very practically, so that the lay person can understand it, how exactly rife therapy works, how easy it works, how lasers work, why LED’s work, what the basis is for color therapy. It takes a good sampling of different types of electromagnetic devices, including pulse magnetic fields and it explains why they help heal the body.

I just got an email from this woman, a few days ago, who said ‘I’m really sick and I feel very drawn to Rife therapy, but my husband pooh poohs it and he doesn’t believe in it’. I told her to go to my website and download an article. That article, which is appendix C of the Rife handbook, has been translated into Korean and German and it has also appeared in three English language journals, not to mention any number of websites. It’s a really good overview, so anybody who is a little bit hesitant or skeptical, or doesn’t quite know what to make of this therapy, this is a really good introduction.

JUSTIN: Yes, it’s important to get a little bit of knowledge behind you. I think, too, some people may not be believing in this type of stuff, because you don’t see this on Channel 9 news, or you don’t hear about it from doctors, so if we trust them, as we do in our culture, with our health, then you wouldn’t believe in this kind of stuff.

NENAH SYLER: Right, and the thing is that this stuff is so incredibly scientific. There are over 2,000 articles published over the last 40 years on the use of frequencies on magnetic fields or electromagnetic fields and the healing of the body and the eradication of disease. That’s all in my book. It’s also on my website. You can go to the original site that has all of these articles compiled and read them yourself. It’s not voodoo and it’s not mysticism. It’s sound science, but unfortunately it’s not taught to students in the U.S.

I won a contest to Germany where little portable frequency devices that you can wear around your waist, about the size of a large remote control. You can go to your doctor, get a diagnosis, the doctor will create a program for you on a little chip card and give it to you in your machine. You wear it for a week and you get the frequencies via electrodes passive. You can either hold onto the electrode cylinder, or if you just want to wear it and do other things, you can put electrode patches on your body, the same kind of patches that are used on TENS machines.
And then you go back to your doctor in a week or two and you’ll be told you’re better, let’s do another program or you finally don’t have to come back.

They laughed at us in Europe because we are so backward here, although it’s due to misinformation and deliberate
omissions by by big pharma and a lot of doctors are so swamped that they don’t have time to read about this stuff. Some doctors are very close minded, in which case I would suggest that you get a different doctor. Some doctors are great. There are many doctors who are using this therapy. They may not advertise it because they would lose their licenses if they do, but some doctors and other holistic practitioners manage to squeeze it into their practises.

JUSTIN: That’s actually pretty shocking considering the standard of care, you know.

NENAH SYLVER: Well, there are some doctors who have been very open about using the devices, and all I can think of is, bless their hearts, and hope that they don’t get into any trouble. That’s why it’s so important for people to get their own machines. I don’t have a great love of the medical/pharmaceutical cartel. Anything that is designed to disempower people really rubs me the wrong way.

In my book, except for maybe a couple of things in there, the entire book, all the complimentary therapies in chapter 3, light, sound, color … therapies, colloidal silver, put it in a degenerator and make it yourself, all of these therapies are designed to give people the most empowerment, the most flexibility to treat themselves, but they don’t have to rely on, not only somebody else, but methods that are questionable, as to whether or not they can really help.

JUSTIN: In your book, you also talk about which machines you recommend and things like that, so that people can get your book and know exactly what machines you think highly of, and things like that.

I’ve heard about something called the biomodulator from Dr. Jerry Tennant. Is that related to the rife machine in any way, or is it different?

NENAH SYLVER: It’s different. It’s related in as much as the biomodulator is designed to impart life giving voltage or electrons into the body, so that a layman can use. Some people just don’t have enough energy to do what it takes to get better, so even if you disable microbes, if the person is really depleted they just don’t have enough energy to utilize whatever it is they’re given. I have a biomodulator and I love it. In fact, I encourage people, if they want more information on the biomodulator, to go to my website, rifehandbook.com and contact me and I will send them information on the biomodulator.

The biomodulator is specifically designed to give to the body the exact amount of current that the brain and the nervous system needs in order to heal. TENS machines impart current into the body too, but they don’t really heal, they help eliminate pain by numbing the c-fibers of the nerve cells, so that the c-fibers are so dampened and frayed that we can’t even feel the pain. But that’s just putting a bandaid on it.

The biomodulator provides about a fraction of what a TENS machine does, so that the brain and nervous system can actually take that information and use it in a way that they can heal. So the energy in the biomodulator is biocompatible. When I hurt my back, I stuck electrode patches, one on either side of my lower spine and I wore the biomodulator around my waist in a fanny pack, it’s pretty small, and at first I could barely stand up, but after about three hours, I felt well enough to go to the gym and have a workout.

JUSTIN: Wow, that’s crazy. It’s amazing how there is this kind of technology out there and it’s kind of shocking, and kind of not, that people don’t know about it. I guess that’s what our goal is today, to get this information out.

We’re going to just take a quick break and we’ve got one final segment coming up, after the break, with Nenah Sylver at rifehandbook.com.

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It comes with about 5-1/2 hours of video presentations, it comes with audio presentations so that you can download them onto your ipod, it has hundreds of pages of resource materials, an e-book and bonus files. You get all kinds of things like chi chi meal plans, how to breast feed, how long to breast feed, natural birthing. He’s got the whole thing covered from A-Z in this course. I highly recommend, if you’re looking to get pregnant, or you already are pregnant, you’ve got to check this out. It’s The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser, and again, you can find it at extremehealthradio.com/babycode.

Okay, we are with Nenah Sylver from rifehandbook.com. And Nenah, I wanted to ask you a couple of practical questions. Do you use the rife machine every day, and if so, for how long?

NENAH SYLVER: I don’t use it every day and it depends what’s going on. If I want to detox or if there’s a particular health condition I want to address, I will use it. I use it for my dog. I have a radiant plasma unit called the Pro, which is a really excellent machine from Canada, and that’s also in my book, along with pictures. When my dogs were having problems with mange and skin conditions, I was using it for them and it really helped.

JUSTIN: Wow, I have a couple of personal questions for myself. I have a torn ACL in my knee and I have not had surgery on it. I tore it about four years ago. I guess I’m curious if it would work on that, and if it wouldn’t regrow a tissue and I did end up having surgery, would it help me recover from surgery.

NENAH SYLVER: It would. I would use the biomodulator for that also.

JUSTIN: Okay, and that would actually restore voltage, almost like a positive way for that, right?

NENAH SYLVER: It would provide the energy that your body needs to eliminate waste, regrow tissue and it would feed the cells energy so that nutrients could enter the cells and waste could leave.

JUSTIN: I was reading in your book earlier, we just had a spot for The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser, and in your book you talk about women using this during pregnancy and those types of issues. Can you talk a little bit about how it works if women are pregnant?

NENAH SYLVER: Well, if you know most of the medical literature isn’t homeopathy labeled. They say, do not use if pregnant, and that’s awesome because we just don’t know what the effects will be from a given treatment. I tend to be a little on the conservative side needing to caution people, because even though I try as much as I can to explain in my book about people needing to follow the guidelines to their own needs and their own individual situations, sometimes they’re very literal and can’t kind of make the link between a suggestion and something that is set in stone.

I say in my book that they should be careful during pregnancy, mainly because if a woman has a raging infection, if there’s more microbial waste and yeast as a result of the rife sessions, you don’t want to cross into the placenta to the baby, but you know, what are the alternatives? Taking antibiotics that poison your liver?
If I were pregnant and I had an infection, I would definitely use rife therapy. People have used rife therapy for their children, as well as on animals, and they say that they have had healthy babies. If you’re in a situation, especially if you have lyme disease or you have cancer, or you’re pregnant, try to find a holistic practitioner who is familiar with rife therapy and he can give you some guidance.

By the way nursing, if you have an infection and are using the rife machine, the microbial waste would come out in the milk, so what I suggest in my book is that women should express the milk first and freeze it. Freeze about 3, 4 or 5 days worth, and then while they’re rifing, they could give the baby the milk that they have frozen. And then when they’re done rifing, they can go back to nursing directly.

JUSTIN: I see, wow. There are so many uses to the rife technology. Another thing I like about your book, as far as giving people power back to their own health and start to become their own doctor, is like I was saying before, it’s the entire holistic primer. I was curious about your thoughts on gluten. A lot of people are going gluten free these days, and some people are understanding the connection between autism and gluten and things like that. What are your thoughts about gluten grains?

NENAH SYLVER: I think that everybody should stay away from gluten grains. Even in ‘so called’ normal people, who do not test as having celiac disease, it has been known that it takes the body 72 hours for the intestines to get back to normal. The sticky proteins in gluten wear down the vilii in the gut and leave little projectiles that help us absorb food from the small intestines into the blood stream. If the vilii are worn down, or if they have holes in then, you will get all kinds of problems. Once the intestine is compromised, you get incompletely digested food particles going from the intestine to the blood stream, where the food particles can then travel to cells, irritate them and cause allergies. Your body can also have a direct immune or autoimmune response to gluten, so that you may manifest hypothyroidism, Hashimotos thyroiditis, that’s a mouthful. Basically, the proteins in the thyroid gland are very similar to the proteins in gluten, and the body will attack it’s own thyroid gland.

Holistic practitioners are understand more and more, that anybody with thyroid issues needs to stay away from gluten. I’m pretty easy going about a lot of stuff, but I’m almost … on gluten, because I have seen the damage that it causes. It’s also very addictive. The opiates in gluten latch onto the receptive sites in the body, that ordinarily would receive endorphins. So you are replacing the receptive sites in your body. The body has receptive sites for endorphins, and instead of getting it from endorphins, the receptive sites will receive the protein from the gluten, and that causes addiction. That’s why people are ‘breadalcholics’.

JUSTIN: Yes. Does it steal iodine from your body too, which is also connected to the thyroid?

NENAH SYLVER: I am not aware of it doing that.

JUSTIN: What do you think about all the, you know, speaking of gluten and people’s diets, what do you think about this having an effect on people’s DNA? Do you think that we’re actually damaging our cells at the DNA level, and if we continue eating this way as a culture and as a species, what’s going to happen to our genes in four or five generations from now, if we keep eating this way?

NENAH SYLVER: That’s a good question. Try one generation. There was a study that just came out on babies whose mothers had a prenatal kind of dietary indiscretions. You can call major damage in one generation. A real good place to read about that is Weston Price’s book ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’, I think that’s what it’s called. Do you know who he is?

JUSTIN: Yes, I think there is a free copy of his book on the internet as well, I think. Yes, I’ve read his book.

NENAH SYLVER: For the listeners who do not know, he was a dentist who went around the world decades ago to see why people were getting so much tooth decay. To us now, it’s a no-brainer, but back then the western diet had just become really big, meaning white flour and sugar. He went all over and looked at native people. Most of them did not eat meat and they had healthy fat, good animal protein and the children born of women who had had a healthy diet, he saw marked differences in their dental arches and the way the teeth were formed or misshapen and he took pictures, which are quite dramatic. A picture is worth a thousand words. You look at those pictures and say ‘oh my god, I’m never going to eat this crap again!

JUSTIN: Yes, it’s fascinating information. As we’re wrapping up here in the next five minutes, I wanted to ask you about, as far as the rife machines goes, maybe some people don’t want to buy them, as they might be a little expensive for some people, are there places or doctors that they can go to, maybe a website or something, to figure out if there are doctors in their area who use the rife machines?

NENAH SYLVER: That’s tricky because it’s not legal in the U.S. to use these particular frequency devices for the treatment of medicine and disease. Otherwise, the doctors would lose their license. The best suggestion I can give people is to join yahoo groups who deal with rife technology or electromedicine and see if you can hook up with somebody in your area who might have equipment. You could also get my book, I mean it’s much more than rife too so even if you don’t have a rife machine or aren’t even thinking of getting one. There’s enough to keep you busy that you will really get a good handle on what else you can do.

My book has a listing of reputable manufacturers and how you can contact them. Most manufacturers will have a 30-day tryout period, minus a restocking fee, which is a really good way to see if rife therapy is for you. You can get an inexpensive unit for about $1300 or $1400.

JUSTIN: Okay. That’s so worth it, especially considering what the FDA is going to be doing as far as our access to herbs and medicines and things like that. It seems that they are cracking down and trying to make herbs illegal. It would be good to have one of these machines, I guess in your arsenal, right?

NENAH SYLVER: Absolutely. Also, regarding the situation that you just described here, I have one word, ‘stockpiling’.

JUSTIN: You know, recently we had Dr. Bob Marshall on and I know that you know who he is. He does a lot of work with energy and the plasma field of the body and that kind of thing. We also had Dr. Gerald Smith.

NENAH SYLVER: You asked about the ….GD-4000 … that’s a good machine and it’s also listed in my book.

JUSTIN: Excellent. What do you think is going to be in the future for rife technology? Are there lots of advances going on in the field of energy medicine, as far as coming up with new frequencies and making the actual machines better and things like that?

NENAH SYLVER: Yes, in a word.

JUSTIN: In what ways? Is it a field that’s growing, kind of like the computer industry, where it doubles every few years, or is it slower than that with the rife energy medicines?

NENAH SYLVER: That’s a good question. It’s probably not growing as fast as the computer industry, mostly because people don’t know about it. But, there have been studies done in a Philadelphia hospital that are headed by an oncologist, that’s mentioned in Appendix E I believe, of my rife handbook. They are using kind of a souped up rife machine, which is the best way to put it, and they’re using frequencies to kill cancer cells. They have had really good success with that. My only concern with that is that I don’t want the medical industry to start propagating a technology that should be for everyone and I don’t want a situation where the only way you could get rife therapy is to go to a doctor, because that would put it right back into the hands of the medical pharmaceutical cartel, which is not what I want.

I think the awareness of rife therapy is growing. People are very frustrated as they know that what they’re doing is not working. They don’t want to feel horrible with the ten zillion effects of drugs that is not the effect they want, which the drug industry calls ‘side effects’. They’re all effects. When you’re taking an antibiotic, it does kill a targeted microbe, but it also harms your liver, it ruins your digestive tract and causes a whole host of other effects. I think people are really waking up to this. I think the biggest obstacle in a way is the media, because you’re not going to have a major newscast say ‘hey, look at this great thing we have, a rife machine, and guess what people, you don’t need a doctor, you can buy one for $1500 and use it on yourself, your friends and your family and there are no side effects or negative effects, just drink water and keep a good diet’. You’re not going to find that on the media. They totally sold out.

That’s why I’m doing this and that’s why I wrote the book. That’s why I give presentations because I want people to know that there are better options, viable options and they don’t need to keep themselves small and powerless and hopeless, that there are ways to overcome cancer. If you join these lists, and there are groups by the way, in one of the appendices of my rife handbook, there’s a list of internet chat groups that you can join. People are talking about their successes. They’re also talking about their questions and what they perceive as their failures. You know, it’s self help. But this is really the medicine of the future where everybody makes it a point to learn more and to become an expert on themselves because nobody knows more about you than you do.

JUSTIN: Yup, it’s all about options. Right? You know, just giving people options that will work, empowering people. There’s no need to… if you take care of yourself, there’s no need to ever go to a doctor. Unless you get into a car crash or something catastrophic happens. But that’s what’s so cool about your book. I know we’re wrapping up here but… we didn’t even get into colloidal silver generators, ozone generators and all of the amazing stuff so if people are interested in energy medicine, you have to get this book. It’s so good. So go to RifeHandbook.com and it’s so worth it. Thank you Nenah for joining us today.

NENAH SYLVER: Thank you Justin, it was a pleasure.

JUSTIN: Thank you. Would you mind hanging on while I close out the show?

NENAH SYLVER: Not at all.

JUSTIN: Well, thank you everybody for listening to another edition of extremehealthreadio. You can find this show page at extremehealthradio.com/20 and we’ll have all the links and information on that page, as well as the transcripts, which will be a few weeks out, but we’re doing the best we can on those.

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Again, thank you so much for listening everybody and have a great day. We’ll catch you on the next episode.

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