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Anthony Morrocco – Are Your Hair Care Products Killing You? Learn Why Organic, Raw, Vegan, Wild Crafted Is The Way To Go!

anthony-headshotToday we had an amazing discussion with Anthony Morrocco from The Morrocco Method at where they sell raw, vegan, organic, wild crafted hair care products.

I first learned about what Anthony Morrocco was doing a few months ago. It’s amazing the amount of people doing such great things in the world. There are so many people doing things like him and I can’t believe I haven’t found him until now.

For those of you that don’t know, Morrocco Method formulates natural hair products. Now that might not sound like much to you right now but once you listen to this show you’ll quickly start to realize just how deep this subject is.

Morrocco Method’s products are 100% vegan, natural, raw, organic, GMO free and wild crafted. Anthony is a huge fan of Qigong and a student of using Qigong to move energy throughout the body for optimum health.

His herbs are picked according to the lunar cycle and once they’re picked at exactly the right time they’re formulated and mixed together according to the lunar cycle as well.

All of his products from shampoos, hair dyes, conditioners, bath and skin care products contain all 92 minerals. Most foods we eat don’t even contain all 92 trace minerals.

Anthony Morrocco is known as the hair shaman and he’s incredibly gifted and talented at what he does. He talks about the 5 different types of hair on the human body and how that relates to the 5 elements, earth, air, fire, water and ether (qi, chi).

Since chi gets stored in the hair or the crown chakra of the head, blow drying it or cutting it on the wrong days is going to be detrimental.

Just like everything in life, if you peel away the first layer of traditional and conventional knowledge about something, what you find underneath is an entire world of hidden knowledge that is always more fascinating than what we’ve been fed our whole lives.

What hair dresser do you know who understands chi and the power of hair? What hairdresser understands the energetics of hair and how you need to feed and nourish your hair, scalp and pores of your body with minerals and trace elements?

Anthony Morrocco is a pioneer in his field and very deserving of the title Hair Shaman.

Listen to this interview and don’t forget to comment below or join our forum to discuss further what he’s talking about.

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Show Date:

Wednesday 1/29/2014

Show Guest:

Anthony Morrocco

Guest Info:

The Morrocco Method of hair, face and body care is unique as well as comprehensive. It represents over forty years of research and experimentation, integrating modern scientific knowledge with the ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism.

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Show Topic:

Hair thinning, minerals, chi, qigong, energy, herbs, the lunar cycle

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