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Dr. Charles Partito – Salt Is Poison, Herbs Can’t Nourish, Spring Water Is Unhealthy & Cancer Patients Never Catch Colds

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According to Dr. Charles Partito salt is not only unhealthy but toxic. Spring water is NOT the best water to drink. Herbs don’t nourish the body and cancer patients never seem to catch colds. If you hold tightly to your beliefs, prepare for a wild ride because Dr. Charles Partito (owner of the Ejuva Cleanse) shatters many myths running rampant in the health community.

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Why Cancer Patients Never Catch Colds
  • Spring Water, is it healthy?
  • Salt: Friend or Foe
  • Health through the mail, what is it?
  • What are the benefits of cleansing
  • Who should cleanse and why?
  • What kind of detoxification side effects are normal
  • What if a person has peanut allergies or other allergies is this safe?
  • What are the different types of cleanses Ejuva offers
  • What about things like liver gall bladder cleanses & organ cleanses
  • Where do colonics fit in with Ejuva
  • How often should a cleanse be done
  • Walk us through how the cleanse works as far as food intake

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Show Date: 10/8/2012
Show Guest: Dr. Charles Partito
Guest Info: Dr. Charles Partito is the creator of the Ejuva colon cleanse and can be found at ejuva.com

Topic: Cleansing
Guest Website(s): http://www.ejuva.com

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Podcast Transcript:

JUSTIN: Thank you so much everybody for joining us for another edition of extremehealthradio.com. My name is Justin and we are broadcasting, worldwide, from sunny Southern California. It’s actually a little bit cloudy today, but we’ll still call it sunny Southern California.

We’re currently broadcasting three days a week, so we’re on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but we’ll potentially grow to five days a week. I just wanted to thank you again for joining us and today is Monday, October 8, 2012. This is episode #19 and you can find it at extremehealthradio.com/19. Just to let you know, all of our shows are transcribed with show notes, so if you’re looking for any of the details of the show, just visit the show page. If you have any questions for me, or the guest, you can email them to justin@extremehealthradio.com and I will ask the guest. You can even call our voicemail line and I will play your voicemail to the guest, live on the air, and that is (949) 391-7363.

I just want to let you know that this show is brought to you by the Vitamix blender. If you’re in the market for a Vitamix, you need to know that it’s one of the best blenders on the market today. I don’t need to convince you of that! It’s an amazing product, and if you buy it through us, we will get a little commission. That is, extremehealthradio.com/vitamix.

Before I introduce our guest, I am very excited about our guest today, Dr. Charles Partito. I just want to go over a couple of the upcoming guests on our show. We have Nenah Sylver on Wednesday 10th and she is an expert and a prolific author, writing about energy medicine, rife machines and frequencies and she has done a lot of great work in that area. We have Nadine Artemis on the 12th. She’s an expert in essential oils and she has a lot of great tooth protocols and natural healing products. We have Ramiel Nagel on the 15th. He’ll be talking about how to cure tooth decay through diet. He has written a book which I believe is called Cure Tooth Decay as well. He has written a lot of great stuff, so stay tuned for those shows.

I want to introduce our guest. His name is Dr. Charles Partito and he is an naturopathic doctor and the creator of the Ejuva Cleanse, which, in my opinion, is one of the best cleanses on the market today. You can find it at ejuva.com.

Thanks Charles for taking some time out of your day and joining us today.

CHARLES PARTITO: Hey Justin, thank you and it’s exciting to do so.

JUSTIN: Great. I’m actually on your email list and I have to ask you if you write the emails you send out?

CHARLES PARTITO: I do and I need an editor, I know!

JUSTIN: I was going to say that the titles of your emails are almost as good as Dr. Mercola’s!!

CHARLES PARTITO: You know, in order for people to read them, I found in the past, that you have to put something on there to catch their attention. So, that’s kind of the reason for that. What I write, I firmly believe. We’ve been doing this, by ‘we’ I mean my teacher, mentor and good friend and I consider him the best of the best. I know Gabriel and David, and he’s like light years ahead of these people, in my opinion. I’m lucky enough to have gained his knowledge, at clinics and we’ve helped tens of thousands of people around the world. We’re reversing these ‘so called’ incurable diseases without the aid of scalpels and medications. In our opinion, a lot of the common beliefs out there in the raw food community, are just not accurate and do not promote health. Sometimes we’re a little controversial.

JUSTIN: I can imagine. I’ve got three emails. I put them in a separate folder and have not gotten to them yet. I have to say that the subject titles are really good and I want to ask you about them, if you don’t mind.


JUSTIN: One of them is ‘why cancer patient’s never catch cold’?

CHARLES PARTITO: Okay, that one was inspired, so to speak, and it says right on the introduction of that newsletter, a big deal in the raw food community, she wanted a free ejuva cleansing kit. And she said that, you know, she’ll write about it and say all these good things, and do this and do that, just give me the kits and I told her that I don’t give kits away for any reason. During that conversation, she was telling me what a big fan she is of herbs, how she’s learned so many great things about Ejuva over the years, and, because of her herbs etc., she never gets sick.

I hear that often and have heard it often over the years, by raw food eaters, how they never get sick because of their natural lifestyle. I believe it’s actually not a good thing not getting sick. We believe, and you have to read, I know we’re under some time constraints, but just talking generality, we believe that having a cold or the flu is actually a good thing. Let me stress, we don’t want somebody to be sickly, that’s not what we’re saying, but annually to get a cold or the flu, is form of vyteris elimination, which is a cleanse by the body. When our normal channels are eliminating and metabolic and toxic waste are plugged up, the body using different forms of getting rid of them. One of them, is what we believe a common cold is, is the body sending toxins to mucous membranes and then sending that to the nasal cavity for elimination out of the nose.

Those who don’t get sick, we believe is because they don’t have enough vitality or nutrients, as the body runs on energy conservation. It is a master of it, in fact, and if you don’t have enough nutrients and enough vitality, your body can’t produce what it needs in order to do this vyteris elimination.

Over the years, I’ve asked many cancer patients, when was the last time you were sick? Virtually every time, ‘I can’t remember when, I haven’t had a cold or the flu in many years’, things of that nature. So, if it’s so good never to be sick, why then do they never get sick before they get their cancer? It’s really rare.

It’s kind of like acne, I use the example of acne. When we’re young, the more vitality you have the closer to the skin, the body will push the toxins. So, when we’re young, we tend to have all this acne, a lot of us. I did. As we get older, the acne tends to go away and we say things like ‘we outgrew the acne’, but the truth is that we lost the vitality. It takes a lot of energy and nutrients to create acne, and we don’t have that vitality anymore. We didn’t outgrow it, we’re just not healthy enough to produce it anymore. That’s more likely the scenario.

JUSTIN: What did you say, when we’re younger, we can push the vitality up through the skin?

CHARLES PARTITO: When we have a lot of vitality and a lot of nutrients in our body, our bodies will push toxins closer to the skin. When we’re really young, that’s when we tend to have the outbreaks of acne and what not.

JUSTIN: Interesting, that makes sense.

CHARLES PARTITO: As we get older, we can’t produce acne and we think, Oh, it’s because we’re healthy and whatever, we outgrew it. We don’t outgrow those things, we just aren’t healthy enough to produce them anymore. That is what’s going on.

JUSTIN: There’s just a lot of misinformation. You’ve got a lot of, I think, interesting ideas about all kinds of things. Your last newsletter was about ‘spring water isn’t healthy’.

CHARLES PARTITO: Yes, I notice a lot of people pushing spring water, and we couldn’t understand that. The reason is, I mean as raw foodists, we’re all about live nutrients, I believe, at least that’s the take I have on it. There’s nothing live in spring water about those minerals. They’re all enzymatically dead, they’re rocks, and we’re not designed to consume rocks. It’s only the planet kingdom that absorbs the rocks, the minerals, and attaches the protein molecule and makes them alive, or useful to the human body. So, we consume the plants and then we get use out of these nutrients. There’s many out there that subscribe to, you know, spring water is what we should be having.
We strongly disagree, simply because the minerals in spring water are dead, and when we consume dead minerals, it actually costs your body in valuable nutrients, vitamins, minerals, energy and enzymes, to expel those dead minerals from the body. So, if you drink that, you’re going to end up with less nutrients than before you drank the water.

JUSTIN: Are you more of an advocate that people are not really water drinkers. A lot of people are saying that these days, that we’re really meant to eat foods that are rich in water and that would be our water.

CHARLES PARTITO: That is pretty much the truth, but there are exceptions to every rule. We create water just through our process of assimilation and breathing in oxygen, and it’s in the newsletter how that works. Raw foods are 70-90% water, but then again, there are those times where we’re either sick or perhaps there’s a heatwave or we’re exercising, like a long hike or whatever. Then I’m sure we drank spring water, because that’s always their comeback. That’s the only water we had, so that must be our water and I believe the main source was from plants etc., with few exceptions.

I have no doubt that we drank spring water, I just don’t think it was our main supply.

We are not designed with snouts or beaks for sucking up water from the river, or whatever. We don’t have humps for storing water. If we cup our hands, that’s very inefficient, and we don’t have tongues designed for lapping up water. If we eat enough uncooked plants, that is absolutely enough to get enough water through the day, unless we’re sick or we’re exercising, or if there is extreme heat or something like that.

JUSTIN: Interesting. So, are you an advocate of juicing green juices, as that’s pretty popular in the raw food movement?

CHARLES PARTITO: You’re fading out on me, I heard juicing. I love juicing. We have a newsletter on juicing. We think it is, by far, the best way to get your nutrients, because you get them at wholesale. What we mean by that, is we test people all around the world. We have a test over at Ejuva called ‘health through the mail’ and it tests everyones vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, what fatty acids you’re deficient in, what amino acids, I mean the list goes on and on. It tests how well you digest, how well you assimilate, it scans all your glands and organs, it checks for parasites, candida, heavy metals, I mean, we love this test, as we think people just kind of listen to their favorite author and their favorite lecturer and then go over there and buy the things off their shelf, not knowing what they’re deficient in.

We think that’s just a guessing game and a waste of money. We put something together that people could actually see what they’re deficient in, to take the guessing out of it. And, not only that, you’re supposed to retest so you know when to stop taking these supplements. We found that that’s probably the best way to regaining health.

Regarding juicing, because the reason I mentioned the test is that we find that very few, if any, people can actually digest and assimilate all the nutrients from raw food. Raw foods are very deficient to begin with, even if they’re organic, believe it or not. Then, we eat them and we don’t digest them and assimilate properly, so we get not a whole lot out of them. We barely get enough to get us through the day, and some people think that if you eat enough food and the proper food, that not only do you get through the day, but we will replenish all of our nutritional deficits, which we found is completely untrue. It requires food, plus something on the side, proper supplements and we love juicing, because you get probably 100% of the nutrients out of juice.

Do you know I dug around and those guys, I know we’re not supposed to mention names and all of that hygienists don’t like supplementation, they’re just all about food. I just wanted to mention this, because people talk right after we get off the radio. I can’t have live questions to answer, so this is kind of a big thing that came up. They’re saying, how can you get more out of juice than you do food? Look at all you leave behind in the juicer when you drink a juice, so you’re not getting all the nutrients and therefore, juicing isn’t as good for you as solids. The truth is what us left behind is called cellulose, aka pulp. The human body is incapable of breaking down pulp. You don’t need pulp for nutrients and when we put it under our microscope, there’s trace amounts of nutrients in cellulose anyway. It’s the animals that have three and four stomachs that can actually get use out of cellulose.

We use it for two reasons, one is that we don’t eat too much and the other is so that we can poop, it’s fiber. So, all the nutrients are in the water, so to speak, and therefore, our body doesn’t have to spend any energy or anything breaking down juice, because we digest it through, what’s called osmosis, where everything is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, and because we’re not breaking down and don’t have to digest anything. None of us are digesting properly, and, as a result, we get way more nutrients through juice than we do through solids, so we’re big on juicing. It’s huge for us.

JUSTIN: There is one more thing I wanted to ask you about, the email you sent out on salt. You said, is it your friend or your foe? Then I want to get to the health through the mail, as I’m really curious about how that works.

CHARLES PARTITO: Okay, salt. It’s another topic where a lot of big raw food, self-proclaimed, experts say it’s good for you. That’s something that we strongly disagree with. Salt is dead. It will not rot or decay, ever. Again, raw foodists are supposed to be into live things, and salt is very acidic on a Ph scale. It’s highly stimulative and a small amount of salt is fatal, 18 teaspoons will kill you. And, we don’t use salt as humans, in fact, you will not find salt in one plant in the whole entire world. What’s in there is organic chloride and organic sodium. There’s a big difference between those two individually than when they’re in their bonded state called salt. Salt is held together with an ionic bond, inorganic chloride and inorganic sodium, held together with an ionic bond.

The human body doesn’t possess any enzymes strong enough to break an ionic bond, and luckily for that, because if we did, we would die almost instantly, because both inorganic salt and inorganic chloride are extreme toxins to the human body. So, we feel that we get plenty of what we need, organic chloride and organic sodium from an all plant diet.

JUSTIN: What happens when someone eats salt then. Let’s say it’s the best Himalayan rock salt, or whatever?

CHARLES PARTITO: This is what it does, it dehydrates you, #1 and #2 it stimulates you. You never want to be stimulated by the food that you eat. Stimulation is a bad thing. That is a kind of a cleanse of the body, if you would, in order to get the toxins out in a hurry. You drink a cup of coffee and you get set up. The way that happens is that it goes in the mouth, the saliva recognizes it and it’s all mixed up with your saliva, the body recognizes it as an extreme toxin. In fact, if you take a cup of coffee and pull out just the caffeine from one cup of coffee, which is anywhere from 80-120 cc of caffeine, and inject it directly into your vein, because that’s where it ends up, in your bloodstream, you would die instantly.

The reason you don’t, is because it’s diluted by stomach biles and is filtered by the liver and all that, so your body saves your life. Most people don’t know it, but it does that several times a day. The stimulation that occurs, in order to get the coffee out in a hurry, to prevent you from drinking too much and dying, is that the adrenals shock the liver with adrenaline and that forces the liver to dump glucose into the bloodstream, large amounts of it, and then you have to go to the bathroom and all that. That’s because you’re eliminating toxins. People drink a cup of coffee and right away they have to go to the ‘John’, either #1 or #2, and that’s just to get things out of the body.

When you eat an apple, you’re not ever going to be stimulated, so that’s whenever we say something about it’s highly stimulative, as salt is, then it’s not a real food. It’s not alive, and we believe that you should be able to thoroughly enjoy a bowl full of each ingredient you consume. Now, who’s up for a bowl full of salt? In fact, it will kill you. If you can drink salt, and they tell you not to drink the water from the ocean for a reason. So, we’re against salt, but there are those who say it’s a great thing and we need it. And, like I said, there are always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes people have sodium deficiencies, so we will recommend a pinch of Himalayan salt, while we’re working on the reason why they have sodium deficiency. Anyway, that’s kind of it in a nutshell, what we feel about salt. We don’t get why people say it’s good for you. It’s dead, it’s toxic, it’s stimulative and acidic, and on and on.

JUSTIN: You’re just blowing mitts out here, I love it! We’re going to take a short break and we’ll be right back. I want to talk to you about health through the mail, probiotics and how your products work, cleanses and all that kind of good stuff.

We’re with Dr. Charles Partito and you can check out his website at ejuva.com. I highly encourage you to sign up for his mailing list, so that you will get his emails. They are really, really fascinating. We’ll be back with Dr. Charles Partito after this break.

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If you’re interested in products like this, we have tons of them in our store. So, visit our store on our website and you will find a lot of other products that are just like this.

Thank you for listening and let’s get back to this interview.

Alright, we are with Dr. Charles Partito of the Ejuva Cleanse and this is just fascinating information. If you’re interested in health, this is probably just resetting your ideas about what you think is healthy. So doctor, I wanted to ask you more about the health through the mail. You kind of described it a little bit, but is that sort of the first thing people would do when they contact you, is sort of get a baseline of there they’re at and where to proceed from there?

CHARLES PARTITO: It is, but it also depends on what’s wrong. Some people have already had tests from doctors, blood tests, etc and they already know what’s going on. Generally speaking, I would say ‘yes’ to that, because what happened is that we started getting questions from all over the world, emails about people’s health, and we wanted to answer them correctly. I was lucky enough to find my teacher and mentor, and who I think, he’s like the Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods of their professions when they were in their prime. I know there is a lot of great people, you mentioned Mercola and I mentioned Gabriel, but this guy is just kind of head and shoulders above them all.

He has the highest patient success rate of any doctor in America. We founded the college, and I mean the guy is, I know the term is going around a lot, but I really believe in him, as I have worked side by side with him now for a decade. He is truly a genius. But, we think it’s important to find out what’s going on inside the body before we start making recommendations of how to fix the body. We just know that so many raw food teachers, in their books and in their lectures, say ‘hey, you need this, you need that, you need ‘my this’ and ‘my that’, because they are all trying to make a sale.

The truth is that nobody knows what you need, because everybody needs something different. The only way to know what one needs is to test them. We can’t figure out any other way on how to know. That way, we can tell you exactly what vitamins you are deficient in, exactly which minerals you’re deficient in and we test for food allergies. Even if it’s good for you, you might have to stay away from it for a while if you get ill. We know which foods to keep you away from, we know how well you digest and we know how well you assimilate. Again, we scan all your glands and organs so that we can figure out which ones are under stress and which ones are fine. We don’t believe food is enough. There are so many raw food leaders out there who say ‘raw food is all you need and the body will take care of itself after that’. But, if your body is sick, it has a very difficult time pulling the nutrients out of food, #1, and #2, food is really lacking, and that’s according to Webster University Department of Agriculture and our own microscope.

Let’s say you’ve got all the nutrients and are able to get all the nutrients out of food, food is lacking, believe or not, it’s barely enough to get you through the day, let alone pay back the nutritional debt. But, if it had enough, which it doesn’t, you couldn’t pull all the nutrients out because none of us digest properly. There are about 10 people a day who sign up for this health through the mail program, and nobody digests properly. Everyone has poor digestion to a certain degree, but some are worse than others, but nobody pulls out all the nutrients. That’s one of the reasons that I like juice so much.

Once we’re able to find out what’s going on with people, we are able to make the proper recommendations in diet and supplements. As previously mentioned, most supplements are garbage and do more harm than good. If we get the proper supplements, along with the proper diet, filling in the proper deficiencies, as we believe disease is not floating around in air waiting to pick out innocent victims. We believe that disease is something that’s errant. In fact, and people kind of cringe, maybe not the raw food community, but when I say things to people who aren’t into this, I’ll say something controversial, in a sense that okay disease is actually your friend. You believe that, because without disease, you would have died a long time ago.

If our bodies didn’t have the capability of storing toxins and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. In other words, there’s lesser priority areas of the body, like the tissue, bones and glands, and then there’s the higher priority, like the blood, brain and the heart. The body knows if one of those higher priorities goes, the whole organism goes. It’s willing to sacrifice the lesser priorities pulled from the connective tissues, the bones, the glands and everywhere, to keep the blood and heart alive. In fact, we’ve seen on several occasions, cancer patients anywhere from two weeks to two months from death, with perfect blood, and the reason is because the body’s pulling the nutrients it needs to keep the blood alive. The body is very particular about blood.

I know your blood Ph is 7.4 because we’re having this conversation. At 7.5 you’re turning blue because they’re sticking you at ……28.56 and at 7.6 you’re dead. These people are eating twinkies, cokes and french fries and all that, and are staying alive because they’re pulling from their bones and tissues and everything and placing it into the bloodstream.

We believe disease is simply a natural occurrence caused by an unnatural lifestyle, and that without it, you would die instantly and that’s why we call it ‘your friend’. If your body is smart enough to give you disease in the face of your wrong doing, it’s certainly smart enough to reverse that disease, provided you are willing to give your body what it’s designed to consume. We have proven this on so many occasions. It’s indisputable in our opinion.

JUSTIN: So, ‘health through the mail’ then, what would someone do? Would they spell something out on your website and would you then send them a kit? Is that kind of the way it works?

CHARLES PARTITO: Yes, people call in or they would order it online. It’s basically, if we can call them tests, three tests in one, the first one being a symptom survey, which has some 200 symptoms on there, and next to each symptom there is a 1, 2, or 3. You circle the 1 if the symptom barely pertains and 3 if it pertains to you a great deal. If it doesn’t pertain at all, you just skip it and move on to the next symptom. Once we get those back, we have some software that can determine what’s going on, based on your symptoms. We also have a 13 page, what we call ‘a confidential health questionnaire, because we need to know your surgeries, your medications, your weight, your height and so many things about you. That’s why these raw leaders say you need, this, this, this and that. They don’t know the first thing about you, yet they’re telling you what they think you need.

We need to know everything about you, and that’s what the 13 pages of questions of things we need to know. You have to fill that out honestly, which doesn’t seem to be a problem with the women in its detail. And then lastly, and at the beginning of the show, I heard you mention that a future guest is going to talk about frequencies. We are big believers in frequencies. We believe that the body is electrical in nature and that the cells in our bodies throw off frequencies. So, we like to measure people’s frequencies, as we think it’s very accurate in determining what’s wrong. We like to use urine for that, because both blood and urine passes through the kidneys. So, we will give them all the packaging to get it back to us overnight, a prepaid envelope and all the containers to put in a 2 oz sample of their urine. We will test the frequencies of the cells in the urine.

In the past, we did this, and it was kind of ‘old school’ stuff. We would have to give instructions like, you can’t have any citrus, there’s no orange juice, no berries, no nothing, because it might give you a false/positive for vitamin-C, even though you’re low in it because you just had orange juice, it might register that you’re good in it. That’s technology, and the reason I threw that in there is because there are a lot of people who believe they can change their results just by a meal, and that’s old school. Now, we read the frequencies of the cell and it’s very difficult to change the frequencies in a hurry.

So, you can eat your pizza or the orange juice or whatever, and you’re not going to change the results. So we test the frequencies and if the cell is healthy, then the frequency will come back as such. If there is something wrong, if it is off, our software will determine it’s a B-12, or a C or a D, or if it’s a parasite, and it will even name the parasite. Or, if it’s candida or heavy metal, it will name the metal that it is. And then, it figures it all out for us and it tells us if it’s a severe deficiency, a moderate deficiency or if it’s a minute deficiency, so we know which ones to put in order and which ones to work on first. We put everything, a list of supplements we recommend, a program that comes with, what we call, a book of recommendations, like we want you to start with the liver cleanse and from there, we want you to do our 77 detox, and that takes two weeks. I mean, it’s all in there and it’s all detailed.

If you follow the program, your body will be able to give it self help, and we recommend that you test every 3-4 months, as it takes about that long for supplements to kick in and do their job. We need to make sure that your numbers are going in the right direction, and that lets us know when you can stop taking the supplements. Say you were deficient in C and B, you’re no longer that, but you retest in a few months, and now you might be deficient in D. A lot of people think that you test once and you find out your deficiencies and then you’re done. But we think the body works more along the lines of maintaining a car. You can’t change the oil once and then it’s good forever. You just wash it once and it stays clean forever. What happens is, based on what you’ve been eating, the stressors you’ve been going through, your environmental environment, what you’ve been breathing in and all that, your deficiencies change. It’s always ongoing, so we recommend the test every 3-4 months, we fill in these deficiencies and 3-4 months later you might have a new deficiency that needs working on.

That’s what ‘health through the mail’ is about, and, as a result, we’ve been able to help, literally, tens of thousands of people around the world over the past couple of decades.

JUSTIN: Wow, that’s just fascinating. I would encourage people to check that out. I think you have a video on the ‘health through the mail’ page on your website, so definitely check that out. I’m just fascinated to try that myself.

Now, with cancer and things like that, with really hard diseases like that, do you recommend a cleansing as your first mode of operation, for diseases like that?

CHARLES PARTITO: I don’t. Cleansing burns up a lot of nutrients. The body doesn’t cleanse for free, so someone who has cancer is already lacking nutrients, and the therapy is only as good as the body it goes into, meaning, in medical school, if someone is having a heart attack, which is the heart not getting oxygen, they tell you to take Nitroglycerin, because that instantly enters the blood stream and it dilates the blood vessels, which means it opens them up. They grab oxygen and they hit the heart and give the heart oxygen. Well, you can have two people having a heart attack and give them the exact same therapy, one dies and the other doesn’t. The difference is that one person had enough vitality and nutrients to pull through it and the other didn’t. So, that’s what I mean by the therapy is only as good as the body it goes into.

That’s kind of a loaded question, because we don’t know how far along they are with their cancer, and we don’t know what type of cancer it is. Some are very aggressive and some are not. So, it just depends on how far along the cancer is, but generally speaking, I would like to get their nutrients up and the cancer down, before I give them a cleanse. The reason the body cleanse, because herbs are irritant. There is another very controversial topic that we write about and it’s ‘herbal therapy’. For us, there is a difference between herbal cleanse and herbal therapy and we don’t believe in herbal therapy around here. We don’t think that herbs can heal a thing in the body, never have and never will. There is a lot of people who don’t like me saying that either, because either the bible tells them herbs heal, which it doesn’t. Herbs meant something a lot different 2000 years ago than they do now. A lot of Christians don’t know that.

And then there’s like Ayurvedic and other Chinese practices that say virtually everything revolves around herbs. What they don’t understand is that an herb is an herb and not a fruit. They’re both plants, but one goes in the fruit pile and one goes in the herb pile, and the reason it goes in the herb pile is that all herbs have far more toxins in them than nutrients. That’s why they taste so bitter. And that’s why a fruit tastes so good as it has way more nutrients than toxins.

The question is, can you poison the body into health and the answer is ‘no’. An example of how herbs work, because I hear this all the time, that you’re crazy and you don’t know what you’re talking about, I love herbs, blah, blah, blah.

JUSTIN: Yes, you hear it all the time.

CHARLES PARTITO: But, we pull the blood, we test it and we break down the herbs under our microscope and the truth is, just to give you an example. Let’s just say garlic, as the raw community loves garlic and we don’t. Garlic contains two deadly toxins if you consume it in a large enough volume. One is called allicin and the other is called Mustard Oil, that’s how they make mustard gas.

Anyway, what happens is, you eat the garlic and the reason I’m mentioning garlic is because someone just told me, I’ve been taking garlic and my blood pressure dropped. And, it does. It must be a miracle. I’m cured, I took my garlic and my herb and now I’m cured. The garlic is wonderful. But what actually happens is garlic is so toxic, again, the blood vessels dilate, open up, in order to get the toxins out in a hurry, and anytime your blood vessels dilate, blood pressure drops. So, they think they’ve cured something, but the truth is, they have just put more toxins in their body and as soon as they stop taking garlic, their pressure goes back up again. When you cure something, it stays cured and you don’t need to continue taking garlic for the rest of your life. That’s herbal therapy, when you take herbs virtually for the rest of your life to try to cure or correct something.

Herbal cleansing is different. You take it for a temporary amount of time, as this will force the body to cleanse toxins, because we tend to store our toxins, and when you take herbs, it more or less poisons a certain area of the body and it forces the body to cleanse at a level it won’t cleanse on its own. A scenario of that would be, if you went to a Chinese doctor complaining of liver issues, the doctor would probably recommend something with like Golden Seal in it. What the Golden Seal does, I should back up, but I don’t want this to go on forever and bore everybody, but the Golden Seal, for lack of a better term, poisons the liver. The body has a healing priority, it knows what it wants to work on better than you or any doctor knows what should be worked on.

So it’s working your heart and brain for instance and we go ‘ah, ah’ we’re going to take over here, we’re giving it the Golden Seal because we want to work on the liver, that’s the first mistake, changing the body’s healing priority. Then, what happens is, the Golden Seal poisons the liver to the point, where the liver is now the most toxic thing in the body. It’s now the priority for the body. So, it stops working on the heart and the brain and it starts working on the liver. It can’t just pull out the Golden Seal, so it cleanses the whole liver. By the time it’s done getting the Golden Seala out, your liver is cleaner than it was before you took the Golden Seal.

Now, we’re okay with that, providing you only do it for like 30 days at a time. We’ll change the body’s healing priority for a limited amount of time, 30 days, in order to force the body to take out its trash. There are a lot of people out there who believe that we have these filters and all we have to do is eat like we’re supposed to eat and these filters will take care of us. This is completely and untrue, it’s a misconception. Our filters were designed for something called metabolic waste, which is a waste created by ourselves, even if we had a perfect diet, which none of us do really. That waste, our body is perfectly content in dealing with, but toxic waste is foreign to our body. Our body doesn’t know how to deal with it. Our body is already struggling because we’re all so deficient and we’re really not doing that well. Our test proves that and we’re eating deficient foods usually, even if they’re organic, there’s just enough to get us through the day … forcing the body to cleanse and do all of these wonderful things. There’s a lot of people out there who say ‘let’s do this stuff, food cleanse, eat food and detox’. It’s not going to happen.

What I’m trying to say is that through cleansing, we force the body to empty our trash can. And, it’s a good thing to do that for 30 days, once or twice a year. Otherwise, the body keeps storing and storing and storing and storing, and it can be devastating in the end. It’s good to take out those trash cans, because the body really doesn’t have the means or time to do it, but will just find a new place to store it once that trash can becomes full. Unless you pressure the body to do it, it will stop working on the priority and then cleanse. So, that’s kind of a brief description why we’re against herbal therapy, and there’s so much out there, that the herbs are great, blah, blah, blah. We disagree, because they’re toxic, they’re poisons, they work on stimulation. In fact, every single med was invented because of herbs. When science became sophisticated enough, it figured out why the garlic was lowering blood pressure. In a synthetic version of the allicin and mustard oil, and it was cheaper to do so, they could control the amount of milligrams and they could patent it. More importantly, become billionaires and call it blood pressure medicine.

They tell everyone, we don’t know what causes high blood pressure. I do and I’m sure they do. So they tell you it’s incurable and you have to be on the pills forever, and they get to be very wealthy. But, if you’re against medication, you have to be against herbs, because they work in the body the exact same way. The difference is, is that herbs are cleaner because they’re not synthetic. But, they’re still toxins. So, there’s always a reason to use herbs and we’ll recommend them because people are so sick sometimes, but that’s just to get them going and get them through, so that they can function, but we need to work on why they need these herbs and garlic in the first place.

Anyway, that’s why we don’t like herbal therapy, but we do love herbal cleansing, because we want you to get rid of all those toxins. We believe that the two main causes of disease are nutritional deficiency, which is what Health Through The Mail covers, and toxicity, which is what Ejuva covers, our cleanse. Ejuva was founded about 20 years ago and it was the world’s first raw cleanse and was endorsed by all the big shots in the community, like David, Gabriel and Paul and Matt Monarch and quite a few others. It is the most balanced, most pure, most gentle, yet effective cleanse out there. It doesn’t just cleanse the intestines either, we believe the body is one entity and the whole thing needs to be cleaned. So, we’re cleansing all the organs, the glands, the lymphs, the blood, tissue and the whole alimentary canal, from your throat down to your rectum. The list goes on and on. It’s a great gentle, yet powerful cleanse. If you haven’t tried it, you can ask the icons. David writes about it, Victoria Skovinski they all love it. So, if you haven’t tried it, I would strongly suggest at least giving it a try. It’s kind of dicey though, because we put so many herbs in it, to hit all these areas of the body, and we don’t get our herbs from here in this country, because of the rules and regulations a lot of people don’t know about.

If you grow an herb organically, once you harvest it, then you spray it with the things we don’t like as raw foodists, but you can still call it ‘grown organically,’ because it’s true and that’s usually what happens because nobody wants anything bad or parasites on their earth. We have to get our herbs from out of the country, we have to send them to an FDA approved lab, where it then becomes certified so that it doesn’t have any of these bad things on it. Then, the FDA will let it into our country. Then we process it, we put no fillers in it, no binders and we don’t even lubricate our tableting machine and we have to do things in small batches, compared to hundreds of thousands of capsules made at once. We have to do it a little at a time, because there’s no lubricants and things in it. It’s a really difficult pain staking process, and all of that contributes to the price of it. Most people appreciate it though and they want the best.

JUSTIN: Right. When we come back, I want to ask you a couple more detailed questions about the Ejuva cleanse. We’ll be right back, and we’re with Dr. Charles Partito from ejuva.com and we’ll be right back after this break.

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Alright, we’re with Dr. Charles Partito, and I just wanted to ask you doctor about some of the particulars about the cleanse. First off, why would people want to cleanse, you know, a lot of people have different issues and reasons for cleansing and some people just want to lose weight. What are some of the benefits of going through a cleanse once or twice a year, you know, with your products?

CHARLES PARTITO: The benefit of that, as one may imagine, because toxins are our enemy, obviously, and we need to eliminate those in order to have optimal health. Not only that, there is a lining in a lot of us, which Dr. Richard Anderson claimed the term of mucoid plaque and it inhibits nutrients from going through the intestinal lining, so we’re not assimilating well. In fact, some people say that mucoid plaque just isn’t real, it’s a mixture of the herbs, but we know that’s not true, simply because we’ve had two universities check mucoid plaque to find out what’s in it, and it’s not herbs. If it was true, everybody would lose their plaque, and not everybody does.

We’re big believers in it, but the point I was going to make was that we’ve actually tested people’s assimilation, it’s a measurement of sediment and indocin that’s in the urine, and every time they lose their plaque, their assimilation goes up, anywhere from 10-30%. With better assimilation, people report feeling more energetic and that’s from basically getting rid of all the stored up and accumulated toxins. They’re just a huge part of disease and do not belong in our body. Our body filters are really incapable of getting rid of them at the amount that we take them in. You will feel much, much better after a cleanse and that’s what 99% of the people report.

JUSTIN: I have a question that someone wrote in saying she’s got a particular issue of peanut allergies, and, as you know, this kind of stuff is getting more and more popular, people having allergies. So, with your cleanse, is that an issue with people? Do they need to be worried about what’s in the cleanse that they may be allergic to, or is it pretty safe?

CHARLES PARTITO: Yes, you would need to know what you’re allergic too, with anything you put in your body, but it certainly hasn’t been a problem. We don’t get emails or phone calls that say ‘I can’t take it, I’m allergic to it’. It’s actually very rare when someone is allergic to one of the ingredients, or more than one. What they experience, it’s what we call phase, meaning one week. There’s four phases to ejuva and each phase lasts one week, is what I’m trying to say. You start out in the first phase, obviously, and what you do is, you wake up, you take herbs and go about your day as normal, and for most people that’s three meals a day. The second phase comes about, and you replace one of those meals with the herbs, so during the second phase you’re eating twice a day, and consuming the herbs twice a day. The third phase comes about and again, you replace one of the meals with the herbs, but during that time you’re eating one solid meal a day and you’re consuming the herbs three times a day. The fourth, and final phase, now some people stop at the third phase, because they’re kind of intimidated by this, as they have never been on a juice fast or whatever. You cannot eat food and cleanse. The body has to pick one or the other, digestion or cleanse, and it will pick digestion or it will die if it doesn’t. So, we put people on a juice fast during the fourth phase and increase the herbs to four times a day. That’s very powerful, and during that time, we’re getting more nutrients than ever, as mentioned earlier, so most people will actually feel better on the fourth phase, than they do when they’re not cleansing, for that matter. But. that’s when they start losing the plaque and we have a lot of pictures come through here, and it’s very interesting what the human body stores, and for how many years it stores.

JUSTIN: Wow, would someone want to do this, like my wife, we’re thinking about having a child here within the next year or so, and obviously we would like to do some cleansing before that happens. For people looking to get pregnant, would this be something they would want to look at before getting pregnant?

CHARLES PARTITO: Absolutely, in fact that’s a question that’s in our ‘frequently asked questions and answers’ in our manual and there has been a few people who could not conceive, cleansed and then conceived. You just don’t want to cleanse while you’re pregnant or while you’re nursing, because those toxins will end up in the milk.

JUSTIN: Let’s say the average person who is listening and is interested in health and maybe taking care of themselves to some degree, whatever that may be. How many times a year would you recommend that people do a cleanse like this, on your program?

CHARLES PARTITO: The ejuva is gentle enough to take twice a year, a month each time. Now, here’s the other thing, people are in the market and there are smart people out there who want to sell their products, so they’ll say, ‘hey, you don’t need to cleanse for 30 days, you can use our 3-day, 7-day or 9-day cleanse. The body can’t cleanse virtually hardly anything in a week, it’s just not going to happen. It takes longer than that. So, I wouldn’t say you have to cleanse for 30 days with the ejuva, I would say you get to cleanse for 30 days. If you don’t do it right, there’s not much sense in cleansing. You know, people want the quick out, they want a 7-day or 10-day cleanse. It’s just not enough. Imagine everything you put in your body over the course of a year, 355 days of not doing so great for most people, and then doing a 10-day cleanse. There’s not a lot of cleansing going on there. But if you do it for two months a year and do it for a few years straight. That’s the other misconception about cleansing, that you cleanse and you clean. It doesn’t work like that. It literally takes years to clean out a liver using herbs.

So, you get to cleanse a month at a time, twice a year, for a few years and that’s six months of cleansing. That is lot of damage to the toxins in that manner, versus 10 days, you know, once a year. Some of them are so intense, you can only do them once a year.

JUSTIN: Would you recommend that people do, you know colonics are very popular and enemas, and things like that. Some people just do liquid only Sundays and things like that. Water fasting is kind of a different and broader subject, but do you like colonics and enemas and things like that?

CHARLES PARTITO: I like colonics and enemas and I like that you should clean the inside of your body, like you do the outside. Colonics are obviously a little better, as you do the entire 5 feet of the lower bowel, while that an enema does just about 18 inches. Yes, it’s not a requirement to do a colonic or an enema while on the ejuva cleanse, but it certainly would optimise the results.

JUSTIN: Would someone want to do maybe a couple of colonic irrigations before they start to cleanse, and them some after, or during. How does that work?

CHARLES PARTITO: All three. If you’re going to add colonics to the ejuva, and again, it’s not a requirement, but why not clean out the bowel before you get started, because we know the bowel is going to be accepting a lot of toxins here pretty quickly. So, empty all that out, so it can accept more toxins.

JUSTIN: So, I wanted to ask you too, I know we’re running up against the clock here, but when you go in for a colonic, I believe you’re cleaning the large intestine. Is that right? And then, the ejuva cleanses the small intestine or the whole thing? I know you mentioned that it cleanse all the organs. How does that work, that it’s different from the colonic?

CHARLES PARTITO: The colonic will cleanse the large bowel, that’s about 5-6 feet of the 22 feet of your intestine. The ejuva cleanse is all the way from your throat down to your rectum.

JUSTIN: Okay, so the entire small and large intestine?

CHARLES PARTITO: It’s even more than that, your stomach, and your esophagus, which is called your alimentary canal.

JUSTIN: Golly. So, do you yourself, do a couple of cleanses a year?

CHARLES PARTITO: Absolutely. I’m a huge believer. I think that we have a difficult time just crossing the street and not inhaling toxins on the whole. But the paint on the walls, the floor, the wood floors, everything, the cars that we get into, we’re surrounded by toxins. We absorb them through our skin, our lungs and orally, and it’s a good idea to cleanse. Once you become cleaner, you don’t need to do it every six months. After a few years, like me, I do it annually now.

JUSTIN: It’s fascinating, because if you think about it, a lot of us didn’t get into healthy until we’re sort of mid-life, or situations like that, and we’re paying for crimes that we committed against our bodies when we were 15, eating pizza and ice-cream.

CHARLES PARTITO: It goes further than that. You’re paying for what your parents did, your grandparents, your great-grandparents and your great-great-grandparents. It’s been passed down to everybody. That’s why a lot of people have a hard time with raw food in the medical community. It’s like ‘wait a minute, I know somebody who’s 90 years old, smoking and drinking is fine, and I know a 1-year old with cancer, so it can’t be true’.

What happens is, what we trace it back to, is that if parents are toxic upon conception, they’re going to make toxic babies. If they’re healthy, the 90 year old who smoked and drank, he simply won the nutritional lottery and he was given a lot. So, his body was able to fend off a lot of the harm he was giving to himself for many years. So, that’s the difference between genetics and a lot of what we have was definitely born into us.

JUSTIN: That makes sense, our ancestral past and the damage to the genome and to our genes and DNA that our ancestors did, unknowingly probably.

This is fascinating. You can find out more about Dr. Charles Partito and his ejuva cleanse at ejuva.com and now we will wrap it up. Is there anything that you’d like to talk about or the direction you’re headed with the company?

CHARLES PARTITO: Actually not. We haven’t had to change anything in so many years, because we got lucky, if you want to call it that, right out of the gate. It’s such a hit and so effective, we can’t think of a way to improve it. Being what it’s been for 20 years, and that’s what we do. We have cleanses, one specific for parasites and one specific for candida. One we call a combi cleanse, which is mixture of the candida cleanse and the parasite cleanse in one cleanse, for a lesser price than if you bought them individually, because a lot of people have both. We have a heavy metal cleanse and then we have the body cleanse. On top of that, we have the nutritional testing that we do. They kind of go hand in hand with each other regarding health.

If anyone has any questions, we’re here to answer them, either at info@ejuva.com or they could give us a call at 866-go ejuva and we will answer all of the questions for them.

JUSTIN: Excellent, great. So it’s 866-go ejuva or info@ejuva.com

Thank you so much Charles, what a fascinating interview. I didn’t even get to probiotics or the role of stress, so we’ll have to keep in touch.

CHARLES PARTITO: Yes, hopefully we’ll do it again.

JUSTIN: Thanks doctor for your time. I appreciate that.

CHARLES PARTITO: Alright, take care.

JUSTIN: You too. If you guys found value in this show, I hope you did, and what a fascinating guy Dr. Partito is, amazing information.

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So, thank you so much for listening and we look forward to bringing some more shows to you that will help you heal and thrive. So, thanks again for listening and we will see you on the next episode.

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