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Rod Czlonka – How He Reversed His Terminal Brain Cancer Naturally

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Today we had a great conversation with Rod Czlonka.

Can you imagine being 41 years old with your whole life ahead of you and you get diagnosed with terminal brain cancer?

Well that’s what happened to Rod Czlonka.

After taking a corporate job which provided a nice fancy cell phone it wasn’t long until he started having seizures and went in to the doctors for a brain scan.

The results changed his life forever. After enduring many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation (after surgery to remove the tumor) the doctors told Rod there’s nothing more we can do, get your affairs in order because you don’t have much longer to live.

It was at that point that Rod started doing some research and learning how he might be able to get rid of his cancer naturally. He embarked on a dramatic journey that has subsequently turned his life upside down since the diagnosis in 2003.

Now he’s a big believer in making sure the body and blood remain in an alkaline and highly oxygenated state in order to prevent cancer from returning. This reminds me of the work of Dr. Robert O. Young from the pH Miracle Living Center in California.

He takes lots of supplements to help flood his body with nutrients, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals that are not in even the best organic produce in our health food stores. He cleanses his body and spends lots of time researching how electromagnetic fields from cell phones and cell towers affect our biology and physiology.

Two places you might want to check out that have reputable products to help shield these frequencies are a place called Zero Point Global as well as LessEMF.

There is no doubt that these frequencies are affecting our health in a deleterious way.

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Show Date: Wednesday 11/6/2013
Show Guest: Rod Czlonka
Guest Info: At 41 (2003) Rod Czlonka’s life was on the fast track and moving in the right direction until he was diagnosed with a brain tumor he then underwent 19 sessions of Radiation therapy and 3 months of chemo therapy. Rod would take no for an answer and kept digging and searching until he found answers to his questions. Rod managed to turn his life around and found out life changed information on his journey so join us today to find out what Rod found and how it saved his life.

Topic: cell phones, brain cancer, radiation, alkaline diets and more.
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