Tumors In Kate's Liver, Worms, My Near Death Experience, Listener Questions & More


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Dream Interpretations, Tumors In Kate’s Liver, Worms, My Near Death Experience, Listener Questions & More!

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This show is about an hour and forty five minutes long!

We hope you enjoyed it. It’s so interesting because Kate and I get talking and before we know it an entire hour has gone by. Sometimes we don’t even introduce ourselves on the Free For All Friday shows until 20 minutes in because we’re having so much fun.

We really enjoy these shows and the exciting part is that the Friday shows are eventually going to be moved to Friday mornings at 9am and on those shows we’ll be able to take your telephone calls live on the internet. You can get a sneak peak at our live shows by clicking here. We’ve set up a chat room (that you can use anytime) but you can also listen to the shows live and ask your questions in there and we can answer them live on the air. We won’t be taking any live calls during the interview shows but during the Free For All Friday shows we’d LOVE to have you call in and join the discussions.

The Direction Of The Free For All Friday Shows

This is a show completely devoted to you. My intention is to have a place where potentially thousands of people will gather to listen and join the chat room and can call in. Let’s say somebody is dealing with something random like lymphadema and neither Kate nor I have any good ideas to give. All of you amazing listeners listening live can go to our Live Page and add your thoughts to our chat. That way the person who asks a question can get their remedy, Kate and I can learn and whoever ends up listening to the podcast for years to come, can get remedies as well.

I think this is going to be huge.

You guys know so much and most likely know more than we do and have more experience than we do with natural healing and alternative healing. So why not bring everybody together on a weekly basis to share our knowledge and help people.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So that’s our intention for the live Friday shows. You bring in your health questions and Kate and I will give our two cents but also share what listeners are adding to our chat room. Eventually I’d like to create a community forum for listeners to join where we can continue the conversations about each episode. I think that has the potential to help so many people find their remedy.

I really like where we’re heading and the direction we’re going to help as many people as possible.

This show was a lot of fun we talked about my dream I had last week that included pulling orchids out of my mouth and seeing ufo’s in the night sky. Kate had some interesting thoughts about what my dream could have meant. I’m not a big dreamer in the sense of being able to remember my dreams. I’m sure I dream as much as the next person it’s just that I can’t recall them. So when I do have a dream that I remember it’s fun to talk about them!

We also talked about the tumor type things that are coming out of Kate’s liver during her coffee enemas lately. She says they have these long tentacles coming off of them. Talk about gross but hey, it’s all in the name of getting healthy. She’s also been fishing these spaghetti like worms from the toilet bowl after her enemas as well. That takes gross to a whole new level. I suspect we have so much inside of us that we have no idea. We’d probably be pretty shocked to discover what’s going on inside of us if we could see it all.

I also shared a story recently where I was coming home from my parent’s house one night around 11pm and I almost got hit by an oncoming car going 60 miles per hour up a hill. The guy ran a red light and had I not looked (even though I had a green light to make a left hand turn) he would have plowed right into my driver’s side door killing me instantly. It turns out Kate was praying for my safety at that exact moment. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

Near the end of the show we took some listener questions about a mineral detox one of our listeners is doing. We had another question about whether or not rebounding helps with insomnia or actually prevents me from sleeping if I do it close to bed time. Megan wrote in asking about a biological dentist in Mexico that could be cheaper than the ones here in the U.S.

Ashley wrote in talking about her journey and her digestive issues that Kate and I are working on right now. So that was great knowing other people have the same issues as we do.

Finally Brenda wrote in giving us all some good ideas about coffee enemas and where to get the best supplies for them. All the links are shared below!

Other items mentioned:

“There will always be fear; do it anyway. Let your courage inspire the world around you. You are braver that you can see. Choose to live in freedom over fear. You have the ability to persevere. You have abundant courage. You can choose–and you deserve–love and happiness.”– Dr. Steve Maraboli

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Show Date: Sunday 11/3/2013
Topic: Liver, worms, tumors, coffee enemas
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