Dr. Robert Rowen – How Decreasing Toxins, Eliminating Stress & Increasing Nutrition Can Increase Your Energy & Impact Every Area Of Your Life – Extreme Health Radio

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Dr. Robert Rowen – How Decreasing Toxins, Eliminating Stress & Increasing Nutrition Can Increase Your Energy & Impact Every Area Of Your Life

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Today we had a great conversation with Dr. Robert Rowen.

Dr. Robert Rowen is a titan in the natural health world and it was a great honor to have this conversation with him today. We talked about how he got started in natural medicine and his story is extremely interesting. I find it fascinating the gentlemen like him can have their eyes open to the extent that he did, even after having gone through the traditional Western medical industry.

He’s doing such amazing work with patients from all over the world with diseases such as heart disease, cancer, fatigue, arthritis and back pain, diabetes, autism, and more. I made the distinction during the show that Dr. Rowen obviously doesn’t cure anybody of anything. In fact he even made the distinction on the show that he doesn’t even treat diseases.

He works on helping patients create healthy bodies and as a result their body along with God is what actually does the internal healing. If you watch his Youtube channel (see the link below to that) you can actually see him interview his patients before and after treatments and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Sometimes when we interview people like Dr. Rowen doing this kind of work I wish I could shake people and tell them they don’t have to pursue intense, radical and aggressive treatments for their health conditions. I consider, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, drugs, and antibiotics to be extremely aggressive and in my opinion should only be used if every other healing modality on the earth has been attempted and has not got results in the patients.

Unfortunately because people simply don’t know about alternative and holistic health treatments they go for the most aggressive treatments first and then go for natural treatments after the drugs and surgery don’t work.

Unfortunately (in my opinion) the order in which you select these treatments is one of the most important factors in whether or not healing can occur. Think about it, how can the body whose immune system has been destroyed by antibiotics (anti-life) or chemotherapy actually heal itself?

Personally I think that if you reverse the order in which you go for treatments you give yourself the highest chance of healing. What disease heals by using poison for its treatment? Your body isn’t lacking drugs or lacking chemotherapy. You don’t get headaches because your body is deficient in Tylenol. The same goes with any other chronic degenerative disease.

What Dr. Robert Rowen is doing is nothing short of amazing. He uses treatments such as Intravenous vitamin C, Hydrogen peroxide, Ultraviolet blood irradiation, Ozone therapy, Oxidative medicine, prolozone injections, Energy medicine, Chelation therapy, Acupuncture and so much more.

The healing modalities that he uses is so much more than you’re going to receive at a traditional doctor. He’s light years ahead of the standard treatments we’ve all learned about growing up.

We hope you enjoy this show with Dr. Rowen and don’t forget to comment below and share this interview with your friends using the buttons above! 🙂

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Show Date: Wednesday 10/30/2013
Show Guest: Robert Rowen
Guest Info: Dr. Rowen graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University (1971), followed by medical school at the University of California at San Francisco San Francisco (1975). He has been board certified and recertified by the American Boards of Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. He is currently certified by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology. Read More…

Topic: chelation therapy/oxygen therapy, Acupuncture, Intravenous therapy and nutrition, Ultraviolet blood irradiation, Hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy and more.
Guest Website(s): http://www.docrowen.com

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