Dr. Larry Lytle Can Cold Laser Therapy & Healing Light Help To Prevent And Get Rid Of Your Health Problems? – Extreme Health Radio

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Dr. Larry Lytle Can Cold Laser Therapy & Healing Light Help To Prevent And Get Rid Of Your Health Problems?

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Today we had Dr. Larry Lytle join us on the show to discuss cold laser therapy.

We also discussed how cold laser therapy along with healing light help the body to recover from sickness and disease in record time. One of the more fascinating tidbits I got from this interview with Dr. Larry Lytle was how negative thinking pulls electrons from atoms causing the atoms themselves to become unstable, unbalanced and acidic.

The result of atoms that don’t function properly is that they create cells that have shorter telomeres, don’t live as long and actually cause disease. Negative thinking can cause disease?

Say it isn’t so!

We knew it all along but it’s really great to have somebody explain it from a scientific perspective how negative thinking adversely affects the cells of the body and thereby your lifespan. Stress, worry, fear and many other emotions also pull electrons off of the atoms.

Cold laser therapy actually helps to restore electrons back to the atoms which in turn help the body to create healthy long living cells!

The amount of ways that this Q-laser can be used is quite abundant. You could use it for headaches, on sun burns or skin burns, broken bones, cancer, heart attacks, torn ligaments, torn tendons, cuts, scars, rashes, digestive distress, sore muscles and so much more.

There’s basically nothing that can’t be treated by applying the healing light of cold laser therapy.

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • How Anti oxidants play a role in electrons
  • The Ph Balance of the body
  • Telomeres in relation to laser therapy
  • How grounding affects the body
  • Whether it’s possible to have too many electrons
  • How long do people need to be treated
  • Side affects of the laser
  • Recovery speed after using the laser
  • And much more!

Can cold laser therapy be used to treat acute injuries & chronic disease? Dr. Larry Lytle explains – Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Tuesday 10/22/2013
Show Guest: Dr. Larry Lytle
Guest Info: At 78 years young, perhaps no one knows more about the theory and practice of applying energetic light frequencies to halt pain and heal diseases than Dr. Larry Lytle, one of America’s pioneers in the research and development of cold laser light technology for medical applications. A lifelong student of Read More…

Topic: Cold Laser Therapy, Healing Light
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