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Dr. Pieter DeWet – Heal Thyself – Is Disease Itself The Body’s Attempt To Heal?

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We had a really great conversation today about recall healing with Dr. Pieter DeWet from QHI Wellness center in Tyler Texas. He’s originally from South Africa but studied with holistic doctor David Steenblock in Orange County California many years ago.

Dr. Pieter DeWet has a whole new paradigm of where disease comes from and where it originates from in our bodies. Dr. DeWet’s contention (and I believe he’s correct) is that there is a spiritual and emotional or perhaps energetic connection at the heart of the disease process in our bodies.

Have you ever heard that, “it’s all in your head”? Well our minds (which control our energy and perhaps emotion) might be what causes disease in our bodies. It’s not that the disease is in the mind and doesn’t exist in the body, it’s that there could be a very real causative relationship between the mind and the body when it comes to how diseases like cancer proliferate.

Consider the fact that trapped emotions and energetic “baggage” could be causing your cancer or heart disease. Doesn’t that sound strange? In my opinion how we deal with our emotions and energy on a spiritual level is the determining factor in how healthy we are. As we know everything is energy and vibration. If we have emotions that we don’t allow to be moved out of the body, what happens to them?

Is there a potential that these emotions (which are simply low energy vibrations) could affect our physical biology and cell growth? Can we eradicate disease by dealing with the emotional side of life?

How does stress management in terms of prayer and meditation play a role in the disease process? Is it possible to prevent colds, flu’s heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and the rest of it by dealing with the emotions? Dr. Pieter DeWet says yes and I think he’s absolutely correct.

He truly takes a holistic approach to health and healing. He doesn’t leave out healing modalities like sweating, chelation therapy, homeopathy and cleansing but these physical protocols are simply adjuncts to the bigger picture in his healing paradigm.

Dr. Pieter DeWet is truly one of the most fascinating people we’ve spoken with. Who knew that cancer was the body’s way of healing? Who knew heart attacks were the body’s way of surviving and healing?

We have everything backwards and upside down in our culture so it’s no wonder that we think diseases like cancer are bad.

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Show Date: Monday 10/14/2013
Show Guest: Dr. Pieter DeWet
Guest Info: Dr. Pieter J. DeWet has been in private practice, practicing Wellness medicine since 1997 and is the owner and medical director of Quantum Healing Institute in Tyler, TX. Dr. de Wet graduated medical school in 1985 and has been a family physician since 1991 when he obtained his Board Certification in Family Medicine through the American Board of Family Medicine. He has been a Read More…

Topic: Emotions and disease, energy
Guest Website(s): http://www.pieterdewet.com/

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