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Wendy Wilson – The Power Of Herbal Tinctures, Infusions & Teas To Help Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Libido, PMS & Much More

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Wendy Wilson from Apothecary Herbs dropped by Extreme Health Radio to discuss how powerful herbs can be to help cholesterol levels, increase libido, heal heart disease, prevent and reverse cancer, ease PMS symptoms, prevent heart attacks as they happen, heal poisonous snake bites and so much more. Who knew herbs could do so much?

If you want to learn how to make tinctures and become your own herbalist, check out this show with Wendy Wilson!

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Herbs for traveling
  • What would be good pandemic herbs to store?
  • What’s the best way to take herbs?
  • How to build strong bones 14:30
  • The Danger of Blood Pressure Meds 25:44
  • Liver Health 31:32
  • Reishi and Chaga are they necessary?
  • What herbs are not tonics
  • How she incorporates herbs into her daily life
  • Women’s Herbs 48:00
  • What kind of alcohol to use for tinctures?
  • Cholesterol 42:49
  • Heart attacks 35:28
  • Getting rid of the flu
  • How to reverse poisonous or venomous bites

Learn how herbs can enhance every area of your life from master herbalist, Wendy Wilson! Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: 10/3/2012
Show Guest: Wendy Wilson
Guest Info: In 1999, Wendy wrote a “how to” book called The Power Herbs: 13 Herbs Every Medicine Cabinet Should Have. She wanted to reveal the herb secrets she had learned from her traditional training and practical experience. There is a high demand for knowledge on how to use herbs and natural therapies effectively and The Power Herbs book shows you how.

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Topic: Herbs
Guest Website(s): http://www.thepowerherbs.com

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The Dangers of Blood Pressure Medication
How To Build Strong Bones To Reverse Osteoporosis
How To Take Care Of Your Liver
The Heart Attack Pack For Heart Attacks
How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally & Why Cholesterol Is Healthy
Herbs For Women, PMS. Menopause, Libido, & Hormone Health
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Podcast Transcript:

JUSTIN: Thank you so much everybody for joining us today. I hope you’re having a great afternoon or evening. Wherever you are. I hope you’re having a great day. We are broadcasting worldwide from Southern California, three days a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so thank you for joining us.

Today is Wednesday, October 3, 2012 and this is episode #16 and you can find it at extremehealthradio.com/16. Just to let you know, all of our shows are transcribed and you can find all that information on the show page.

If you would like to email our guest and ask a question, or ask a question to me, you can do so at justin@extremehealthradio.com or you can call in at 949-391-7363 and leave a voicemail and we’ll play that voicemail on the air.

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Before I introduce our guest, Wendy Wilson from Apothecary Herbs, I just want to give you a brief rundown of our upcoming schedule. We have lots of great guests this week and our next guest on Friday is Dr. Gerald Smith, who is a biological dentist out of New York. He’s doing a lot of great work with root canals and showing the connection between root canals and cancer. He’s doing amazing work, so check out that show. We have Dr. Bob Marshall, who is an amazing doctor out of Austin, Texas. His website is healthline.cc and he has a great radio show as well. And we have Dr. Charles Partito who is the owner of the Ejuva Cleanse and he’ll be talking about the health of the colon and cleansing herbs and all that kind of good stuff. So, stay tuned for those shows.

I want to introduce Wendy Wilson. She wrote a ‘how to’ book called The Power Herbs: 13 Herbs Every Medicine Cabinet Should Have. I have that book and it’s about 300 pages. It’s absolutely incredible and I was just going through it last night. She wanted to reveal the earth secrets she had learned from traditional training and practical experience and that there’s a high demand for knowledge on how to use these herbs in natural therapy effectively, and her Power Herbs book tells you how to do that.

Then in 2000, Wendy found the Apothecary Herbs, Inc which manufactures professional strength immune boosting and body cleaning formulas. She enjoys writing her Health Column for various newsletters, including the International Forecaster and Health Quest. She produces her own nationally syndicated radio talk show, called Herb Talk Live on GCN, which you can find at gcnlive.com or all of the archives are on her shows.

Wendy I was just listening to a lot of your shows last night and that’s a great show you have.

WENDY WILSON: We have great fun. You know, you have to enjoy what you’re doing and be passionate, otherwise you’ll find something else.

JUSTIN: I saw on your bio that you like Taekwon-Do.

WENDY WILSON: Yes, I’m into yoga and Turbo Fire is my newest thing. I get bored, so I have to find new stuff, you know.

JUSTIN: That’s great. The book you wrote, 13 Herbs Every Medicine Cabinet Should Have, I have that, and thank you for that. Is there a place where people can buy that on your website?

WENDY WILSON: Yes, it’s PDS but it’s not in print right now, it went through two printings. If you want to have a hard copy, you can find it on Amazon. I think it’s $1000 for a hard copy, a used one on Amazon, which blows my mind. You can get a PDS version that will be emailed to you on our website at thepowerherbs.com at just $14.99.

JUSTIN: Yes, that book is really great and I was going through it over the last few days. You have almost every kind of issue, you’ve got hormone health and all kinds of good stuff.

WENDY WILSON: Well, you know, I found out when I was in herb school, that you can go all kinds of ways with herbs. You can make great sundry items and stuff, but I really felt Justin that the majority of problems that we face are cleaning issues and immune system issues. A lot of preventable types of conditions stem from those areas. I thought, well, if you cleanse and nourish the body you got most things whooped. We’ve got generation after generation now that have, what I consider, immune systems that are in wheelchairs.

They can’t get up and fight, they can’t run the marathon, because of vaccines and antibiotics and things like that. We’ve got such a problem with the super bug and a lot of the pharmaceuticals have abandoned researching new antibiotics for more antiviral products, genetically modified foods and even new vaccines. So, we’re kind of like left holding the bag. We’re going to have to strengthen our immune systems if we’re going to survive.

JUSTIN: Yes, there’s no doubt about it. Tell us a little bit how you got started. I know that you went to school, I forget what it’s called, that was started by Dr. David Christopher. Is that right?

WENDY WILSON: Dr. John Christopher. David is the son and he now runs the school. It’s the School of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah. I highly recommend it if some of your listeners have a desire to be more proactive and self-sufficient. They do have a lot of classes online now and you can even take mail order classes if you’re not close to the location in Utah. It’s great. They have different levels of instruction, from just your family health if you want to help your own health and your family out, all the way to master herbalists. So you can kind of pick which area you want to learn about.

JUSTIN: Wow, that’s great. You have been practicing herbalism now for 10 years?

WENDY WILSON: It’s getting closer to 20. I started the business in 2000, but I was in school and helping family and friends, you know like people on our soccer team and taekwon-do. I just decided ‘you know, herbs are the best kept secret, I’m going to something about that.

It was, as you see in the book, I tell a true story of how I got into the herbs, as I have three kids, and my youngest at 3 got sick. Modern medicine really didn’t have any answers for me, so I turned to natural healing and was very impressed with how well he did. So, I decided to go to school.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing, so you completely changed your entire career.

WENDY WILSON: I did you know. I started out at the University of North Carolina as a psyche major and got a degree in that. I was intending to go further in that area, but I started a family and was married, so here comes baby #1. Then in the interim, I kind of worked between children in the medical field. I learned a lot from some of the stuff you don’t even want to know about. Then I decided, you know, there’s got to be something better. Then my son got sick and I guess God’s answer to prayer, here’s the solution. Go out there and tell the world about it.

JUSTIN: That’s great. What are some of the ways you incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

WENDY WILSON: Oh yes, before I do my Turbo Fire, I’ll power up with my heart formula and my Willow Bark and Meadow Sweet formula, which is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever so that you don’t stress anything. If I do overdo it, you know we do tend to think we are bigger than we are. I have a great rub that I made when I was in taekwon-do classes, you know circle of death, get your butt whipped, you have to have something.

It’s a deep tissue rub, and I use that. Of course, my all around body food mix is really a great thing. It’s all plant based and it’s a powder you throw into your favorite juice, vegetable juice, or water if you want. It’s got your vitamins and minerals, your plant protein elements and the best part, it’s water soluble and it’s right in the system in 60 seconds.

I don’t know about you, but when you were growing up, did you take vitamins?

JUSTIN: Oh yeah, we took those rock hard pressed tablets.

WENDY WILSON: You know, my mom was a health nut, being from California, from Los Angeles and was into her minerals and lecithin all her vitamins and her bone meal, and of course all us kids had to do that. I just can’t swallow pills, it’s just natural to me. If you can’t get what you need in your diet, then you may have to supplement. I like the liquids and the powders that become water soluble, because they are right in the system in 60 seconds, and you can adjust the dose really easy.

There’s nothing to digest so it’s very easy on the system. So, that’s why, when I started Apothecary Herbs, I said, you know, we’re just going to do liquids and powders. As we get older, our elderly can’t swallow those pills. Do you know what I mean? They just can’t.

JUSTIN: What are some of the traditional ways that people use herbs. I know there are infusions, teas and what other ways are there?

WENDY WILSON: Well, you have a lot of versions, the delivery system as we call it. Your tea or what as you know as an infusion and that’s going to be your weakest potency. If you’re going to use a tea as a medicinal approach, do let it brew for about 20 minutes, and that will make a good strong tea. Some herbs are better, water soluble and infusion and some are better when we age them in a catalyst, like alcohol, and we use it as a tincture, as a concentrate. Your tea will be weaker than your tinctures and I tell people, as they go how can 1/4 teaspoon of this liquid herb stuff, called a tincture, do any good.

I’m like, think about that commercial for Special-K cereal and they have all the bowls of Shredded Wheat stacked up over here, and then you’ve got the one bowl of Special-K. Your tincture is like the Special-K. Okay? So it’s really powerful, if it’s made right. There is a way to make them really strong.

Then, your capsules and your pills are kind of in between your tea and your tincture, as far as potency goes. But it takes longer for the body to metabolize that.

JUSTIN: In your daily life, do you do all three, or strictly stick with the herbal tinctures.

WENDY WILSON: I stay with teas, I love tea and am a big tea person, and I like my tinctures. The only capsules that we actually make at Apothecary Herbs is for a bowel cleanse, Formula A. and that is to kind of move the bowels, to stimulate and tone those nerve endings in the bowel muscle up. The reason we use it in a capsule form is because that there are some herbs in there that have some heat to them. In other words, they’re hot, as cayenne is in there. Other than that, I’m a tincture, powdered mix and a tea kind of person. I like it liquid, as it’s more portable into the system and more gentle.

JUSTIN: With the tinctures, it’s funny, I’ve been really wanting to make some tinctures for many years, and about 2-3 years ago, I bought this Square One Cucumber Flavored Vodka, 80 proof, and it’s been sitting on top of my refrigerator for a few years. I just haven’t had the ability to make it yet. Is 80 proof the type of vodka that people should use?

WENDY WILSON: Yeah, there’s a section in my book where it shows you how to make your own tinctures, if you want to learn to do that. 80 proof is excellent. I use vodka. The 100 proof or stronger you want to reserve those for like resinous types of herbs, like the bark of trees, so it’s really not necessary. It’s overkill if you want to make like a echinacea type of tincture. Just use your 80 proof vodka, that’s perfectly fine. There’s a whole section of how to do that in the Power Herbs e-book if you want to learn how to do that.

JUSTIN: Great, I’m going to skip to that portion, as because that e-book is so great. It’s 380 pages and is amazing.

WENDY WILSON: That’s a PDS and folks out there who kind of want to be traditional and print it off, you can do that. But make sure when you order it you tell us you want the printable version and we’ll send that along as well. For those of you who can’t print it off, let us know if you have a Copy Center nearby and we can email it to them and then you can just pick it up there, as they will print it off for you.

JUSTIN: Excellent, that book is really, really good. I wanted to ask you too about, let’s say someone is going to be traveling and they want to boost their immune system. Last time I went to Australia with my wife, I got sick on the plane. So, if people are trying to avoid things like that, what types of herbs would they take to prevent that.

WENDY WILSON: Absolutely, if you’re going to be traveling, especially overseas on those long flights, what you can do is, if you’re planning ahead and know you’re going, a week or so before, I like to like two weeks before, start powering up the immune system because you’re in cabin air and there’s all kind of pathogens in it. So, use your echinacea and your astragalus root and things like that, and ginseng to power up your immune system. If jet lag is going to be an issue, make sure you get some natural calcium into the system, so that it doesn’t disrupt your biological clock.

You’re going to find that in plants, not dairy products. The body is kind of picky on how it utilizes calcium for strong bones, muscle and connective tissue. Our bodies like 2-parts calcium, 1-part boron and 1-part magnesium, and your dairy products don’t have that balance. What you see in dairy products Justin is 10-parts calcium, a little bit of boron and no magnesium. So, your plants and fruits and vegetables and some of your herbs when you look at them, and they have calcium. So, always have that perfect ratio. God did that and we don’t have to actually do anthing, except use them.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing. So, as far as calcium goes, correct me if I’m wrong, but I read somewhere recently that calcium is sort of like the end chain byproduct, silica and magnesium. Is that correct?

WENDY WILSON: Well, I mean if you look at your whole plant sources for nutritional elements like calcium, iron or any of those elements, they’re going to have uptake requirements. Okay? That’s why I trust the natural plant sources because they’re going to have those. Your body needs that 1-part boron and magnesium so that it can port that calcium to those areas in the body that utilize calcium.

So, when you don’t have that ratio balance, what happens is that any calcium that you will absorb, which will be anywhere from 10-20%, you won’t get a whole lot, it can be displaced and you can get bone spurs, you can get gallstones, and if you’ve got plaque forming in the arteries and veins, it will stick to that and make really strong arterial blockages.

I mean, I air on the natural side when I can, because when you look at a lot of these supplements out there, fillers are in them and a lot of those fillers create allergic reactions to folks. I am kind of a purist, if you will, and we send that actually at Apothecary, we send out food lists based on the nutrition elements you think you need help with. What say you called me and said, you know, I’m having some trouble with iron, what can I eat for iron? We will send you this list of foods with iron. Beet root is excellent, your beets are excellent.

If anybody out there, like you know, has an anemic issue, people who don’t want to have transfusions, you can build up the blood system in 24 hours by juicing some raw beets. You have that wonderful Vitamix and I have one of those too. What you can do is throw some raw beets, put the greens in there also, quarter them up, throw in some water, swish it around, purify it and strain out the bulky part and drink the juice.

The juice is where it’s at. The body doesn’t have to work so hard absorbing the enzymes out of the juice, but it will have to work hard if you put that pulp in there.

JUSTIN: The Vitamix is great too for that reason. I will take a little nut milk bag and you have an instant juicer, if you take it on the road, as you’ve got a blender and a juicer.

WENDY WILSON: I know, I have several of those things and I have a camping juicer, which is my best friend too. I love that thing, strong motor and easy to clean. Who wants to pick pulp at a park? Nobody.

JUSTIN: I hear you. I want to stick a little bit on this calcium issue too. A dozen people I know who recommended infusion, I know Susun Weed talked about doing a nettle root, comfrey, linden flower, oatstraw and red clover. Apparently, that’s supposed to help with osteoporosis.

WENDY WILSON: That’s a good blend and I like it. She uses several herbs we use in our calcium formula, plus she’s got a blood purifier in there.

JUSTIN: Which one is the blood purifier?

WENDY WILSON: It’s the red clover.

JUSTIN: Okay, what products do you have for osteoporosis?

WENDY WILSON: Well, we have that calcium formula, which is excellent. We locally had a lady at our post office, a lot of the ex-military wind up working for the post office sometimes, and she was real close to retirement. She had a bone density test and they scared the begeebies out of her, saying that her bones were like swiss cheese and she had to get on this Foxamax right away. Bless her heart, she did her homework on the medication and it scared her as she didn’t like the side effects. So, she pulled me aside when she saw me at the post office.

I mean she practically jumped over the counter when she saw me, and she told me what was going on, and said what would you do? I said, well I wouldn’t take the Foxamax as you could lose your face when you take that. You’ve heard about the necrosis of the jaw from that stuff, I’m sure.

JUSTIN: I have.

WENDY WILSON: It blocks the blood flow to your jaw bone and 20,000 people a year lose their jaw by taking that medicine. There’s a more natural way to do it and I told her what I would do if I were her. I would take some herbs that have strong calcium in them.

She said, whatever it is, bring it to me. So, she took the products for about 3-4 months and you don’t have to take it every day, it’s so concentrated. Take it like 3 times a week. Right after the holidays she said she had another bone density test and now they tell me that I have too much calcium.

JUSTIN: Oh my gosh.

WENDY WILSON: I just smiled real big and I said little bottle, big results.

JUSTIN: That’s awesome. When we come back, I want to ask you some more questions about cholesterol and pandemic types of herbs and all kinds of great stuff.

We’re with Wendy Wilson from the powerherbs.com and we’ll be right back in just one moment.

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JUSTIN: We’re with Wendy Wilson from powerherbs.com so make sure to check out her website. Before the break, we were talking about calcium. Wendy, I wanted to find out a little more about what’s in that formula you have. I think it has a couple of extra ingredients than the ones that I mentioned.

WENDY WILSON: You’re talking about the calcium one, right? We use the oatstraw and horsetail and the comfrey root and a little bit of lobelia. Lobelia is an excellent herb. Not too many places or herbalists will use that, because it takes an extra step to utilize lobelia. It’s got 16 alkoloids, so you have to age it in two different catalysts, so it’s an extra step to prepare that and that’s usually why you don’t see a whole lot of that out there in the stores. We age that, we cold press it and that’s the difference basically. You can start with really great ingredients Justin, but the process is just as important for the end result product.

Unfortunately, a lot of the big herb companies out there will do, what we call, forced extraction methods when they make their liquid products, known as tinctures and extracts. It creates a heat when you do that, and they’re able to skip the time it takes to age a product and they can get an item on the shelf really fast. It does lower the potency. Heat definitely effects your herbs. Herbs are really heat sensitive, and that’s why you seem them in the dark amber glass bottles.

Your tinctures, if they’re made properly, will have a very long shelf life. You can bet on 10-15 years or more and you just store them away from heat and life, and they’re good.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing. How long would someone want to be on something like this to see some noticable results?

WENDY WILSON: On the calcium formula, it should happen pretty quickly, like this lady that we talked to. She was on it maybe 3-1/2 to 4 months and she took it three times a week, like I told her. It’s a concentrate, so it’s like that special casing again, you know, you’re getting a whole lot of it, so you don’t need to overdo it.

And the body is able to, when you have the full bodied nutritional source, nothing is subtracted from it, the way Gold put it together in other words, the body is able to utilize only what it needs and void out the residues without any toxic side effects. So, that’s why natural stuff is so much more gentle and easier on the system.

JUSTIN: It’s amazing when people are going to the doctors and it seems like the doctors are so quick to just implement some very aggressive treatment at the very start. It just makes more sense to try everything in a natural way first, right, rather than go with some aggressive treatment right off the bat.

WENDY WILSON: You’re absolutely right. Allopathic medicein and your modern medicine, your health care system as we know it today, has it’s place in my opinion. Triage, you know, emergency, car accident, you look like humpty dumpty, you need somebody, definitely. But when it comes to preventative health care, they’re not the solution in my opinion.

They’re not into disease management, so it’s addressing symptom, not cause, it’s managing the disease for you. You’re reliant on whatever prescription or course of treatment they outline for you. That’s scary to me, to be that dependent. It’s like an appendage, it’s like another limb that you need to get around on. Those types of prescriptions, the body becomes very dependent on them, and you can’t just cold turkey off a lot of those prescriptions. For instance, blood pressure meds. Haven’t you ever heard a relative or friend say, I’m on this blood pressure med and the doctor says, don’t ever cold turkey off of this. Do you know why they say that?

JUSTIN: Is that because of the reaction that happens when their body doesn’t get access to it Right?

WENDY WILSON: Exactly. For instance, the blood pressure meds, your brain will send a chemical signal to the heart when it’s not getting enough oxygen rich blood, so then the heart will pick up the pace and your blood pressure goes up. Okay? So, what happens when you take the blood pressure medicine is that that drug blocks that signal that the brain is sending to the heart, so the heart doesn’t get the signal and it stops pumping so hard. It artifically lowers the blood pressure numbers, but the problem is that your brain is still sending that signal, it’s just blocked.

The moment you go off that medicine, you’re going to have an artificially strong signal sent right down the central nervous system to the heart, when you can have a heart attack or stroke. That’s the reason they say that.

JUSTIN: Oh my gosh. That’s just crazy.

WENDY WILSON: It’s sort of like, the building’s on fire you know, the fire truck rolls up and the firemen jump off the truck and they don’t take the hoses off and try to put out the fire , they run into the building real quick and disconnect the fire alarm and then run out and get onto the truck and leave. Then the building burns down to the ground. So, that’s basically a scenerio of how modern medicine treats symptoms and not getting at the cause.

JUSTIN: Right, and I think that in the end it really creates a greater dependence upon their treatments. It’s not really empowering, you don’t walk away from using those types of medicines, thinking I’m empowered, I have a little bit of knowledge, I know how the body works a little bit more. You just become more dependent, you think symptoms and then you think ‘pill’ and that’s basically it.

WENDY WILSON: A lot of people, it’s just how they look at it, you know. I look at natural versus allopathic medicine, like horse to water, it’s what you believe in. Some people say, I’m relatively healthy. You ask a person, how healthy are you and they’ll say, hey, I’m doing great, I’m relatively healthy and they’re on 3 or 4 prescription meds and they have to rely on those to function throughout their day.

That to me is not health. It’s the way they look at it. Basically, be really cautious, do your homeowork on your medicines. Some medicines, you can maybe use them in a short term to stabilize, but then, if it were me, I’d be researching something else to strengthen that area of the body, so it’s not weak and needing a pharmaceutical product.

JUSTIN: I’ve heard that herbs, when you said strengthen there, I’ve heard the analogy that herbs are like your internal workout system, like you’re going to the gym, because a certain herb might effectively strengthen and tonify a certain organ, so it’s similar to going to the gym internally. Is that kind of how herbs work with the alkaloids and all of that?

WENDY WILSON: Yes, some herbs are really targeted. I have to just marvel at some of the color codings that our creator put together. If you look at a lot of the herbs for the cardiovascular system, the heart, they are red in color. It’s really interesting, it’s like the color of blood. It’s really easy to follow along the color coded path when it comes to the heart herbs.

Yeah, you have to be real careful. Certain medicines, like the thyroid meds that people take, and the thing about some of our organs, Justin, is that if you take these drugs, some of these drugs replace the job that the organ was initially to do. It’s kind of like taking your football player and putting him on the bench and make him sit out of the game.

Then, after a while, that football player, if he doesn’t get a workout, what happens? He loses a lot of his skill, his agility and strength, and that’s exactly what happens to organs like the thyroid. Some organs can even atrophy if they’re not going to be put back in the game.

JUSTIN: That’s interesting. As far as your herbs, what do you think about tonics versus herbs you would just take for a short period of time? You mentioned echinacea earlier. Would that be a tonic or not?

WENDY WILSON: Well, echinacea is an excellent herb for the immune system. It does a wonderful job of stimulating your natural immunity. Herbs work with your system, so, in other words, echinacea is going to stimuilate the immune system to manufacture the macrophages, the killer t-cells. These are the white blood cells that have a lifespan of one day Justin. So it speeds that up and they go out through the blood stream, like bunches of pac-man, and they gobble up all the bacteria and viruses and it shortens your duration of illness.

So, it’s an excellent herb to use when you feel you’re under the weather or if you’re sick, it will shorten the duration of illness. You don’t want to overuse an herb like echinacea, because if you use it as a preventative, for instance, it’s just not going to stimulate you down the road when you have a real serious issue that you need to get over quickly. So, kind of reserve the echinacea as an ‘ace in the hole’ when you’re sick or coming down with something.

Just backing up a minute, you were asking about if some of these herbs have a tailored use for the organs. One of them would be your milk thistle, which has an antioxidant called silymarin in it. and, for some reason our liver just loves that milk thistle with the silymarin in it, and it utilizes that antioxidant to generate and make new liver cells. Now, initially, our liver regenerates very quickly, it’s supposed to if we’re living healthy lives, but we’ve got polution, GMO’s and alcohol and you know, fast food.

So, we’re not regenerating our liver as fast as we should. If we were healthy, I mean if you went back in time, all the way back to Adam and Eve let’s say, they had a new liver every 30 days, that’s how quickly that liver is supposed to regenerate. So, you can utilize that milk thistle if you have a fatty liver or if you have liver issues, I would definitely do your homework on some milk thistle, as it’s an excellent herb.

JUSTIN: Speaking of the liver, do you take the approach that a lot of people do, where in the health field they’ll do the really aggressive liver cleanses, or do you sort of take substances like herbs to help tonify your liver as it is?

WENDY WILSON: There a couple of approaches. Actually, we have a couple of approaches to your liver cleanse here at Apothecary Herbs. We have the hard core approach, if you will. We do a liver/gallbladder flush, but that’s kind of rough for some people. Then we have the stepdown one, that’s a little more gentle, it’s milder, but still efficient. So, it just depends, if you have gallstones, you will definitely want to do a flush.

Your liver and gallbladder kind of work together in tandem, and they tend to purge their impurities at night while you sleep. So, if you suspect your gallbladder has some stones, you will need to do, what we call, a flushing and you can cleanse
the liver along with that.

If you don’t think you have stones, then you can use a little barberry and milk thistle for the liver and the gallbladder, as a more gentle cleanse. You had asked me, I think a moment ago, about tonics. Tonics, I love tonics. They are a little bit different approach than tinctures, basically because they are usually made with alcohol. The tonic we make here, we use the apple cider vinegar and we make, what we call, an ‘all in one’, it’s a broad spectrum type of tonic. The ancients used to make tonics like this all the time, even across America when America was kind of being founded by a lot of settlers.

They always had these little towns and somebody there was making tonics. I know people kind of like saying, isn’t that kind of like the snake oil salesmen, rolling through the towns selling his wares, along with a big bottle of tonic, that is supposed to be a panacea for everything. Sometimes, the snake oil story you’re probably familar with was based on making something that would cure snake bites, and what it was, was a big bottle of echinacea.

JUSTIN: Really.

WENDY WILSON: Yeah, so tonics are great. You can age them and make them just as powerful and almost as strong as a tincture. Sometimes the alcohol is a bit stronger catalyst that’s pulling those phytochemicals out of the fibrous parts of your roots and bark and herbs and the stems and flowers of your herbs. So, it just depends on what herb you are using and what your end result needs to be.

JUSTIN: Interesting. On your website, I saw a product I’m really, really interested in, because I was diagnosed, back in 1991, with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and sometimes the diagnosis is almost worse than the actual condition. Right? But you have something on your site called ‘the heart attack pack’ and my mom had a heart attack a few years ago. What is this and how would we keep it on hand and how would we use that?

WENDY WILSON: We came up with that because some folks, like in remote areas or they may go camping of hiking, and have heart issues and can’t get to emergency rooms quickly. Some people may be vacationing with relatives or friends and don’t know where the emergency room is. So, this is kind of a nice little backup until you can get to a hospital and become stabilized if it’s real serious. Because we want to be smart, we don’t want to be dumb. We want to use common sense, right Justin? So, the formulas in there are designed to pull someone out of a heart attack.

Okay, or if they feel the onset of one coming on, to stave off the heart attack. What it is, is a cardiovascular herb and circulatory herbs are in there. Also herbs to help with breathing, to dilate the bronchial, as sometimes when you’re having a heart attack it’s hard to breathe and you feel like your chest gets real tight. So, it relaxes the diaphragm muscle and it dilates the bronchial.

Also, if someone is unconscious, I’ve also seen this used, our herb professor used this once, where he would take those types of herbal formulas anyway and kind of squeeze it into the cheek of the patient who was unconscious and let it go down and make them swallow it, and it would bring the blood flow back into the chest area, even when they were looking pretty greyish or on their way out, if you know what I mean.

There’s a lot you can do with herbs and people are kind of intimidated, I can understand that as there is a learning curve. You just want to take it one step at a time and empower yourself with some knowledge and common sense and things like that. So, roll up your sleeves and you will be amazed at what you can do with some of these herbs.

For you, you definitely want to tap into some hawthorne berries. The hawthorne berries have some really rich flavonoids that the heart muscle likes very much. It also protects the heart muscle from damage, should you have a suspension of blood flow and oxygen to it. A lot of people, when they have heart attacks, get damage to the heart muscle, right, so the hawthorne berries help prevent that, until you can revitalize someone.

So, your cardiovascular herbs are going to be your hot, hot cayennes, I’m not talking about the kind of cayenne you put in your chili, that’s kind of 10,000 scoville heat units. That’s not enough. We need something that moves mountains, so we’re going to use 250,000 scoville heat units, your habaneros, a little bit hotter than your jalepeno, maybe even your African bird pepper, if you can get that. We have to have power, so that’s why we use those.

JUSTIN: Okay, so are all of those in that formula.

WENDY WILSON: Yes, you’ve got several formulas in that pack. You have the formula designed for the cardiovascular system and you have one for breathing, and of course you have your hawthorne berries in there. So, you’ve got several things with instructions on how you would give those.

We’ve had a couple of folks who have had those packs send us some feedback saying that they felt like they had the onset of a situation, a heart attack if you will. You know they had those signs where maybe they had a pain across their back or up their arm, and they took the formulas and it went away. So, you have to be smart and lifestyle is a big deal. We tell them, herbs are great, but you have to kind of pair it up with a healthy lifestyle, as you’re reversing damage that’s been done, you know.

JUSTIN: That’s so helpful, because heart disease and cancer are pretty much the #1 and #2 ways people die.

WENDY WILSON: Well, you know Justin, they do cultural studies every year and every year, across the board, there is one area of the world that comes up with zero, or maybe one or two cases of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and that is the area of the mediterranean. The reason is their diet. They have lots of antioxidants in their diets.

The use olive oil, which is a great oil to use, but if you cook with it, it resists breaking down when it’s heated. I tell folks that if just don’t know what kind of diet to adopt, go and investigate the mediterranean diet.

JUSTIN: Yes, that’s so helpful. We’re with Wendy Wilson from thepowerherbs.com and we’re going to take a quick break. When we get back, I want to ask you about cholesterol and some possible herbs for men and women issues. So, we’ll be right back with Wendy Wilson.

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It comes with about 5-1/2 hours of video presentations, audio presentations so that you can download them to your ipod, it has hundreds of page of resources material, an e-book and bonus files. You get all kinds of things like cheat sheets, meals plans, how to breast feed, how long to breast feed and natural birthing. He’s got the whole thing, covered from A-Z in this course. So, I highly recommend that if you’re looking to get pregnant, or you are pregnant, you’ve got to check this out. It’s The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser. Again, you can find it at extremehealthradio.com/baby code.

Okay, we’re with Wendy Wilson from thepowerherbs.com and apothecaryherbs.com. Wendy, I feel that I could just speak with you for a couple of hours about this subject. I have so many questions for you. I wanted to ask you about cholesterol and what your thoughts are about cholesterol. It’s a big deal these days, especially with all of the medications that doctors are trying to force on people.

WENDY WILSON: Yeah, well you know, the blood is an interesting thing. It’s really living tissue, but we don’t tend to think of it like that. You know, we’ve got the red and the white blood cells and the platelets in there. Diet effects that as our bones manufacture the blood and what we’re eating is going to effect how this blood is manufactured and what kind of blood we have. Blood is mostly water, as far as content, about 80-90% of it is water, so most people have blood that’s much thicker though, almost the consistency of molasses because of the fat content in there.

A lot of it’s diet and how the liver metabolizes and how the gallbladder helps break down and absorbs fat. So, obviously you might want to look into maybe some organ cleansing of the liver and gallbladder if you tend to have a lot of fat in the blood. You can tell, if you go to your doctor and they draw blood and spin it down in a centrifuge and if you’ve got a lot of fat in the blood there will be an almost 1/2″ thick white layer on the top of the blood in the test tube when they spin it down. So, you can ask to see that. But there are a lot of herbs too that can help de-fat the blood, but diet is going to be your biggest ally. Diet and exercise of course, so you can layer in some herbs.

I like to use, red clover is a great blood detoxer and I also like to layer that with a little aloe. If you tend to have a little bit of an arrhythmia issue, motherwort herb is excellent for getting rid of the fluttering.

You can kind of use a combination, as it’s not really going to be one thing that fixes your health problems, it’s going to be a combination of stuff. There really isn’t any panacea out there. Of course, the ancients thought ginseng was the panacea, and actually it’s known as the panex, which means panacea in the greek. You have to layer in some of your things, just don’t think one thing is going to fix it all, you have to do a combination of stuff.

JUSTIN: Yes, I hear you. It’s never going to be just one cause or one cure. It’s interesting that the cholesterol issue is such a huge deal, and it’s really kind of scary for people, because their doctors will almost get angry with a patient if they don’t take their medication. Once you do take your medication, then you’re almost kind of forced into continual usage, because the doctor would really get on people.

WENDY WILSON: Cholesterol is necessary. Okay, not all cholesterol is bad. Unfortunately, when you remove a lot of cholesterol with these drugs, you wind up literally having a lot of these cells of the body fall apart, because just about every area of the body taps into cholesterol to use it, hormones and everything. I think one of the best descriptions for the anti-cholesterol drugs was in a book called Over The Counter Natural Cures by Shane Ellison.

So, if you’re on any of those cardiovascular, anti-cholesterol or blood pressure medications, his book will explain what you are in for down the road. Basically, in a nutshell, you’re going to head down to congestive heart failure if you’re on those drugs. You will get, what we call, the zipper, where they give you bypass surgery. Definitely look into something else, I would say. Lifestyle is going to be a biggie.

Here’s the thing, when you go over to Europe, they have higher cholesterol levels over there, but the people don’t have the system failures. They may have high cholesterol, but the healthier kind of cholesterol in their system. They used to have, here in the United States, a cholesterol rating that was normal at 300, back in the 20’s and 30’s. Did you know that?

JUSTIN: Yes, I’ve heard that.

WENDY WILSON: Then they lowered it to 200, so just about everyone would qualify for the medication.

JUSTIN: I actually heard that they’re trying to get people down to 120 and I think, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe your body can’t even make hormones unless your cholesterol is at least 150. Is that right?

WENDY WILSON: Yes, you’re close. Like I said, Shane Ellison is a chemist who used to work for the pharmaceutical companies, and he would be a great guest, if you haven’t talked to him. He wrote a book, like I said, and I had him on my show. He has a great way of explaining the chemistry of it all, in layman terms, so they can wrap your brain about what’s happening to you when you take those type of drugs.

JUSTIN: Excellent. Yes, I know that the cholesterol issue is such a huge thing. I wanted to ask you, in our remaining minutes, about some of the herbs that you can take for men and women issues. Let’s start with the women, for perhaps pregnancy or PMS and things like that, herbs for women where they can help mitigate some of those symptoms.

WENDY WILSON: Yes, the endocrine system is what we’re talking about, which has a lot to do with reproduction and your hormones, ovulating and all of those good things. It effects your mood of course, and there are herbs that help women balance those areas, where there is PMS, PMDD or fertility, wanting to start a family and having trouble. Or even later on in life with the menopause, which is a natural transition, so you want to make that a smooth one. So, the secret in a nutshell, to all that Justin is women have to use all six of the female herbs. There are six of them.

Some women will use one or two, maybe they’ve used black cohosh, wild yam or vitex, but they haven’t used all six. European women figured that out centuries ago, and this is where John Christopher actually brought that knowledge back when he started his clinic and school here in Utah in the United States. So, there are six female herbs and you can look for those in the formulas we have online. Of course, you’re going to be looking at your vitex series, also known as chaste tree berries, donquay root, mexican wild yam, damiana leaf, liquorice root, pop flower, those are the six that really get the job done.

JUSTIN: Okay, I’m looking at your website and you have a section called ‘for women only’ and you have about five products there. Are all of those six herbs in those formulas?

WENDY WILSON: Yes, in the female formulas, the phytobalances, the fertility formula and the maturity formula, they are the same six herbs, but the formulation is a little bit different for each, particularly the use, and the dosage will be different. But, of course, you get complete instructions when you use those items, and you can always call or email us if you have questions or concerns.

Those are tried and true and these are the formulas that Dr. Christopher had, and used in his clinic for 60 years, and when he retired from clinic, he opened that school, saying to himself, well, somebody’s got to learn how to do this and carry on.

You’re looking at formulas, Justin, that have over 60 years of testing and use, which would make any pharmaceutical jealous. So, they actually work, and the other thing that we have in that section, is of course, the bladder/kidney product, because so many women have issues with that, it’s unreal. You know, get rid of the Depends ladies you can do it.

JUSTIN: It is possible. I’m looking at the prices here. Are these formulations, would they be good for like a month’s supply? Is that how it works?

WENDY WILSON: For instance, on the female cycle balance, there is a small bottle, the 1 oz concentrate, that will probably get you through two or three months, because you’re only going to be taking it for a week once a month. When you get to the female maturity one for menopause issues, you’re going to take that as needed, like when you feel a hot flash or if you feel a little edgy, you will take a dose of that. So, you’ll probably move through that small bottle of that one a little quicker, and you’ll save 20% on a bigger one.

The female fertility issue, is sort of like the female cycle balance and you’re only going to be taking it, depending on your cycle, and we’ll show you how to count that out, so that you can hit the ovulation areas and really improve your chances of conceiving. So, it depends on what you’re using it for, and what size you would probably want to get. We do have the larger sizes that save 20%, if you need to work through an issue for several months.

JUSTIN: This is great. Your money really goes a long way with these things.

WENDY WILSON: Well, we try to keep the costs down and still make an excellent product. We are the manufacturer and we do sell direct through our website, catalog and toll-free number. So, we always get asked ‘where’s your store, where’s your store’, but to keep the overhead down, we just the manufacturer at this point, selling directly to you. We do have quite a few wholesale accounts with chiropractors and naturopaths and people like that. But, basically our core is the end user and everybody out there looking for a better way to get it done.

JUSTIN: That makes sense. You’ve got a ‘just for men’ section on your website, where you’ve got a prostate kit, a male organ cleanse kit and a hormone tincture.

WENDY WILSON: Yes, that hormone formula, I have to keep that under lock and key. I still have one teenage son living at home. He doesn’t need it, but he uses it for other things, like superman, he calls it ‘my superman formula’. I say, ‘go away, just leave it alone, you have plenty of hormones’. It does perk up those folks in the older age categories who need help with that.

The prostate kit, an interesting thing is that you can use that to cleanse the prostate as a prevention type of deal, or if you do have a sick prostate. There is a range of doses that we have in that kit and this is a tea and tincture combo, like we’re getting back to that some herbs are better in a tincture infusion and some are better as an aged tincture. This is the best of both worlds, where you are using both.

Basically, if you have a prostate issue, what we’re seeing from our male customers, is that they have to do, if it’s a moderate to mild prostate issue, one prostate kit will get it done and it’s like $44.00. If you have a more moderate to severe prostate issue, then we recommend doing two kits back to back, to get you where you want to be.

JUSTIN: Okay, excellent. I wanted to ask you too, really quickly, what are you thoughts on the reishi and the chaga and all those kinds of mushrooms and things like that. Are you a fan of those things?

WENDY WILSON: We don’t actually utilize any of those here, but I know a lot of people swear by them and stuff. I’m not a big fan of mold, or fungi if you will, but a lot of people use them. Early on, I decided that I wanted to stay with the herbs that were indigenous to America and I didn’t want to get into Chinese types of medicine, because they kind of go outside the herb realm a little bit. They use insect parts and animal parts and things. So, I kind of wanted to stay with the herbs.

Here’s the reason, if you read my bible, I read my bible, God said herbs are here for the service of man, in psalms 104, and I believe him. And, he also said in Genesis, the first chapter, herbs are meat. So, that’s how powerful herbs are nutritionally to the system, it’s like a big steak on your plate.

JUSTIN: Wow, that’s really, really cool. I’m looking at your website and you’ve got all minds of really great stuff. You have the children’s formula. It’s almost like having your own medicine cabinet, but instead of having it filled with drugs, you can have it with all these tinctures.

WENDY WILSON: Right, and we send out ‘info’ sheets with each and every product, as there is just so much information you can get on those little labels. We like to educate our consumer, so you know what’s happening and why the herb is going to work, how it works and what you can expect.

The rule of thumb for your listeners, is that if you have an issue that you want to correct, you may have been sick a while and it may have taken you a while to develop that condition, and if you want to correct it naturally, give yourself three or four months to see results. Sometimes the body takes a little while to turn around, it’s like a big cruise ship, it doesn’t turn on a dime. So, don’t get impatient when you’re using natural therapies to correct problems, give yourself some time.

JUSTIN: I think that’s important to know, as people get so used to taking a Tylenol or something and having it work within five minutes.

WENDY WILSON: Oh yeah, we should get to the anti-inflammatories one day. You know, your aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, it’s just isolated salicin and made from willow bark and meadow sweet did you know that? And when you isolate it, you don’t have the uptake buffer alkaloids and this is why you get side effects that interferes with the immune system by lowering fever and you get bleeding and stuff.

You can actually tap into a willow bark and meadow sweet, get the same pain relief and the same anti-inflammatory, without all the side effects.

JUSTIN: Yes, I think that’s why you can’t combine pharmaceutical medications, right, because the buffer alkaloids aren’t there?

WENDY WILSON: Well, I don’t advocate usually mixing your herbs with your pharmaceuticals, with maybe the exception of weaning off one onto something else, which can be done. We have an instruction sheet we can send out if folks want to learn how to do that. It’s up to them to decide though. Sometimes the body does get dependent on those drugs, so you want to kind of gently wean off. If you’re on a crutch, you don’t kick it out, you have to strengthen the body first.

JUSTIN: If people want to contact you, let’s say a woman dealing with some sort of specific health condition, they can call you guys up and you’ll be able to walk them through which product they may need.

WENDY WILSON: Obviously, I’m not a licensed medical physician Justin, but I can tell them what I would do if I were them. Yes, we do educate people on how to properly use herbs, doses by weight for kids, everybody has a different tolerance level sometimes, so the average dose, which is 1 drop or a full 32 drops, which equals about 1/4 teaspoon, may not be enough for other people and they may need more of that, whereas some people may need less. That’s why the liquids are so easy to adjust those doses on. If you’ve got some feedback and you want to run it by us, I could tell you what I would do if I were you.

JUSTIN: That’s a great resource for our listeners. In closing, I wanted to ask you, what kind of books would you recommend that people read to sort of get a kick start on their learning about herbs.

WENDY WILSON: There are tons of books out there right now. It just depends. Well, some books are really targeted and you could go into the book store, and I’ve seen them, it’s all about heart health and natural stuff for heart health. Actually, Ty Bolinger has a couple of books out, one is on cancer, called ‘cancer-step outside the box’.

He is the host of cancer truth chronicles. He also writes for our newsletter, American Survival, that’s on our website and is a free subscription if people want to sign up for that. He has a new book coming out with Dr. Michael Farley, and they’re going to be guests on my show. Maybe you can have them on your show. They have a new book coming out too. There’s lots of stuff out there, lots of answers to many, many health problems. Like in Ty’s book, there is just not one cure for cancer, there are hundreds.

Just kind of walk down the aisle of your book store and see whatever hits your eye. Some are very generic and general books and some are more targeted.

JUSTIN: Excellent. In closing, what direction are you headed? Are you going to be formulating any new products or where are you headed with Apothecary Herbs?

WENDY WILSON: Oh, we always have new products. People give us feedback over the years. Our niche is immune boosting and organ cleansing Justin, but over the years, we kept hearing ‘hey, don’t you have anything for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes, prostate and PMS.

So, we’ve added, over the years, some things. We just came out with something, that came up for me personally, a friend of mine had a dog that was kind of hyper or anxious, so we have a new anti-anxiety hyper-formula for pets. It’s on our website and it works really great. It does not sedate your pet, but it just takes the edge off and they calm down.

JUSTIN: Excellent, we’ll send people there, it’s powerherbs.com and make sure to check out Wendy Wilson’s website. Wendy, would you mind staying on after I close out the show?


JUSTIN: Okay, thank you so much everybody for joining us today. I really, really appreciate it and hope you got a lot of value out of this show. I just want to ask a favor from you. If it’s possible and you really enjoyed the show, would you be able to click the ‘like’ button on this show page, which is extremehealthradio.com/16 and follow us on facebook as well. That would be a great way to support us.

We also have a store on our website with lots of great products too, and we’ll make a commission if you buy any of those products, so don’t forget to check out our store. Also, if you decide and want to donate, we’re 100% listener supported, so if you would like to donate as little as $1, we would really appreciate that. Another way to support us to, would be to visit our site before you purchase something on Amazon and we’ll get a little commission out of that. So, those are all great ways to support us and thank you so much for listening today, everybody, and I hope you have a great day and we’ll catch you on the next episode.

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