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Dr. Andrew Saul – Can High Dose Vitamin C Help The Body To Heal Itself From Colds, Cancer & Other Diseases?

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We were honored today to have Dr. Andrew Saul on the show talking about something I think is very important, high dose vitamin therapy. Most notably we discussed Vitamin C but he also takes very high doses of other vitamins as well like Niacin and more.

Because our soils are so depleted today we’re lacking vitamins in our diets. The lack of these vitamins can be correlated to many diseases. That’s why I’m such a fan of superfoods because they contain huge amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other buffering phytonutrients our bodies need to keep disease away.

Through supplementation we can ingest huge amounts of vitamins if we like through a number of different ways. Some people like Dr. Mark Sircus will get creative and use transdermal magnesium therapy on the skin to get this mineral into the body.

Dr. Andrew Saul talks about taking Vitamin C orally and even intraveneously through an IV if you’re sick. There are so many ways to get nutrients into your body at really high levels if the need is there.

I heard a report recently that in order to get the same amount of nutrition that was in 1 peach in 1953, you would have to eat over 50 organic peaches today to get the same amount of vitamins and minerals.

What we’ve done to our soils is unconscionable. This is why I think it’s important to grow your own food like Dr. Saul does. What I like about growing your own organic food is that not only can you water it with filtered water that doesn’t contain fluoride or chemicals but you can doctor up the soil with things like rock dust (another option), compost tea (using a vortex brewer – Listen to our show about that here), ocean minerals, ormus and so much more to bring in these wonderful substances into your food and thus into your body.

During the show I mentioned a great video of a man who overcame the swine flu and leukemia through high doses of Vitamin C. His family had the hospital administer Vitamin C to him while he was in a coma and miraculously he came back to life!

I believe that everything we need to live a happy healthy vibrant life of at least 120 years exists here on earth. It’s our job to treat this body in a way that can allow us to fulfill what it is we are here on earth to do.

Nobody likes to get sick and using really high doses of Vitamin C can help you get over a flu or a cold in record time. Not only that but it can be used for many other ailments too like cancer, heart disease, strokes and many more.

We recommend getting the highest quality Vitamin C possible from a once living food source. Dr. Bob Marshall talks alot about how our DNA can be damaged because our biofield cannot interact with substances that were not once living. That’s why we like the Vitamin C from Health Force Nutritionals that is derived from Camu Camu berries. Other people like the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from LivOn Labs

But even still as Dr. Saul says that all the studies he’s looked at that show the incredible health benefits of Vitamin C were done with the cheap-o ascorbic acid. So really you have a lot of wiggle room here with Vitamin C.

I would highly recommend listening to this interview with Dr. Andrew Saul and pass it onto your friends. The next time you get sick with the cold or flu start taking mega doses of Vitamin C and see how quickly you recover.

It’s not surprising to me when I had my mercury fillings removed by Dr. Stuart Nunnally, I went under IV Vitamin C during the entire time the procedure was happening.

Vitamin C is a very powerful substance and I highly recommend you learn more about it and how to incorporate more of it into your life on a daily basis.

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Show Date: Thursday 10/10/2013
Show Guest: Dr. Andrew Saul
Guest Info: Andrew W. Saul was born and raised in Rochester, New York, where he still resides. He entered university at the age of 15.

After study at the Australian National University and the Canberra Hospital, he received his Bachelor of Science from SUNY Brockport at age 19. He then did graduate work at the University of Ghana, Legon, West Africa, and also at the Brigham Hospital in Boston.

Shortly thereafter, he began lecturing on the history of nutrition research and vitamin therapy, and was in private practice as a consultant for the next 35 years. Read More…

Topic: High dose Vitamin C therapy
Guest Website(s): http://www.doctoryourself.com

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