Daniel Vitalis – The 4 Noble Elements: Part 4 Fire – How Managing Your Exposure To All Forms of Light Can Dramtically Impact Your Health – Extreme Health Radio

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Daniel Vitalis – The 4 Noble Elements: Part 4 Fire – How Managing Your Exposure To All Forms of Light Can Dramtically Impact Your Health

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Daniel Vitalis from Surthrival.com joined us to talk about the 4th noble element which is fire.

It’s interesting how a subject seemingly as mundane and boring, (sunshine) can be so fascinating and interesting. One of the points he drove home was the fact that we actually live in the sun. If you think about the sun in terms of layers that begin at its core and extend out into the atmostphere, earth simply sits within one of the layers of the sun. So we actually live in the sun.

Crazy to think about right?

We always love having Daniel on the show. We know he’s got so much on his plate and likes to dive deep into subject matter so we like to offer him a place to discuss cutting edge and sometimes controversial topics without fear of being cut off or not invited back.

He comes up with some really fascinating information that is for sure.

One of the more interesting things we talked about on the show was how vitamin D, because it is fat soluble is in the skin and when we go into the sun during the day and then come home and take a shower, we actually strip those oils off our skin that contain vitamin D. The next time you spend some time laying in the sun and soaking up the rays of vitamin D, don’t take a shower that day and use soap to strip off everything you just built up in your body.

Just knowing little tid bits like that can help us make changes in how we live our lives.

Daniel also talked about the little known fact that vitamin D is actually a secosteroid and not an actual vitamin at all. If we get enough sunlight during the summer and spring months we can actually store up in our livers the vitamin D to make it through the winter.

What’s most fascinating and often not talked about is the vitamin D needs of people with varying levels of melanin in their skin. For example descendants from Africa need much more sunlight and vitamin D than really fair skinned people. It makes sense if you think about their skin almost being like a pair of sunglasses over their body.

Because they have that protective layer of melanin (dark skin) it takes more direct sunlight shining on their skin in order for their body to produce the right hormone levels like seratonin and melatonin and vitamin D in order to be healthy.

Can you see now how a black person living in Washington might have problems? Or can you see how a white person living in Africa could develop skin cancer? It’s really quite interesting when you think about the health effects of living in certain geographical locations based on skin color alone.

I’m quite sure the same is true with diet. Dr. Hal Huggins talks about the ancestral diet and this plays a huge role. If we’re American Indian or from Alaska, we can’t eat a high fruit diet just because we live in Hawaii now.

We have to take into consideration our lifestyle, skin color and ancestral past in order to figure out how we on an individual level should be living.

We also talked about the benefits of getting sun exposure to your genitals and parts of your body where “the sun don’t shine”. For women getting sun exposure to their breasts would be something to consider as well as for a man to have sun exposure to the testicles. According to Daniel sun exposure to the testicles and the back enable the body to produce high amounts of testosterone. We’ve also learned from Atom Bergstrom that tapping or pounding on the chest helps to build testosterone as well. Lots of interesting ideas here to say the least.

Getting exposure to the sun also helps to regulate cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels and actually helps to reduce cancer if it’s done in a strategic way. We’re not saying here we should lay out and bake in the mid day sun because there is no doubt that too much exposure to the sun actually damages and ages the skin. So we need to make sure we’re doing this in a smart way.

At the end we wrapped up the interview talking about the benefits of sitting in a FAR infrared sauna and sweating out that energy from the sun.

This is truly an amazing show with some great tid bits of information that will really make you think about the sun and energy (whether magnetic, electromagnetic) in a whole new way.

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Why sweating is critical for our health
  • Why washing your body with soap after sun bathing can harm your health
  • Why we should consider our skin color before we move north or south
  • How regular sun exposure plays a role in lowering cholesterol and decreasing cancer
  • The importance of getting sun exposure to our breasts, testicles and backs
  • Simple things we can do to decrease blue light as the day wears on
  • Ways to modify our cell phones and computers to lower blue light
  • And so much more!

Learn why sun exposure to our backs, breasts and testicles helps produce this one critical hormone. – Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Wednesday 9/25/2013
Show Guest: Daniel Vitalis
Guest Info: Daniel Vitalis is a leading health motivator and creator of danielvitalis.com and surthrival.com. He teaches people all around the world about how to apply nature based solutions from primitive times into our modern lives.
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Topic: The 4 Noble Elements Part 4 Fire
Guest Website(s): http://www.danielvitalis.com

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