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Barry Carter – The Magical & Quantum Qualities Of Ormus Like Levitation & Teleportation & How It Can Benefit Your Health

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Barry Carter talks about what ormus is, how we can make it, how we can use it, where we can buy it and most importantly all the ways in which ormus can benefit our health. From overcoming diseases, to reversing gray hair, regrowing tissues, Ormus truly is a magical substance that we know very little about. Until now…

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • What is the philosophers stone, universal solvent, the red lion?
  • Tell us the story of King Tut’s tail
  • How is it good for the body
  • Where can we buy it
  • How can we make it
  • Are there different ways to make this?
  • Would it be good for an ACL?
  • Does Aloe or Mushrooms contain Ormus
  • How can we use Ormus in our gardens?
  • Can vortexing create ormus?
  • Is there ormus in ocean water?
  • What kind of effects have you had taking ormus?

Ormus can levitate, teleport & do magical things. Learn how consuming Ormus increases health. Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: 10/1/2012
Show Guest: Barry Carter
Guest Info: Barry Carter is a leading authority on a substance called ORMUS, also known as White Powder Gold, the focus of Laurence Gardner’s Lost Secret of the Sacred Ark. Barry has been working with ORMUS elements since 1989. He travels around the world giving presentations on the historic contexts, biological implications, increasing scientific documentation, and practical engineering applications of these extraordinary substances.

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Podcast Transcript:

JUSTIN: Thank you so much everybody for joining us today on another episode of I’m really excited to have today’s guest with us. His name is Barry Carter and I’ll be introducing him in just a moment. I hope you’re having a great day in whatever you’re doing. It’s another hot day here in Southern California and it’s going to be around 100 degrees again, so there’s quite a heatwave here.

We are doing shows three days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Today is Monday, October 1, 2012 and this is Episode #15. Just so you know, you can find this show, the show notes and the transcribed version at If you have any questions for the guest, you can email them to me at or you can call them in, leave a message and we’ll play it on the air, at (949)391-7363. Today’s show is brought to you, once again, by my favorite produce, the Vitamix blender. It’s the most amazing kitchen appliance we have and we love it. We use it three days a week and couldn’t live without it.

If you’re in the market to buy a Vitamix, please consider doing it through us and we’ll get a little commission. That will help support us. You can check that out at

I’ll be introducing my guest in just one moment, but I wanted to talk a little bit about our upcoming show schedule. Next week, we have Dr. Bob Marshall out of Austin, Texas. He has a natural cure for just about everything and is an amazing guy. We have Dr. Charles Partito on Monday, 8th. He is the owner of the Ejuva Cleanse, so if you’re looking to do some colon cleansing, check that show out. We have Dr. Nenah Sylver who does a lot of interesting work with energy medicine, and using devices like Rife machines. It’s really incredible what she’s doing. We’ve also got Nadine Artemis next week too, who is the owner of Living Libations.

Let me just read a quick little bio of Barry Carter and we’ll introduce him and get going. He is a leading authority on a substance called ormus. It’s also known as White Powder Gold. the focus of Laurence Gardner’s Secret of the Sacred Ark. He has been working with ormus elements since 1989 and he travels around the world, giving presentations on the historic contexts, biological implications, increasing scientific documentation and practical engineering applications of these extraordinary substances.

Ormus elements are the precious metal elements in a natural, non-metallic form. In this form, they are much more common than they are in the metallic form and they exhibit strange properties, like being able to disappear, levitate, or pass through solid objects. They seem to be related to the ancient alchemical materials and have been linked to the Biblical manna, Shewbread, King Solomon’s gold and the Egyptian mfktz, discussed by Gardner.

Nonetheless, Barry Carter is an expert in ormus and the technology around that. Thank you Barry for joining us today on today’s episode.

BARRY CARTER: My pleasure.

JUSTIN: You are calling in from Oregon, is that right?

BARRY CARTER: I live in Eastern Oregon, also known as Eastern Orgone!

JUSTIN: Are you guys getting heatwaves up there, like we are here?

BARRY CARTER: Summer hasn’t stopped.

JUSTIN: It’s amazingly hot down here. You have a website called and on your bio it says you have been working with ormus since 1989. I know you have told this story a thousand times, but you ran into someone, a long time ago, who had poisoned himself with arsenic and lead, is that right?

BARRY CARTER: A friend of mine, a guy named Jim, go his hands into some mine waste water and this water somehow got into his body, through his hands, and it immediately sort of knocked him out. He fell to the ground and when he opened his hands, after he had had his hands in the water, fibers of gold came out the backs of his hands.

Now, this seemed a little bit odd at the time. There was something, apparently, in his body that moved the ormus elements toward the metallic form. That maybe what caused the lead and arsenic poisoning, but it may also be what saved him, because he was sick for a year, but after that I talked him into taking some hydrogen peroxide, just very small amounts mixed with water. That seemed to help detox the toxic metals in his body.

JUSTIN: What happened after that? Did it clear right away, or did it take time?

BARRY CARTER: It took about two weeks and he pretty much was fully recovered in a month. Then in 1995, that was back in 1989, I heard about David Hudson and went to one of his lectures in Portland, Oregon. I took my friend Jim with me. He couldn’t afford to go at the time, but I paid his way, and we learned more about ormus. Basically, we learned about what it was, the problem for Jim and why the problem resolved itself.

JUSTIN: Interesting. Now, David Hudson, is he still alive, is he still with us?


JUSTIN: Okay, now he does primarily work with ormus or with other substances as well?

BARRY CARTER: Primarily works with what?

JUSTIN: Does David Hudson only work with ormus, or does he do other types of work as well?

BARRY CARTER: He is a cotton farmer, or was, in Arizona, and he noticed, while he was working on his cotton farm, that there was these white materials that showed up in his soil. He tried to get them assayed and they wouldn’t assay, so this triggered his exploration of them. He mostly worked with other chemists.

He was not a professional chemist himself, and this allowed him to basically identify some of the materials that were unidentifiable in using most conventional methods of assay and so on. He,in fact, purified these materials and they showed up as pure nothing.

JUSTIN: Really.

BARRY CARTER: He’d have a white substance and when it was subjected to assay, they was, there’s nothing there.

JUSTIN: Wow. So but he knew intrinsically that there was something there.

BARRY CARTER: Yeah. Since David Hudson’s work, and this, his work started in the late ’70’s and continued through well, still continues today. Um what he found was that these minerals are nature mineral nutrients that are present in every plant that was tested, brain tissue of cows and pigs, and in every rock source that he tested as well. So rock sources had higher levels that others but it was basically everywhere.

JUSTIN: So it’s in the air, it’s in basically every thing.

BARRY CARTER; It’s in the air, it’s in the water, it’s in the soil, it’s in rocks, the problem is that whenever we harvest food from a given area and ship or somewhere else we’re removing these minerals. And because we don’t know they’re there we’re not replacing them. So we’re depleting the soil.

David Brauer, a famous environmentalist, back in the late ’80’s and, I mean late ’90’s talked to a bunch of people at an environmental law conference in Eugene, Oregon and told us that we’ve lost half of our top soil. America has lost half of our top soil in the last 80 years.

Now we can’t do that again, and continue to eat. So this is something that should be very interesting to anyone who eats food or breaths air. If you don’t eat food of breathe air, don’t worry about it.

JUSTIN: Yeah,you’re okay. Well the breatharians will be okay with that then.

BARRY CARTER: No. They breathe air.

JUSTIN: Awe that’s right, that’s the way they get it.

BARRY CARTER: We’re systematically depleting these minerals by shipping food off site. And then ultimately flushing out waste into the ocean.

JUSTIN: Now when you say minerals, do you mean the ormus state minerals or the actual minerals itself?

BARRY CARTER: Well, these elements are in the ormus state more commonly than they are as metals. For example, in sea water it appears that ormus rhodium, ormus iridium and ormus gold are more in sea water than calcium is in sea water. And calcium and magnesium are two of the most common elements in sea water.

There’s more sodium and salt but those are the two, let’s say they’re three, four and five, or something like that in terms of how common minerals are in sea water.

JUSTIN: Wow. So conventional science, do they recognize that there is such a thing as ormus, or do they not even know about it?

BARRY CARTER: There’s, they probably don’t. Science, science typically, many scientists typically feel as if science is completed. Science is done. We’ve already figured out everything that there is to know and what else is there, what else can we figure out?

JUSTIN: Yes, we’ve figured it all out.

BARRY CARTER: In 1895, Lord Kelvin, President of the Royal Society, said heavier than air flying machines are impossible. In 1923, Robert Millikan, Nobel Prize Physicist, said there is no likelihood that man can ever tap the power of the atom. Charles H. Duell, Director of the U.S. Patent Office in 1899, said everything that can be invented has been invented.

JUSTIN: This is 1889?


JUSTIN: 1899, amazing.

BARRY CARTER: Thomas Watson, who was the chairman of IBM in 1943, said I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, in 1981 said this about computer memory, 640k ought to be enough for anybody.

JUSTIN: Oh my gosh!

BARRY CARTER: We’ve seen scientists thinking that, hey, we’ve come as far as we can go and there is nothing new. But obviously new discoveries are being made all the time, and we think that this is what’s going on with the ormus. We’ve discovered something that is totally new.

When these ormus minerals are put on the ground, one farmer noticed that after he’d added these minerals, he had 8″ of new topsoil in one season. 8″ of black soil, or dark brown soil, in one season.

JUSTIN: Over how much an area of land?

BARRY CARTER: Oh, several acres of land.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing.

BARRY CARTER: Others have noticed, and have documented, that their plants go twice as big and faster. I’ve documented and now realize that we’re right at the beginning of our exploration of these minerals. We”re just starting to get information about how important they are for health, the health of plants, animals and people.

I’ve noticed in my house that I water my house plants every six weeks instead of once a week like I used to.

JUSTIN: Because of the ormus?

BARRY CARTER: Because the ormus minerals seem to provide the nutrients. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this, but there is a bit of an obesity epidemic.

JUSTIN: I’ve heard!

BARRY CARTER: When people don’t get all the nutrients they need, they remain hungry. So, you eat some sugary material and you’re still hungry, so you eat more sugary material. This is good for the people who sell sugary material, but it’s not necessarily good for the people who eat it. When we put ormus into the food, people seem to eat less. Less food seems to do, I think I’m eating about half of the food I used to eat.

I’m a lacto vegetarian. I’ve been a lacto vegetarian since 1969 or 1970. I was a raw foodist for 3 years, starting in January 1, 1970, and I’ve been mostly raw for most of the rest of my life.

When I started consuming ormus supplements, I just noticed that I wasn’t as hungry and I wasn’t eating as much. Plants are similar, plants don’t get fat if they eat too much. They just waste water. Plants transpire water into the air, in order to pull more minerals into their roots.

The only way that they can take more water in, is by getting more water out through the air. So, they waste water. I think this is happening with my plants in my greenhouse and in the windows and stuff around my house, is that they use a whole lot less water, because they’re not hungry as much. They’re getting all the nutrients they need and they don’t have to pull more nutrients in by transpiring more water through their leaves.

JUSTIN: I would imagine that’s another good way to keep your soil from completely being depleted, because if the plants are needing to pull the minerals from the soil if they’re getting it from the ormus, then it might keep your soil lasting longer as well.

BARRY CARTER: Absolutely, but we still harvest these plants and ship them somewhere else depleting the minerals. So, the best way to replace those minerals, I think, is to get some concentrate ormus minerals from sea water, by adding a little bit of sodium hydroxide, also known as lye.

You can’t eat lye by itself but it is used in food processing, like olives are often soaked in lye water. You add this lye to the sea water, you get a white precipitate and that’s the good stuff. Putting it on the farm, garden or food crops (I don’t put it on my lawn, because I don’t like cutting my lawn) seems to double growth in two years.

My plums on the tree in my front yard, this year were about 2-1/2 times the size of my neighbors plums. Mine were ready to eat and theirs weren’t. This was at the beginning of September. Furthermore, there was probably 5-10 times as many plums on my tree than there were on my neighbor’s tree. My neighbor’s tree is the parent tree of my tree.

JUSTIN: And it had less.

BARRY CARTER: It had less and it’s a smaller tree. The first 2 feet of my tree are 5 times the volume of wood than the first 2 feet of my neighbor’s tree.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing. When we come back, we’re going to take a short break, I want to ask you a couple of questions like some of the practical uses of ormus and maybe how we can buy it, or how we could make it. By the way, if you haven’t seen these pictures on Barry has tons of pictures of his walnuts and other plants he has and fruits he has grown with ormus, so definitely check that out. That’s at and we’re with Barry Carter. We’ll be right back after this break.

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JUSTIN: Okay, we’re with Barry Carter from talking about the substance known as ormus. I wanted to ask you Barry about a store that’s on your website regarding a cat. I think you called him King Tut, and the situation that happened after his tail, I’m not sure if it got bitten off, or somehow he didn’t have his tail, and you used ormus on that cat.

BARRY CARTER: What happened was that there was a lady, whose name is Dana Dudley, and Dana is kind of a nerd. Dana put some ormus on one side of her face, some ormus oil, and not on the other, wondering if it would help tighten u p her skin and reduce wrinkles. On Picasa you can search for Dana Dudley and you can see pictures of her face, that she put the ormus oil on, and the wrinkles have mostly disappeared. She’s only like 60 years old, but I think she was about 58 when she did this. The other side of her face doesn’t have wrinkles, let’s say the wrinkles are very much diminished. People tell me that I have the skin of a 30 year old, in terms of wrinkles and stuff.

I sure hope I don’t have to give it back, but anyway Dana got a new kitten and named him Tut after King Tut, and put him outside because he was crying all the time. She put him on her back porch and kind of left the back door open in case he had to get outside to do his business, you know. That night, there was a terrible wind storm (in North Carolina) and the roof of her shed fell to the ground. The next day, when her cat came in the door, he was literally dragging his tail behind him.

It was just held on by a thin thread of skin.

There was about 8″ of tail that was cut off and she saved this segment of tail. There was about 1″ of tail that was remaining and it grew a scab. When the scab fell off, she saved that. So, on my website, I have a picture of the scab and the tail that came off, plus pictures of the cat. She was putting hand cream on him, like the cream that she put on one side of her face. She was putting this cream on her hands and Tut came over and started licking her hand. She thought.

This is yukky tasting hand cream, what’s going on. The cat seemed to know. He kept licking her hand, so she put more cream on and he kept licking her hand. I have a video of her putting, I would say 3-4 teaspoons of this hand cream on her hand and Tut licking it all off. The didn’t stop. This was before his tail was completely regrown, as you can see in the pictures that I took on the subtle energies website. Do a search for Tut’s tail, or tale, either way, and you will find some pictures of Tut and his tail and how his tail grew back.

Some animals, like lizards, can regrow tails, but nobody has ever heard of mammals regrowing appendages.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing. In order to do that, it would have to have grown new blood vessels, I’m not sure what else is in a cat’s tail.

BARRY CARTER: Cartilege, bone and something like 18 joints in a cat’s tail.

JUSTIN: Did it grow the entire tail, or just a bit of it.

BARRY CARTER: The entire tail, fully grown.

JUSTIN: I’m looking at your pictures right now and it looks like there’s only a little bit that was actually left after the roof fell on it.

BARRY CARTER: Yes, there was about 1″ of tail left.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing. Have you had any experience or have any knowledge of maybe some anecdotal evidence of people using this. I know for me, I have a torn ACL in my knee that’s not completely torn, which is a good thing, but it’s also a piece of tissue that, according to doctors, doesn’t regrow itself. Have you had any experience with people being able to regrow organs or tissue using ormus?

BARRY CARTER: One of the ormus producers, a fellow who calls himself ‘mehoo’, his name is Michael McCabe. has gotten 4″ taller in his late 50’s, since he started taking ormus, but he had shrunk 6″. There is another ormus product producer, who calls herself Rochelle. I think she has gotten 2-1/2″ taller or 3″ taller, but she had also shrunk, but she is taller than she was when she was a teenager.

JUSTIN: Do you think this is doing something possibly with a levitative effect within the spinal column?

BARRY CARTER: I think it’s regenerating the tissues in the spinal column.

JUSTIN: Wow, that’s crazy.

BARRY CARTER: I’ve also gotten taller, but I’m only like about 1/2″ taller than I was when I was a teen.

JUSTIN: So, what types of levitative effects, as I’ve seen pictures and I know your familiar with David Wolfe, and I’ve seen pictures that he’s produced that show ice cubes with ormus in them and spike coming out and going vertically, a stalagtite or something, and it appears as if the ormus is trying to jump out of the ice cube. It’s producing a levitative effect and I know he talks a lot about the levitative effect of foods and things like that. So, ormus seems to do that as well?

BARRY CARTER: Absolutely. In fact, there is some evidence, google Viktor Grebennikov.

JUSTIN: I’ll do that right now. Google is great, it gives you the correct spelling.

BARRY CARTER: Viktor Grebennikov is a Russian scientist, who basically built a flying platform, a little levitating platform, using some minerals he collected from insect wings, chitin, the exoskeleton of insects, and this chitin, basically when he put it in a certain pattern under the platform he was standing on, when he opened the wings of the platform so to speak, then this little thing would levitate.

There is a picture of him levitating a few feet off the ground on this platform. There are several pictures of the platform and you will see a number of images for Viktor Grebennikov.

JUSTIN: Yes, I’m looking at some of them right now.

BARRY CARTER: There is quite a bit of new stuff on the web, that suggests that this material that behaves in a way that we’ve seen ormus behave. Insect wings and chitin.

JUSTIN: Interesting and that would make sense, as mushrooms are quite interesting substances as well.

BARRY CARTER: Yes, and insects eat plants. In fact everything comes from the soil. All living things come from the soil. So, if plants and animals concentrate these minerals and these minerals, I have some video on mhy website of ormus gold. My friend, Jim, made some ormus gold and I moved a magnet under it and it levitates away from the magnet. It literally levitates on a magnetic field.

JUSTIN: Is the gold that you made in a liquid form or in a powder form?

BARRY CARTER: This was a powder. Another fellow made some ormus out of azomite, just google ormus and azomite, and you will find a youtube video of this stuff levitating away from the magnet. Basically, that super conductive magnetic levitation. These materials also seem to levitate away from our fingers and things like that as well.

So, if that’s the same thing that’s in the insect shells and wings and so on, that enables the Rabinkov to levitate, hey we could use something like that.

JUSTIN: Now, do you have something on your website that kind of lays out the different ormus minerals, because I believe there is an ormus form for each of the minerals. Is that right?

BARRY CARTER: So far, different people have more or less determined that there is something like 24 or 25 different elements, maybe 40 different elements, that have an ormus form. David Hudson says that many of the rarest elements have an ormus form. He didn’t specify how many, and a gentleman in Australia converted 24 different elements into the ormus form using the peroxide method, hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid will dissolve most metals, and these can be precipitated as a white precipitate. That stuff has ormus properties and is unasayable. He did this on 24 different elements.

So, it looks like the ormus elements, many of them are probably more common in the metallic form.

JUSTIN: You know what would be really interesting to do, or to have a documentation, would be maybe there’s something like this out there, or maybe it’s on your website, but it would be really great if there was a chart that gave a list of all the ormus elements. I know that ormus copper, people use that to grow hair.

It would be interesting to see if there is a list of at least 24 that there are now of the ormus elements and what types of things that that would effect in the body, like grey hair, rebuilding tissue or losing hair and things like that.
Do you know if there is such a thing that is out on the internet?

BARRY CARTER: There are some reports by a gentleman we call Essene and David Hudson’s reports. Nothing has been really thoroughly documented and replicated yet. That’s the big problem.

JUSTIN: It’s still relatively new.

BARRY CARTER: It’s very early in our exploration of these minerals.

JUSTIN: Let me just take a quick break and we’ll get that out of the way. Then I want to ask you some questions as far as what types of behavior the ormus will exude when you’re working with it. I know you talked a little bit about that. When we come back, we’ll also talk about where people might be able to get some of this substance if they want to buy it, or if they want to make it.

We’re with Barry Carter from and we’ll be right back after this break.

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It’s The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser, and again, you can find it at

Okay, we’re with Barry Carter from and Barry. I wanted to ask you, sort of a selfish question about myself. I wanted to ask you, if I have a torn ACL, what form of ormus would I take to best work with a torn ACL?

BARRY CARTER: Back in the 70’s, when I first learned about vitamins and minerals, I found that everybody has different nutrient needs. Some people would be getting plenty of calcium and not enough magnesium. Others were getting plenty of magnesium and not enough calcium. All of these minerals and vitamins, which are made of minerals, seemed to interact and work together with each other. So, I noticed that I didn’t get enough calcium, so I took a calcium-magnesium supplement and it worked for me.

Other people had no problem with calcium and it wasn’t a problem for them. But they had problems with not enough vitamin-C or not enough bioflavonoids. Different things work with different people. So, what I always say is ‘you’re unique’, just like everyone else. What works for you is going to be different for what works best for other people.

One thing that seems to be true, there was a guy named Maynard Murray who discovered sea energy agriculture and he discovered that there were certain minerals in sea water that were really beneficial. I think he is the guy who also tested sea water and found that the balance of minerals in sea water was pretty close to the balance of minerals in the blood.

JUSTIN: Yes, I’ve heard that as well. I think it corresponds almost perfectly.

BARRY CARTER: So that might be a good place to start.

JUSTIN: Okay, what ormus mineral was given to King Tut?

BARRY CARTER: He was given a product from Priestess Alchemy plus other things that I’m not really sure about. I’m not really sure what the other product is, but on my website, or, in the U.S that’s TW as in the work, you will find a list of ormus sources and ormus providers.

JUSTIN: Great, I was going to ask you about that, okay.

BARRY CARTER: The newest ones are at the top and the oldest ones are at the bottom.

JUSTIN: These have all been, I guess, tested or are sources that you believe in and that you stand behind, I guess?

BARRY CARTER: Right, these are all sources that some people have suggested they have good amounts of ormus in them.

JUSTIN: Interesting, because I know there are a lot of products on the market that say there is ormus in there, but there’s really not.

BARRY CARTER: Well, it’s my personal favorite hypothesis that 1/8 of the weight of all water is ormus.

JUSTIN: 1/8 of the weight, interesting.

BARRY CARTER: A scientist in Australia calculated what H2O should weigh, if you burn hydrogen and oxygen, this is what it should weigh. He said it would be 7.2 lbs per gallon, or something like that, or 7.3. Ordinary water, even distilled water, weighs 8.3 lbs per gallon. So, there is something in water that nobody knows what it is. Nobody knows what it is is just about the definition of ormus.

JUSTIN: Right, it’s kind of an unknown. It’s so complex and yet it seems so simple. Can you make ormus by vortexing water? I know there is a guy, Ron Cusson, who does a vortex with charging capsules.

BARRY CARTER: Your Vitamix is a great way to do that.

JUSTIN: How would you do that with water?

BARRY CARTER: Well, you vortex it in a magnetic field.


BARRY CARTER: Now, we’re not concentrating the ormus in the water, or whatever we’ve got. We’re energizing the ormus. A little bit of energy is good, too much energy is probably bad, so start slow and just do it for a minute or so.

JUSTIN: Okay. A while back, a few years ago, I watched a video, I forget who was doing it, but they were talking about going to your local hardware store and getting little magnetic strips that are sticky, like a sticker on one side. I think I placed two on each of the four sides of the blender and apparently that’s supposed to do it.

I just did it just because hey, it doesn’t take any extra work to do and it won’t do anything bad. So I just figured hey, if it’s going to be as good as what they were talking about, I might as well just do it, because what the heck. Would that be doing what you were just talking about, vortexing it using magnets?

BARRY CARTER: Yes, you’re vortexing it in a magnetic field.

JUSTIN: So you’re not concentrating it, you’re just energizing the ormus?

BARRY CARTER: Exactly. There’s a very simple trap you can make with a tin can and speaker magnets, or magnets that you get out of the inside of a hard drive. You take these little magnets, the hard drive magnets are a lot stronger than the speaker magnets, and you put 3-4 of the hard drive magnets, or big speaker magnets, on the bottom of a tin can, like a soup can. Try to get one that’s BPA free, put water in the can, stir the water, on the outside is where the magnets go, and let it sit for an hour or two. Then, take an eye dropper and take the water out of the center at the top. That would be the water that has gotten as far away as possible from the magnetic field.

JUSTIN: At the very top?

BARRY CARTER: Yes, because the whole can is magnetized by the magnets on the outside and on the bottom. It’s a very simple thing and real easy to do. If you wanted to make an ormus oil for topical application, get some celtic sea salt, some natural good celtic sea salt. It’s grown in Brittany, off the coast of France and it’s kind of a damp grey salt. I hear that dead sea salt works too, but get some sea salt and fill a container about 1/3 full of salt and the rest with and edible oil.

I like grape seed oil because it absorbs well into the skin. Put the oil on top and it will go down into the salt. Shake it up good and let it sit for a 2-3 days. The ormus will move from the salt into the oil. The oil will then particularly be ormus rich and you can take this ormus rich oil and apply it topically, or you can put it on your salad, or whatever you want to do.

JUSTIN: Wow, so if someone wanted to get some ormus, let’s say they didn’t want to make it themselves, but just wanted to buy some for their garden, would they go to your ormus sources page and find a place that sold it in a powder form and then use it on their garden?

BARRY CARTER: A powder form doesn’t go as well into the plants or the soil. Once it’s been dried, it isn’t as good, so you would want a wet product.

JUSTIN: Okay, so you could just go to your ormus sources page and find it.

BARRY CARTER: Ormus plant product providers is listed there.

JUSTIN: Oh, there we go, okay. Ormus plant produce providers. Now, when you talked about your walnuts and your other plants, it’s interesting that when you’re using ormus and minerals in your garden, you don’t typically need to use, not fertilizer, but things to kill the pests, because the plant is so healthy. It’s sort of like the human body, when you’re healthy you don’t need antibiotics and things like that. The plants sort of work the same way, right?

BARRY CARTER: Yes, that seems to be the case.

JUSTIN: Interesting, so you don’t need to waste any money on those chemicals that are sprayed on to kill pests. I’ve heard of people using ormus on fruit trees in Michigan, orange trees in Michigan, where things like that are not supposed to grow, but these trees are so healthy from the ormus. It’s amazing.

BARRY CARTER: Exactly, yes. It increases drought problems and freeze problems.

JUSTIN: It’s almost as if this ormus is another kind of mineral that exists in a different plane or something.

BARRY CARTER: Well, my friend Jim, who referred me to the first story I ever heard about was from Jim, and in the When I first heard about this, he suggested that it’s like ordinary metal has three legs right here in the physical. Ormus has two legs here and one leg somewhere else.

JUSTIN: So that’s why it jumps around and can go through things, physical objects?

BARRY CARTER: Right. It’s sort of a multi-dimensional substance.

JUSTIN: Is it like an atom, a substance that only has one atom instead of many atoms connected to it?

BARRY CARTER: We’re not sure if it’s monatomic or diatomic or something else. Ormus seems to however, hang out inside of some kind of a shielding molecule. In other words, it likes to be the clathrate guest. And the clathrate host could be the water molecule. Dr. Martin Chaplin in the U.K suggested that the water is a icosahedral or a dodecahedral structure ordinarly. Well, that would provide a good place for the ormus to hang out inside. Icosahedral is like a geodesic dome or a bucky ball, and the ormus would be hanging out inside of that bucky ball.

That would provide it some shielding from magnetic fields and the ormus in turn could resonate and change it’s resonance. So, if you change the ormus resonance by getting it coherent, like spinning it in a magnetic field, or spinning it in general, so that it’s spin coherent, you might find that water responds to our thoughts, or to words that are pasted on the bottle of water, like Masaru Emoto talks about. Literally, the homeopathic remedies are imparting frequencies to the water, even though there may be statistically no more of the original substance that was put in with the homeopathic remedy before it was diluted, there may be something there that is causing it to change the resonance of the water, because it’s changing the resonance of the ormus in the water and the water is becoming more coherent and the coherent resonance makes the water molecules a bit smaller, so that they can go into your cells, carrying nutrients in a little bit better.

JUSTIN: So, it almost like as if the water is able to carry more information,

BARRY CARTER: Carry more information and carry more nutrients. And the wetter water would also carry toxins out of the body better.

JUSTIN: That makes sense. Ormus is something that if people are looking, I know we’ve only got a couple of minutes left, but if they are thinking to themselves, how do I start using this stuff? One good way would be to purchase some of the products that are on the sources list on to use on your garden and start growing some food with it. Another way would be to purchase some ormus products that you could start ingesting and start noticing the differences and seeing the results.

BARRY CARTER: Another good way is to make it yourself. If you decide to do any of these things, it’s going to be really, really helpful to everybody if you share your information and your experiences with ormus on some of the ormus fronds. You replace the word sources in a TW folder with forums.htm and you will find a list of ormus fronds around the world, some local, but many of them are global. Some of the largest forums have like 4,000 people on them, and on that forums page you can find all sorts of good information about forums that are close to you and forums you may want to join. There is one forum specifically for plants, ormus and plants. There is another one for health, another one for spiritual and another one for science. So, find a forum that resonates with you and join the forum and share your experiences. This is the only way we’re going to get this information out and about.

JUSTIN: Yes, that’s true. There are a lot of links on this page. So, in wrapping up Barry. what other things are you working on? I know you’re experimenting with ormus, probably every day, but what direction are you headed in?

BARRY CARTER: I want to set up an ormus research facility, probably here in Baker City, to explore the benefits for plants, animals and people, and to figure out ways to identify how much ormus is in a given water source, how much is in a given bit of soil, a given bit of rocks or in the air around you.

And to provide scientific evidence that these elements do in fact exist, because I think it’s really, really important now, with….everybody has a favorite disaster anymore. It’s really important, with all these favored disasters that people have and one of the things that is common with all of them is food. Food is going to be limited, and if we can double plant growth and production in two years, that can solve it.

JUSTIN: Yes, so you’re looking to possibly set up a research center in Oregon so that you can accomplish all of this?


JUSTIN: Wow, that would be amazing. We need more people out there looking into these things, because. as you know, we only know probably less than 1% about the way the human body works, what water is and what ormus is. I think this kind of research would be amazing.

BARRY CARTER: You can change the word sources.htm to favorite.htm and you can find a lot more links there to some of my more recent articles and so on. I don’t even mention the word ormus in the favorite page.

JUSTIN: Interesting, you have lots of information here. Everybody, visit and Barry, do you mind staying on after I close out the show?

BARRY CARTER: Absolutely, no problem.

JUSTIN: Excellent, thank you. Alright, thank you so much everybody for joining us today on and you can find this show, and the show notes at and don’t forget to visit Barry’s website,

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