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Jay Gutierrez – How He’s Using Low Radiation Stones To Heal The Body From Disease

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Jay Gutierrez joined us today from Pritchett Colorado. Jay discussed something called radiation hormesis. He’s described as a medicine man and is working with people that are suffering with all kinds of diseases.

He mainly works with cancer but if you go on his website you can see all the different types of health conditions he’s working with. And apparently he’s having lots of success.

He actually goes deep into the mines and caves himself and extract these rare earth stones from the ground that give off a certain low level radiation. We’re taught that radiation is bad. But that’s just because typically when people are exposed to radiation it’s in adulerated high frequency forms.

If you think of an X-ray or radiation that you’d get along with chemotherapy and surgery for cancer then you need to protect your body from it. But radiation in very low dose forms that are naturally being emitted from stones is a different thing all together.

It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Jay seems like a humble man doing some pretty interesting work. He has these water stones that you can put into your water and be able to drink in this low level radiation. He also has green stones that can be used on the eyes for macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. The green stones can be used for many other purposes as well. It just depends on how creative you can get with them.

Also he’s got mud packs that are made from the crushed up radio active stones. Normally mud packs have to be used fresh every single time and can add up over years. But his mud packs are something you only buy once because the mud actually stays inside the plastic itself. So you can look at it as a one time investment.

Mud packs are something used to remove toxins, chemicals and poisons from different areas of your body. They are extremely effective and I can’t imagine how much better they’d be if they were made from mud that has low level radio activity in it.

I think Jay Gutierrez is doing some very interesting work and if you’re sick or simply want to take your health to the next level I would definitely call him up and see what happens.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jay as much as we did!

  • Why radiation is good for you
  • What happens if you’re radiation deficient
  • How he uses his stones to promote health and healing
  • Where he mines his stones
  • How to use the stones for different health conditions
  • And so much more!

Turns out radiation (according to Jay Gutierrez) is actually good for you. Find out why… Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Monday 9/2/2013
Show Guest: Jay Gutierrez
Guest Info: I get asked a lot how this all got started. It was an accident really, (if you believe in accidents). I was on a helicopter mission in Northern Wyoming and ran across a green and blue stone on the ground. I knew a lot about turquoise and had decided to mine the area for stone to make jewelry. The stone was very beautiful and very rare. The only place it had been found in this mixture is in Israel in the old King Solomon mines. It is actually the national stone of Read More…

Topic: Low radiation stones, cancer, healing
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Podcast Transcript:

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  • extremehealthradio says:

    Thanks Ismur for the information. But isn’t radiation coming from the sun and earth naturally regulated and therefore safe instead of man made radiation like X-Rays and such?

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