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Drew Canole – Targeted Juicing & Motivational Strategies For Taking Your Body & Life To A Whole New Level

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Drew Canole joined us today from San Diego to discuss juicing, cleansing, detoxification and more importantly having the health, energy and vitality to live the life you want to create.

He’s the founder of FitLife.tv which is a great website he created to motivate and inspire people through health, nutrition, mindset and success principles. He’s also the creator a program we really recommend called Juice Up Your Life.

What I like about guys like Drew Canole, Sean Stevenson and Sean Croxton is that yes they focus on the body (as former fitness trainers) they’ve seen the light and now focus on longevity, health and terrain modification as Dr. Robert Cassar talks about.

Every time I go to the gym I overhear trainers giving their clients advice on health and nutrition. And to be honest most of it is less than great information. I can barely listen to it. Having a great looking body is nice and all but it’s not what we should be focusing on at all. If people want to go a little deeper they could argue that we should be focusing on our internal health.

But personally I don’t “focus” on either. When we really look at it, these bodies are simply human shells that we get to use for as long as we choose. Does that mean I don’t workout or eat right? Does the fact that I am not my body change how I look at food? You might think that with that knowledge I’d eat twinkies and muffins all day.

Quite the contrary.

If you want to learn more about why I eat the way I do, you can read this post.

But Drew was a fireball and an amazing person to have on our show. What I love about him is that he’s so fired up about what he’s doing. Talk about a guy living his passion.

When Kate and I were talking about him after the show in the kitchen making green smoothies we loved the fact that although he’s a funny fun loving guy, he’s living life very serious.

He has a specific “success schedule” he lives by each day. He has daily practices that very subtly change him slowly but surely every single day. It’s like the waves crashing against the rocks, small changes over time can carve out amazing creations.

He doesn’t let life simply come to him. He sets out each day and lives with appreciation, gratitude and intention. Like I said we love Drew Canole and support him and his work.

I hope you enjoy this interview with him as much as we did.

In this interview we talked about

  • Why he likes juicing vs blending
  • How he’s able to not lose weight or muscle when he does a juice fast
  • His morning and evening rituals for success
  • His favorite books on motivation & success
  • His story about his rise to fame in less than 1 year
  • How he uses NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to upgrade his language patterns
  • How he uses meditation to give him the edge he needs
  • His plans for Fitlife.tv…
  • And so much more!

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Show Date: Thursday 8/29/2013
Show Guest: Drew Canole
Guest Info: The FitLife.tv team has a passion to help the community at large by improving their bodies, minds, and spirits. FitLife.tv was formed to create a network of like minded people to start a revolution of empowerment. We’re In This Together…

On a mission to change the world,one person at a time

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