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Estaryia Venus – The Science Of Vibration & How She Uses Sound For Health & Healing

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We had a very interesting show with Estaryia Venus where she talked about the science of sound frequencies, vibrational energy and even a little bit on sacred geometry.

These are all fascinating subjects and cannot be ignored. If we want to use all the tools God has given us to promote health and healing, it’s important to not overlook how powerful using sound can be.

If you look at quantum physics and even string theory, you’ll start to see that everything at the quantum level is vibrating at different resonant frequencies.

We know that people use devices like crystal osccilators, frequency generators (often times called Rife Machines) to help the body heal. When you can find the resonant frequency of a virus, cell or bacteria you can emit the counter frequency into the body to kill it.

Think of fingers on chalkboard. In the same way you hate that noise, parasites, bacteria, yeast and mold all hate the counter frequency and it can actually kill them.

Not sure how sound can affect a physical object?

Think of the famous wine glass experiment where the person sings at such a high pitch that the sound waves themselves actually shatter the glass.

Well it’s the same thing. We all work on frequency.

Estaryia Venus has been able to do some really interesting things with using sound to promote health and healing in the body. If anybody has a catastrophic disease and are looking into alternative methods of healing, sound medicine has to be a part of the program.

You can use sounds for helping the body to heal and become healthier. Who knew? Estaryia Venus explains… Click to tweet this!

Update: Estaryia is offering a retreat in Hawaii on November 7th – 14th, 2013, or November 15th – 22nd, 2013. If you want to see the video and get $150 off this retreat click here to see if it’s something you’d like to do!

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Show Date: Wednesday 8/21/2013
Show Guest: Estaryia Venus
Guest Info: Estaryia Venus is an internationally recognized sound healer who leads vibrational healing workshops, sound healing rejuvenation retreats, yoga retreats, and sacred site tours worldwide.

She integrates 20 years of experience in alternative energy healing modalities and techniques and utilizes the newest in scientific sound technologies in her programs.

She has presented her sound healing programs and technologies at health and wellness centers and conferences around the globe with her vibrational healing work being featured on CBS TV, Eye On America.estaryia55about

Estaryia incorporates the science of…Read More…

Topic: Aspartame, MSG, natural flavors, food dyes, artificial sweeteners
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