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Dr. Bruce Shelton – Is It Possible To Heal Cancer, Heart Disease, Depression, IBS & More Using Homeopathy?

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Dr. Bruce Shelton from Valley Integrative Physicians discusses how to heal from many of the common issues like depression, asthma, allergies, cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, hormones and depression using homeopathy, energy healing, energetic medicine, chelation therapy, IV therapy rooms, thermography, ozone therapy, U/V Blood Irradiation & more.

This was truly an amazing show. He even gets into biologic dentistry and how root canals and cavitations can be play a huge role in how cancer starts in the body.

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Allergies (peanut and food allergies)
  • NAET
  • Hormones
  • Depression
  • Heart Disease
  • How to boost the immune system
  • Cancer and it’s relation to root canals (12:04)
  • IV Therapy Rooms
  • Thermography
  • Chelation therapy
  • Leaky gut Syndrome
  • H Pylori series therapy Homeopathically treats Blood Disease
  • Ozone therapy
  • U/V Blood Irradiation
  • Detox and Drainage
  • Cholesterol, Heart Disease and Adrenals

This is a great interview on the power of homeopathy and how it can prevent & reverse disease. Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: 9/29/2012
Show Guest: Dr. Bruce Shelton
Guest Info: Dr shelton is a graduate of NY Medical College and holds a Physicians Recohgnition Award from the American Medical Association. He is a 40 year Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.He is alicensed homeopathic physician.

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Topic: Homeopathy, Alternative Medicine
Guest Website(s): http://www.drbruceshelton.com/

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Items Mentioned: Dr. Stuart Nunally
Dr. Bob Dowling
Dr. Michael D. Margolis
Dr. Nicholas J. Meyer

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Dr. Shelton on the dangers of root canals
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Podcast Transcript:

JUSTIN: Thank you so much everybody for joining us today, on a special edition of extremehealthradio.com. We are broadcasting on a Saturday, which is an exception, but we wanted to make that exception for Dr. Bruce Shelton, so it’s going to be a really good show. I’m really excited to have him on.

This is Saturday, September 29, 2012 and this is Episode #14. That means that you can find this episode at extremehealthradio.com/14 and all of our shows are transcribed, which means that anything that a guest says or I say during a show is actually searchable on our website. So, if you’re looking to do some research on a particular product, or an ailment, you can just type that into our website and it will bring up all of the times that a guest has mentioned that. It’s a great research tool, so please take advantage of that.

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If you have any questions for me, or the guest, you can send to justin@extremehealthradio.com or you can call and leave a voicemail at 949-391-7363 and we will play that on the air. Also, I just want to let you know that this show is brought to you by the Vita Mix blender. This blender, in my opinion, is the best blender on the market today. This and the Blend Tec are the two best. It makes soups and ice-cream and everything you can think of. So, if you’re in the market for a Vita Mix, please buy through us as we will get a little commission. You can check it out at extremehealthradio.com/vitamix.

Before I introduce today’s guest, Dr. Bruce Shelton, I just want to talk a little bit about our upcoming show schedule this week. We have Barry Carter on October 1, who is going to be talking about things like ormus. I’m not really sure what ormus is. I’ve learned a lot about it, but still have a lot of questions about what ormus is.

Also, we have herbalist, Wendy Wilson, the founder of Apothecary Herbs. She is a great herbalist out of, I think, South Carolina. She is doing great work with herbs, incorporating tinctures and teaching people how to use herbs in their diet. So, stay tuned for that show.

We also have Dr. Gerald Smith, who is a homeopathic dentist. I believe he’s a homeopathic dentist, but am not sure. He is a natural dentist, a biological dentist out of New York. He is doing a lot of work with making the connection for people with their root canals and things like cancer. He’s doing a lot of cutting-edge research. So, if you’ve never heard about the connection between root canals and cancer, you may want to check out that interview. That’s on Friday, October 5.

Today’s guest I’m really excited about. I’ve been hearing about him for years. His name is Dr. Bruce Shelton and is the founder of The Valley Integrative Physicians in Arizona and he is a graduate of New York Medical College and holds his Physicians Recognition Award from the American Medical Association. He is a 40 year Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and he is a licensed homeopathic physician, so he went to the homeopathic side.

He is the current President of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association. He is the past president of the Arizona Board of Homeopathic Integrative Medicine Examiner’s Licensing Board. He is a 35 year Fellow of the Arizona American Academy of Family Physicians. Wow! He graduated from New York Medical College in 1971 and he is a Diplomatic and Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy. He is a Chief Medical Adviser of Deseret Biologicals of Sandy, Utah.

Wow, Dr. Bruce. Thank you so much for joining us today. I really, really appreciate it.

BRUCE SHELTON: I appreciate being here. I am also a licensed medical doctor. I have two licenses. I am licensed as a regular M.D. here in Arizona and I am also licensed as a homeopathic M.D. here in Arizona. Arizona is one of three states where M.D’s and D.O’s can get the second license if they show sufficient training and pass all the tests.

JUSTIN: Do you still practice medicine or do you focus solely on homeopathic and natural things?

BRUCE SHELTON: Well, I bill myself as a homeopathic medical doctor. If someone comes in and they need a refill of their medicines and I can’t get them off of their drugs and get them onto a natural homeopathic product, I see no problem in swinging both ways, so to speak. But I say that 90% of my practice is homeopathic and integrative medicine. I still have patients that have known me for the longest time and are still on the other side of the fence.

I deal with those people because of their insurance needs. But, putting everything aside, I do not take any new patients who only want to use regular medicine. I’m a homeopathic medical doctor.

JUSTIN: Interesting. Have you had any issues with the licensing board in terms of like recommending maybe herbs or something outside of the medications.

BRUCE SHELTON: Don’t forget, I’m licensed by the Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Examiners, so the board that the patients know if they have a complaint they are going to have to appeal to, is the board composed of physicians and lay people that believe in integrative medicine. Arizona is a very unique state in that regard. I’m also licensed through the other medical board, but the medical boards in Arizona kind of have an agreement that if there is a complaint filed against a homeopathic physician for a homeopathic infraction, then that complaint will be referred over to the homeopathic board for adjudication before it comes back for a review after they say that the guy didn’t do anything wrong.

JUSTIN: I know there is a standard of care that is kind of a balancing act, so it sounds like you are balancing all of that pretty well. What part of Arizona are you in?

BRUCE SHELTON: Phoenix, I’m right in the northern part of town, in the Moon Valley area. The reason I came to Arizona, when I graduated from New York Medical College, I wanted to be a family physician. In 1971, there were only 15 family practice residencies in the United States, so I came here to go to the Good Samaritan Hospital family practice residency. The background is that for the next 14 years after I finished in 1974, I practiced as a regular family physician. I was a regular G.P. F.D. type of doctor.

A very unique thing happened to me, I got sick. I woke up one morning and I had a fever and a cough and I was in a building that had an Emergency Room, so I went down to the E.R. and they took an x-ray and blood count and I had pneumonia, Of course I went to the pulmonary specialist right away, scared, doctors aren’t supposed to get sick, and they put me on antibiotics. They sent me home and I stayed in bed for a week and the x-ray they did a week later, it was a simple community acquired pneumonia, cleared, but all of a sudden I was wheezing. I was wheezing as if I was a 3-pack a day smoker almost immediately.

It came up overnight and I ended up on all the traditional asthma medicines you can think of Ventolin inhalers, Cortisone and the whole nine yards of allopathic treatment for lung conditions.

I didn’t get better. At the end of a month, I was a pulmonary cripple and at the end of two months, I was getting ready to cash out and go on disability. I was 40 years old at the time. I tell people that God sent me a magazine. I got a medical journal in the mail that advertised a medical conference about Otolaryngic Allergy that was going on up by Stanford. I just looked at the magazine and knew that I was going to find an answer to my problem.

I went to the conference and I learned about a new type of test. At that time, Rast testing was relatively new in the United States as a method of testing for allergies. Low and behold, I found out that I was allergic to Botrytis mold. Botrytis is the mold that’s used to make wine grapes shrivel and make them sweeter. The sauterne wines are made with botrytis mold, the noble rot of Bordeaux.

At the time, I happened to be the head of a wine club and I was keeping the chapter’s wine collection in my house, and the exhaust from the air-conditioner that was keeping that room cool, was blowing right into my bedroom. It wasn’t supposed to be, but it was. That’s what was making me sick. When I saw that that’s what my problem was, I immediately came home and pulled the plug.

It cost me 25 hundred dollars to fix the plaster board in my bedroom, but the more important thing is that 30 minutes after little drops of the rooted botrytis mold went under my tongue, it was like someone pushed the switch.

My lungs opened up and the whole stuff that was going on with me just went away, like immediately. I was on eight or nine different medicines from the drugstore that weren’t helping and these little drops that went under my tongue were almost magical. That’s why I say that I think God sent me that magazine.

It was such an epiphany in my life that I just needed to learn how to do what that doctor did. So, I went back and first I became an otolaryngic allergist, which is the way you test for food allergies by a method of skin testing called serial endpoint titration. When I got to the end of the advanced course I said, there’s more to this, this is unbelievable.

I was treating people for the flu by giving them injections of the rooted flu vaccine and making flu symptoms go away in 10 minutes. It was like that I became a magician in medicine. It was the most remarkable time of my life, and I learned how to do this. I said, there’s got to be other ways to treat all the other problems. The instructor at the course looked at me and said, you live in Arizona, go and become a homeopath.

I didn’t know what homeopathy was, except as a word I had heard once in a while. That’s when I went to The British Institute of Homeopathy and learned how to be a homeopath. Today, the rest is almost history, it’s like 27 years ago. I have taken numerous courses, I have certifications from four or five different organizations and I’ve learned all kinds of amazing ways to treat people. There is a whole other side to medicine.

There are answers for problems that allopathic medicines just use drugs to cover up. There’s ways to stop chronic pain, there’s ways to treat arthritis, there’s ways to treat depression and there’s ways to treat allergies.

It’s like the second part of my career. Today I’m practicing as a homeopathic family doctor, treating all types of things that the average doctor just covers up with antidepressants and cortisone. I notice that you mentioned you are having a guest talking about root canals. That’s a show that everyone needs to listen to, because root canals are almost the cause of about 2/3 of what walks in the door from people who have been to five different doctors and nobody knows how to fix them. That’s what your show on Friday talks about.

JUSTIN: Yes, that’s Dr. Gerald Smith. He has done a lot of great work on root canals. I got a root canal myself and am in the process of figuring out how to get rid of that in a safe and effective way.

BRUCE SHELTON: You need to pull the tooth. I mean, if you’ve got a tooth that was able to die, the secret is not to embalm it and leave it in your mouth. The secret is to pull it and clean out the socket. What happens is, you get an autoimmune reaction against the chronic infection that the root canal causes, and that’s the cause of most of the things that we deal with. The way to treat it is small amounts fixed for large amounts caused.

If you have a known problem, you use a dilution of it and it triggers the immune system to undo the problem and you not only have to use the same thing that you find, you use something similar to it that’s the secret of homeopathy.

JUSTIN: Just one more thing about root canals. Have you heard that there is some sort of lowering of the immune system just by having one root canal. I forget what percentage it lowers your immune system, but it’s an incredible amount, isn’t it?

BRUCE SHELTON: Let me just tell you, I see the path reports from the removal of the infections that are underneath the root canals. I mean, they find as many as 12 or 13 different bacteria and viruses in a root canal tooth. When the immune system is being challenged to fight 12 or 13 different infections, that lowers and destroys your immunity tremendously. That’s where a lot of chronic illness comes from.

The thing is, you need to then go to the next level. Every tooth in your mouth fits on a different acupuncture meridian. All the teeth in your mouth (I have a chart in my office that was created by Dr. Voll, who is one of the heros in our world, and passed away probably in the 1950’s. He is one of the fathers in the field of integrative medicine. Every tooth is connected to a different organ and I have people who come in and tell me their problems and I say, do you have any root canals in your mouth, and I have to tell you that 80% of them will say, yep, I have one, which tooth?

Let me tell you which tooth. I say, what’s wrong with you? Then we go in and look at the chart and it turns out they’re having liver problems. The third teeth from the mid line are called ‘eye teeth’ or your ‘liver teeth’. You go in there and either find out that they have a cavity or a root canal in that tooth. Mercury fillings are almost as bad as root canals, and they have corroded fillings.

We do a process in our office called thermograms, which is a heat sensing imaging device. You look on the thermogram and see that they’ve got a red or a hot spot right where that root canal is. That’s when you send the patient to a biological dentist. The guy you’re having on the show, if he really calls himself a biological dentist, is part of an elite fraternity of only about 100 of them. That’s how many there are in the whole United States. They’re miracle workers a lot of them and they help a lot of people.

JUSTIN: I went to see Dr. Stuart Nunnally out in Marble Falls, Texas a while back and he is a really good biological dentist. We also have Dr. Bob Dowling out of Ecuador and he is doing a lot of connections with root canals and stuff.

BRUCE SHELTON: Let me just give you some other names. We have two dentists in Phoenix who are past presidents of the association that they all belong to, Dr. Michael Margolis and Dr. Nicholas Myers. They were presidents, back to back one year after the next. Dr. Margolis is a close friend of mine. I have never had a root canal, but I ended up having wisdom teeth extracted, that created what is called cavitation infection, which is what you get from root canals. It lowered my blood pressure and was on my very back teeth, which are the teeth connected to the acupuncture meridian that goes to your heart.

It changed my life, it really did, just by cleaning out a socket of a tooth that had been allowed to fester and caused a jaw bone infection, which was very, very harmful.

JUSTIN: Wow, I think we’re learning so much about the dental connection. I think it’s becoming more mainstream, which is great. I wanted to talk about your clinic and homeopathy. Can you just break down, and tell our listeners what homeopathy really is, and how it works.

BRUCE SHELTON: Homeopathy is the brain child of a very famous physician, whose name is Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, M.D who lived from the 1750’s to the 1840s’. He lived to be almost 90, in the time period where most people died in their 40s. It’s very interesting that the discovery he made was based upon the smallpox epidemic that was going on in the time period that he lived.

Sir Edmond Jenner, a famous M.D. physician in England, made the discovery that the milkmaids, who when milking the cows that had cowpox, seemed to be somehow protected against getting smallpox. Cowpox and smallpox are similar infections, cousins of each other. But smallpox kills you and cowpox just gives you a mild flu like illness and a rash. What they did is they took the scabs from the milkmaids and they scratched them on other people’s arms. The Latin name for cowpox is Vaccinia. Do you recognize that word?


BRUCE SHELTON: When you take a Vaccinia scab and you scratch it on someone’s arm, you vaccinate them. That’s the derivative of that word.

JUSTIN: Interesting.

BRUCE SHELTON: It’s using something similar to a problem, but not exactly the same as, and it causes the body to do something which is known as creating immunity. That’s where all of those words come from, they come from that episode. After Sir Edmond Jenner, he got knighted for doing this in England in the 1780’s, every thinking medical doctor said ‘gee whiz, he did something similar, I wonder if there are other similars in the world that we could use for other problems.

Well, Dr. Hahnemann, our father of homeopathic medicine, he’s the one that made up the word homeopathy by the way, knew that there was also a malaria problem going on. Now, we know from the building of the Panama Canal, that malaria comes from mosquito bites. It’s a germ that’s inside mosquitos. It bites you and you catch malaria.

In the 1780’s they did not know that. Dr. Hahnemann was a German by birth and in the north part of Germany you have the North Sea and in the summertime you had mosquitos. But, they didn’t put two and two together at that time. They did know that the bark from the Cinchona tree, the China Tree, which is the tree they get quinine out of, had somewhat of a palliative effect in reducing the symptoms of malaria.

So, Dr. Hahnemann did his now famous experiment, where he took the bark from this tree and he ground it up into a powder and made flour out of it, so you could make cookies out of it. At the same time he did this cookie powder thing, he also soaked some of the bark in alcohol to get the essence of the bark into solution. These are one of those genius things in medicine that you hear about every once in a while.

He ate one of the cookies, but before he did it, he told his wife, listen, I’m about to eat one of these cookies I made, but if anything bad happens to me, make me drink this alcohol solution that I dissolved the bark in before I made the cookies.

So, he eats the cookie and within an hour, he’s got 104 fever, a real high temperature, he’s sweating, he’s become delirious and he’s foaming at the mouth, which are all the symptoms of malaria. Okay. So, Mrs. Hahnemann is watching her husband really going through something, he looked like he was really going to kick the bucket. She said, Sam drink this stuff. So, Dr. Hahnemann starts drinking the stuff she forced down his throat and within a couple of hours, the fever breaks, he calms down and he ends up sleeping it off. He wakes up the next morning and says, my goodness, I had all the symptoms of malaria. Now, he didn’t have real malaria, because you have to get bitten by a mosquito to get malaria, but the symptoms went away. He says, I wonder if I could use this stuff and treat malaria patients.

He went into town, where people were dying from malaria and he started giving them the little drops of the solution that he made and he supposedly healed like 990 people out of the 1000 that he treated. He became like a hero. You wonder why medicine didn’t change to his style at that moment. What they did is, they kicked him out of town because the pharmacists were realizing that he was using a medicine in very dilute amounts and it was going to put them out of business. In fact, in his lifetime, he was kicked out of about 15-20 other towns. Even though what he did worked, he was vilified. Homeopathy has been vilified for the longest time, ever since the drug industry has gotten into it.

The drug industry is not totally our friend. Drugs are important in crises, but they cause chronic illness and they cause chronic disease and the people that own those companies actually don’t like people to be using dilute amounts of something they sell in large amounts and make a lot of money at it. But that’s a subject for another show, about the politics of medicine.

Dr. Hahnemann derives the word homeopathy. Homeopathy is Greek for similar homeos pathos suffering. And he said the other guys, who I think are quacks, I’m going to call them allopaths. Allos means opposite and pathos means suffering. So, you’ve got similar suffering and opposite suffering. The theory is that if someone is sick, let’s say they have allergies, and their immune system is mistakenly recognizing a food, a grass or a tree or something foreign, so all of a sudden the immune system isn’t working properly and their mass cells start producing histamines. It’s the histamine that creates the symptoms that cause the allergies.

The problem is really in the immune system, but the end product of the broken immune system is the over-production of histamines. So, in the allopathic world, we have developed anti-histamines. Now, the antihistamines neutralize histamines, but the problem is in the immune system, which could be treated by taking a dilute amount of whatever triggered the allergy in the first place, which is how homeopathy would deal with it.

The minute you stop taking the anti-histamine, your allergies come back and you still have the problem. But, if you were to take a dilute amount of say Bermuda grass, which could have triggered the extra histamine production, that would stop the immune system from being broken and would actually cure the patient. So, we had anti-histamines, we had anti-biotics, we had anti-inflammatories, we had anti-nausea, we had anti this and anti that, when the problem really is the broken immune system, which could be fixed by giving the patient a dilute amount of the same thing that made him sick in the first place, or as Dr. Jenner figure out and Dr. Hahnemann figured out, something similar to it.

Here’s the punch line in my whole conversation. Let’s say you peel an onion and your eyes water. All you have to do is to fix your watering eyes is juice the onion and make a dilution of the onion juice, take it under your tongue and your eyes will stop water watering, because you stopped the immune reaction that’s going on. Let’s say a patient comes in and has watering eyes, and you’re the doctor, so you look at him and say ‘what were you peeling’? We’ll go get some of it, we’ll juice it and make a dilution out of it. And you say, ‘I wasn’t peeling anything and my eyes are watering’.

Now your eyes are watering possibly because you were driving down the freeway and someone was spraying bug spray in their backyard, and the bug spray got into the air, you breathed it in and you became allergic to it. If we could psychically regress you, which is almost impossible to do, but some people do it, we could say ‘there’s a guy spraying bug spray, let’s go back to his house and borrow some of his bug spray and we’ll make a dilution out of it and we’ll fix your problem’.

Well, the average doctor doesn’t know how to psychically regress people. By the law of ‘similars’, which is one of Dr. Hahnemann’s tenants that he came up with, we could still give that patient the diluted onions, because diluted onion juice is similar to several hundred things in the world that will cause your eyes to water. So the study of homeopathy has become how to figure out what things are similar to what problems.

Diluted poison ivy makes arthritis go away. Diluted honey bees make hives go away. Diluted potentilla flowers make you stop crying. There are close to 4,000 homeopathic remedies that have been figured out over the years that are similar to a lot of problems. A lot of people don’t know that in 1938, when the FDA law was written, (I hope I’m not monopolizing by talking so much) it was written in the United States by Dr. Royal Copeland, M.D., who was the Dean of New York Medical College in New York City and The Chief of Health of New York City, (I went to New York City Medical College).

He became a United States senator and he wrote the FDA law and grandfathered homeopathic medicines into the FDA Act and homeopathic medicines are legal drugs in the United States of America. They are just as legal as anything you buy in the drug store.

There are dilutions of just about everything and the study of homeopathy helps you cure, and I use the word cure, which is something doctors shouldn’t do,because you actually can cure people with selection of the correct homeopathic remedies and solved an awful lot of chronic disease and a lot of suffering that people have. Ever since I’ve learned how to do this I’ve gone to a new level as a physician, whereas before I just used to use tranquilizers, anti-biotics, cortisone and all the same stuff that everyone else still does today.

No longer do people have to take that if you give them the correct homeopathic remedies.

JUSTIN: Wow, that is just amazing. I’ve got a few more questions for you on this. Let me just run this little brief ad here and we’ll be right back with Dr. Bruce Shelton. That’s drbruceshelton.com and we’ll be right back.

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Okay, let’s get back to this interview.

JUSTIN: We’re with Dr. Bruce Shelton from drbruceshelton.com, The Valley Integrative Physicians in Phoenix, Arizona and he is talking about homeopathy and how homeopathy works. Doctor, I just have another question. My wife has a really bad peanut allergy and I’m sure that’s becoming more and more popular these days. I’m sure you have some answers as to why you think that’s more popular.

Do homeopathic remedies work for things like peanut allergies?

BRUCE SHELTON: Well, yes it sure does. It so happens that I’m also involved in the field of medicines called NAET. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of NAET, Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, developed by Dr. Debbie Nambudripad, who happens to be a chiropractor in Orange County, California. She has developed a method for treating peanut allergies. It so happens you picked the worst problem. You can get anaphylactic reactions from peanut allergies.

I would encourage your wife, I don’t know where you live, but I would encourage you to go to naet.org and find an naet practitioner who also happens to be a licensed medical doctor. They just instituted new rules that naet practitioners are not all M.D’s. A lot of them are, but a lot aren’t.

Only the licensed M.D’s are being allowed to treat the peanut allergy, because NAET absolutely works for this. It’s one of the best successes that I’ve ever seen. It needs to be done by someone who can administer Epinephrine if you haven’t totally neutralized things.

JUSTIN: Interesting.

BRUCE SHELTON: You can get on naet.org and find a practitioner near you.

JUSTIN: naet.org, We’ll have that on the show notes too. Am I correct, but correct me if I’m wrong, are there some homeopathic solutions that don’t even have the actual offending substance in them, where they just contain the vibration of things?

BRUCE SHELTON: Well, let me tell you, there’s a thing called avogadro’s number, which is 6.03 x 10 to the 23rd, and I’ll explain that in a second. But there’s research coming out of India right now, and avogadro doesn’t count anymore. Let me explain all that. First of all, avogadro’s number is 6.03 x 10 to the 23rd and what that is, first of all it’s the #6 with 23 0s after it. It’s the number of molecules in a mole of anything.

A mole in chemistry is the atomic weight in grams of any substance dissolved in a liter of fluid. So, let’s take sugar for an example. The atomic weight of sugar of adding up all the carbons, hydrogen and oxygen is 38. So, if you took 38 grams of sugar and dissolved it in a liter of water, you will have, in that liter, 6 with 23 0’s of molecules in the bottle of water.

The same thing goes for any compounds. You just take the atomic weight in grams, dissolve it in a liter and you have a constant of that many molecules in the liter. Now, if you take that bottle and dilute it 1 to 10, you take 1 cc of the solution and add it to 9 cc’s of water, you will essentially knock off a 0. You will only have 6.03 x 10 to the 22nd molecules. And you dilute it to 1 to 10 again, which is 1 to 100 and you have 6.03 x 10 to the 21st . In homeopathy, when you dilute 1 to 10, that’s called an x dilution. So, if you make a 1x of the sugar solution, you will have 6 with 22 0’s. If you dilute it 1 to 10 again, you will have 21. If you dilute it 1 to 10 23 times you will only have 6 molecules. You will have diluted away most of what was in there. If you dilute it one more time, you will have no molecules.

There appears to be an energy that’s left in the solution that still has a biological effect. They’ve done experiments with people. Dr. Ben Benvenisty did a famous experiment that he actually proved that someone who was allergic to bermuda grass, in the 63rd dilution their mass cells be granulated and released histamine, which is the proof that you’re having an immune reaction. There is nothing there, okay, so he actually repeated this experiment in seven laboratories around the world, and Dr. Ben Benvenisty, this was done back in the 1980s, was the head of a thing called Inserm in France.

He was head of the NIH which means he was the top doctor in research in the country of France. When he did this and published it in Nature Magazine, you should look up Dr. Ben Benvenisty article Nature Magazine, I notice you have show notes, and you will see Dr. Ben Benvenisty got fired for writing this. He makes this discovery and he postulated that the water molecules in the high dilution substance formed into the shape of the substance it was made out of. But, there has been new studies that are now coming out of India, where they are actually finding that there really is something in the solution.

So, the avogadro’s hypothesis is being blown away by proven published articles that you can actually keep making dilutions. There really, really is something in there, it’s not just energy. There’s actually very small sub-particles of the original substance.

So, the argument is, how can anything with nothing in the water, be doing anything. They’re actually proving it now, that there is someting there. They’re using quantum physics and sophisticated measuring devices to prove that you can keep diluting infinitely and there is still something in there to create a reaction chemically. One fact that’s accepted, is that whoever figures that out for real is going to win the Nobel Prize in medicine.

I mean, it’s getting closer and closer all the time, but I’m convinced that in the remainder of my lifetime I am going to see homeopathy proven and accepted by double blind studies.

That’s all it’s going to take to break the dam and the American Medical Association is going to say, see, we really weren’t mad at you, we just wanted proof.
Right now, they’ve made fun of more homeopaths than you can imagine, but in fact, they’re showing that it’s real.

JUSTIN: It’s interesting, about a lot of the backlash that homeopaths are getting. So, there is a sense in which the vibration plays a role in terms of healing and how your body responds to that, right? Even if you dilute something so significantly, there is still a sense in which there is a vibratory pattern that your body works with for healing. Right?

BRUCE SHELTON: They actually have a class of homeopathics called The Imponderables. They can dilute x-rays. They take a glass of water and put it in an x-ray machine and they x-ray the water. There’s a vibration that gets added to the water that they then can dilute. If you have someone who was reacting to radiation, like the thing that happened in Japan, where everyone was worried that the nuclear stuff would come over here.

A lot of people were taking homeopathic radiation drops to avoid from getting sick. Some people actually dilute moonlight and some people dilute sunlight. And they’ve proven that it heals people. They have done these provings, which are homeopathic experiments, where they’ve actually shown that things like magnetism when you dilute it can actually antidote certain problems. There’s a thing going on in the United States right now, with Smart Electric Meters. Have you heard of that controversy?

JUSTIN: Yes, that’s a big deal right now.

BRUCE SHELTON: Well, you can dilute it with diluted energy. I mean, you can treat those people by actually giving them homeopathics of the energy coming out of the Smart Meters. Some people would say, that’s a little whacko, I don’t really want to believe that, but when you actually treat a patient and you see it work, it isn’t so whacko, because you get clinical results out of it.

JUSTIN: That’s so fascinating. At your clinic, you treat all kinds of people for things like allergies, weight control, hormones, depression, heart disease, thyroid, cancer and the immune system. Do you use mainly homeopathy for all of those, or do you do multiple types of medicine.

BRUCE SHELTON: I practise what you would call integrative medicine. I mean it’s a six-part puzzle. The key to unlocking the puzzle is that there are six clicks on the combination lock that needs to be opened. Click #1 is figuring out the patient’s right homeopathic remedy and to evaluate that I’ve a very unique computer, where we measure electrical skin resistance on acupuncture meridians.

We can then see what remedy is actually going to work on the patient. That’s an involved story that would take me 20 minutes to explain. So we figure out the main homeopathic remedy, but the main homeopathic remedy is like the ignition key that goes in your car. If it’s the right key and the right car, it should start the motor. But, if you’re missing three spark plugs in the engine, the car is not going to start.

Well, in human terms, missing spark plugs is nutrition. You need to have the right vitamins, minerals and hormones on board in order for when you trigger the vibration to make the body start healing, and what say it needs magnesium or vitamin-C or estrogen and the cupboard is bare, it’s not there. You’ve got to either stimulate the body to make it what you can with homeopath, or you actually have to give the people vitamins. I use a lot of nutritional products in my practice. That’s puzzle piece #2.

Puzzle piece #3, if you have sand in your oil line, the car won’t start either. Well, sand in your oil line is environmental toxicity, the worst of which is heavy metal poisoning. I mean, we have the need for 70 trace element minerals, which is part of puzzle piece #2, but there’s 12 bad actor minerals, like lead and mercury from your teeth, cadmium, nickel and aluminium,etc. The way we evaluate people is through a technique, known as chelation therapy.

Chelation is where you inject a substance, like EVTA which is a chelating agent that has the ability to trap heavy metals within its molecule. You collect a urine sample and you can see what comes out of the body. If a patient is heavy metal toxic, you can put them through a series of chelation treatments, which could be intravenously, could be orally and could be rectally. There are many different ways of administering chelation, with IV being the best way.

Puzzle piece #4, is chronic infections. I mean, I rhetorically ask my patients, do you ever wonder why God made us need germs inside of us. A lot of people know we’ve got these supposedly friendly germs in our intestinal tract, but if you take antibiotics you kill them. You don’t really kill them, you actually morph them into yeast forms, but that again, is another 20 minute conversation.

You wonder why God invented us that we need to have bugs inside of us. Our systems doesn’t work without these good germs. The answer to the question is, when God created us, we were not given all the enzymes we need to totally digest our food properly, but instead we were made to be the home of this friendly species of fungus, Mucormycosis and aspergillus niger, which when the terrain of our body goes bad, the terrain is defined as acid based balance, mineral balance and oxygen balance.

When those three parameters go out of balance, the little good bugs morph and become bigger better bugs, viruses, bacteria and ultimately full grown yeast fungus. When we’re growing the full grown yeast fungus, the immune system kicks in and creates a little immune type reaction to try and kill them. The debris from that war, is what causes hardening of the arteries, arthritis and it causes 100 different chronic inflammatory conditions, up to, and including cancer.

The secret is to unmorph the bugs. You unmorph the bugs by fixing the terrain, by making acid base go back to normal, by getting the heavy metals out of the body, by making sure all of the things that make the terrain function properly is corrected. You do that with nutritionals and homeopathics.

The 5th piece of the puzzle is teeth. I mean dentistry causes more chronic inflammation. What I do, is I do my thermogram, which is really the best way to image a breast, but it is also the best way to image the mouth. It’s the least expensive of all the procedures. The biggest problem I have is that none of these things are covered by insurance and people that come here understand that they’re out of pocket for a lot of things, but they get benefit out of it.

If, in fact, we find dental problems, I refer a lot of people to biological dentists. I’m sure that the man you’re going to have on Friday knows Dr. Margolis and Dr. Myers.

Puzzle piece #6 is what’s called neuromuscular integration. Neuromuscular integration is how the bones, the muscles and the joints all fit together. That’s what chiropractors do. I have a chiropractor, who is an associate, in my office, who sees all of our patients. Also, a good osteopath is sometimes invaluable, when you have a real severe problem. So, chiropractors and osteopaths get a lot of referrals from me, when we find these problems.

Those 6 things are essentially what we spend our time evaluating, fixing and up-regulating. We help a lot of people with a lot of problems.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing. It’s amazing that just living an average American life, you do so much damage to yourself every day, that you have to go through these 6 steps to just get back to baseline. It’s actually crazy. I wanted to ask you, some of the big things obviously, in today’s culture, are cancer and heart disease. Can you talk a little bit, I know that we could talk for days on this, but you talk a little bit about what your thoughts are on cancer and ways to deal with that.

BRUCE SHELTON: Yes, first of all, it’s very interesting that maybe two years ago now, the famous MD Anderson Cancer Clinic in Texas, published an article about a study that was done by this homeopathic physician from Israel, who was working in conjuction with the MD Anderson people. He actually found four homeopathic remedies, that were all discovered by Dr. Hahnemann, will cause apoptosis in breast cancer cells, and they actually published this.

It’s an in-vitro study, which I actually wrote about very recently on my blog, which is on my website, www.drbruceshelton.com and you can go to the blog and see the reference to the MD Anderson article. They are actually using homeopathy for breast cancer right now. You still have to do all the other things.

It’s still a 6-part puzzle and the homeopathics are only part of it. You can’t just take the homeopathy and get the results. You have to make the vitamins correct. You have to get the heavy metals out. You have to fix the teeth. You have to make the hormones come in balance, which helps the adrenal gland.

The same thing comes with heart disease. The thing about heart disease that is the most interesting, comes from a book that was published in 1999 by the American Heart Association, called The Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque.

The editor of the book was Dr. Valentin Fuster, M.D., who I think still is the Chief of Cardiology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York city. They actually found that it isn’t cholesterol that causes you to have a heart attack, it’s when cholesterol gets inflammed. Inflammation of your cholesterol, which is measurable by a blood test called C-Reactive Protein, CRP, and if you’ve got inflammation in your body, you’re at risk. You could have high cholesterol and no C-Reactive protein elevation and you’d essentially have teflon coated blood vessels.

But, you can have low cholesterol and a lot of inflammation, and be at total risk.

So, what you have to deal with is the inflammation and the hypercoagulability that it causes. A lot of people are hypercoagulable, which means they have a tendency to make blood clots easier. The way to treat all this is homeopathy, Homeopathy has the answer for getting rid of inflammation. We have, through Des Bio who I worked for, we created a whole line of homeopathic remedies that are a very integral and very interesting detox protocol, which are essentially in my world, drops that I put in my water every day, and I drink it. I’m treating myself with every sip that I take.

So, the way to deal with just about everything is to get inflammation out of the body. But patients should ask their doctor to measure their c-reactive protein levels and also measure fibrinogen levels, which is the measure of hypercoagular ability and if you’ve got elevations of those, you don’t want drugs. The worst thing that we’ve done in our society is that we’ve developed Statin drugs. You know the Statin drugs that block your cholesterol production in your liver. Cholesterol comes 20% from your diet and 80% from your liver. The liver makes extra cholesterol when you eat the wrong foods that contain what’s known as free radicals.

A free radical is the food particle with an extra electron on it. So essentially, anything that tastes good because of the trans fats that are in it, so changing your diet is integral in dealing with heart disease. You wouldn’t have high cholesterol if you didn’t have the free radicals. And the way to deal with that is to get rid of the inflammation, which is done with proper nutrition, proper homeopathics and fixing the fillings. Then, you are not going to have heart disease.

And it’s also integral in the way you treat cancer. Once you’ve deteriorated all the way to cancer, you have to get very, very involved, and the key to being involved is lifestyle changes. You have to stop smoking, you’ve got to change your diet, you have to lose weight and you have to all the things that you know is right. Then, you go to a homeopathic and integrative physician and get the help of the right homeopathics, the right nutrition and get guided into what hormones and metals need to be dealt with, and what teeth need to be dealt with.

JUSTIN: It’s a whole approach. I have, just speaking to you on a more personal and selfish question, I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy when I was 15. My mom was diagnosed with cancer when she was 55, so I have a special association with those two, heart and cancer. Is it true, I have heard that what causes more inflammation than the cholesterol issue is sugar, as far as causing microscopic tears on the inside of the arteries?

BRUCE SHELTON: What sugar does is, is the fuel for the yeast that’s living in your intestines. I mean, when you morph your good germs all the way up to yeast, of which candida is the most common, and a lot of people have heard of this, any time you eat the food that candida likes to eat, which is essentially sugar and anything that’s fermented to be made, which is alcohol, vinegar, soy sauce, tea, mustard, chocolate which is fermented cocoa, and bread and cakes.

Anytime you eat those kind of things, you feed your yeast, and your yeast makes antibodies which are attacking parts of your body, like the linings of your blood vessels and the linings of your joints, as well as your muscles that cause fibromyalgia. I mean, most of the chronic disease are autoimmune reactions against bad products. Worse than sugar is gluten. People who are gluten sensitive, gluten is a major component of wheat. A lot of people think that gluten contains a germ that a lot of people develop immune reactions against and get all of these chronic problems.

The way to deal with it, since there germs are really part of our body. God put the little good bugs in there, so it’s almost impossible to treat it. What you have to do is unmorph them, so that they will go back to their good baby friendly forms if you unmorph them. You unmorph them by fixing the terrain, which gets back to the basic detox and nutrition and everything I was talking about up until now.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing, isn’t it? I want to come out and visit you and go to your clinic and see how it’s operating. That would be amazing. We’re just in Southern California, so that’s not too far. You also do things like, I know we’re running up against the clock, but you do things like ozone therapy and UV blood irradiation. Talk about that.

BRUCE SHELTON: I do. Any oxygen therapy and using ozone and vitamin-C IV’s are very interesting. If you go to my website, you can see a video of what we call MAHT, major autohemotherapy. What we do, is we take 50 cc of a patient’s blood and we put it into 100 cc’s of saline, and then we add 50 cc of ozone gas to the blood in the saline and you actually can see the blood cells turn pink.

I mean the blood doesn’t look the normal blood color, it starts looking a little pink, but it gets super oxygenated. We then drip that blood back into the patient’s arm, but the tubing goes past an ultraviolet light, which even facilitates it further. What this does is that hemoglobin, which is the major oxygen containing compound in red blood cells, are supposed to go through your lungs, pick up oxygen, travel around the body and deliver the oxygen to your cells.

When blood comes back to your lungs after its trip around the body, normally about 25% of the oxygen that it picked up on the first pass through your lungs, is still there. When you ozonate the blood, the hemoglobin delivers about 100% of the oxygen, so you essentially put 25% more oxygen at the cell’s ability to utilize, and you super-oxygenate the body. Oxygen is one of the best ways to control infections, and get rid of inflammation.

I mean, ozone and oxygen are the enemy of inflammation causing problems. When we do things like vitamin-C IVs. Vitamin-C, when it gets metabolized inside your cells, turns into hydrogen peroxide as part of its normal metabolism. On one day you would do an MAHT and the next day you would do vitamin-C. You don’t want to do both of them at the same time, as they kind of cancel each other out.

We have people who come in with chronic infections, chronic herpes infections, chronic Epstein Barr virus, and I can make a Bell’s Palsy go away in about six days, using the right homeopathics and ozone therapy to get rid of the germs. I mean, it’s an amazing thing to watch, and we do that. There are videos of it on my website.

JUSTIN: That is absolutely amazing. What I want people to get out this interview is just to understand that, just because your doctor says there’s no treatment for such and such a problem, or all they have is some sort of drugs, I want people to understand that there are amazing alternative options, as you have hear what the doctor has been saying for the last hour, that can essentially cure you. I want people to understand that there are paradigms that don’t fit within the current allopathic model, so people just need to do research and start looking.

Now, with the internet and google they will find places like Dr. Bruce Shelton.

I think it’s just amazing the work you are doing doctor. We didn’t even get into things like hormones or ZYTO machines.

BRUCE SHELTON: Well, you’ll have to invite me back and I would be glad to talk about them.

JUSTIN: I would love that, as I was just fascinated. Again, your website is drbruceshelton.com and I wanted to ask you, are there any products that you sell on your website or online?

BRUCE SHELTON: Well, I actually developed a line of products. Don’t forget, I worked for a company that makes these kind of products, and for doctors listening, we do webinars. I work for a company called Deseret Biologicals, which is in Utah, and it’s www.desbio.com There are like 40 recorded webinars of how to treat problems.

As a matter of fact, we’re having a meeting in Irvine, California from November 9th to the 11th at the Marriott Hotel that has a limit of about 50 people, and most of the space is already taken. I would suggest you go to the desbio website and there are products there. I don’t particularly sell products myself because I work for a company that makes products and it’s not part of my deal to sell stuff. They sell the stuff.

I use all of these products in my office and we sell them to patients.

JUSTIN: Interesting. So, people can visit your website and make an appointment to come and see you?

BRUCE SHELTON: I would love to see them.

JUSTIN: Alright everybody, thank you so much for joining us today on this episode of extremehealthradio, and you can find that at extremehealthradio.com/14. We’ll have the show notes up for you with all of the website the doctor mentioned, as well as all the different people he mentioned also. So, stay tuned for that.

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Thank you so much everybody for joining us, and we will catch you on the next episode.

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