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Eddie Stone – Why Zeolite Is Critically Important For Any Detoxification & Cleansing Protocol

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Today we had Eddie Stone on and we discussed some interesting things about zeolite that you probably have never heard of. It’s interesting because after we had our interview with Debra Lynn Dadd she told me off the air about how amazing and wonderful zeolite was. She told me all about Touchstone Essentials as well as exactly why she liked it.

Then I figured I had to start doing some research on my own about why this particular zeolite is the best on the market. I find that the particle size .3 microns is incredibly small and the smallest I was able to find online.

The particle size of the zeolite is really important because it increases the surface area of the material. Because zeolites are adsorbtive (which means they have a negative electric charge thereby attracting to themselves positively charged toxins) the particle size is even more important.

Think of the zeolite particles acting like a magnet in the body pulling all the metal shavings to itself as it passes through your bloodstream and bowels.

I’ve been taking this zeolite from Touchstone Essentials for many months now and love it. As we talked about during the show, we live in an incredibly toxic world today. If we want to keep our bodies cleansed we have 3 choices.

  1. We can fight with the government to change laws regarding environmental toxicity
  2. We can isolate ourselves from all toxins and live in a sterile environment (think of the boy in the bubble)
  3. We can adopt simple lifestyle changes to detoxify on a daily basis (think sweating, rebounding & zeolites)

Personally I think that zeolites are critical to use in today’s toxic world. We simply can’t avoid all the toxins that are bombarding us from every angle. From the environment alone we’re exposed to hundreds of different toxins and chemicals every single day.

Then if you eat non organic food on top of that, you’re being exposed to hundreds of more chemicals from the food.

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Why the particle size is important
  • Why we need to make sure the zeolite itself is clean
  • The importance of cleansing and detoxification
  • If zeolites can be used during pregnancy
  • How zeolites were used after the chernobyl disaster
  • How zeolites can be used for radiation poisoning
  • The differences between the Pure Body product and the Pure Body Extra Strength
  • And so much more!

Eddie Stone talks about all the reasons why you should start taking zeolite to detoxify your body. Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Thursday 8/1/2012
Show Guest: Eddie Stone from Touch Stone Essentials
Guest Info: Eddie Stone is the guy who dug deep into the world of science and nutrition to find out why now more than ever, people are tired, run down and sick. Eddie discovered a food system that was broken, and a nutrition supplement industry that delivers little of the benefit of real food. So he set out to fix both. The result is Touchstone…Read More…

Topic: zeolites, cleansing, detoxifcation
Guest Website(s): http://www.touchstoneessentials.com/

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