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Chris Kehler – Energy Medicine: How The Aura, & Etheric Template Affect The Physical Body

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Once again we had a rather fascinating discussion with Chris Kehler on the topic of energetic medicine and natural healing. About 13 years ago I began studying quantum physics, super string theory and wild concepts like that. I read a bunch of books on the subject matter back then and really enjoyed learning about it as much as I could.

Then I began studying ancient civilizations and eventually health related topics. It’s interesting how all of this information comes full circle. At the quantum level all of our cells are vibrating bits of energy that can actually be in two places at once.

When you think of healing disease on a deep level, it doesn’t get any deeper than this. I think in our western world we focus much our attention on symptoms and drugs to get rid of those symptoms.

In the alternative medicine and natural healing world we focus on foods and herbs to do the same thing. Now more and more work is being done on the emotional and spiritual levels to heal diseases and create health in the body. I’m thinking of people like Dr. Alex Loyd, and Dr. Bradley Nelson. We can even get into the emotional levels with the work of Pieter Dewet and Gilbert Renaud.

I believe the work that Chris Kehler is doing is on this quantum level that goes much deeper than our diet, nutrition and exercise. Of course we have to have those elements in order to heal but I believe diet, nutrition, minerals and exercise simply act as the supporting cast to much deeper emotional, spiritual and quantum issues going on in our bodies.

Listen to this interview/podcast with Chris Kehler with an open mind and let me know what you think!

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • What can and cannot be done with energy work
  • Entities and health problems
  • The aura, and etheric template how it affects the physical body
  • Mineral imbalances
  • Weight loss i.e. emotional eating slow metabolism cravings etc.
  • The 5th dimensional shift
  • How DNA can be effected by energetic medicine
  • What is quantum mechanics
  • How does energy play a role in healing
  • How foot baths work to detoxify the body
  • Grounding pads
  • And so much more!

Chris Kehler – Energy Medicine: How The Aura, & Etheric Template Affect The Physical Body. Listen now! – Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Monday 4/29/2013
Show Guest: Chris Kehler
Guest Info: Chris Kehler is a holistic energy practitioner who uses pendulum dowsing, sacred geometry such as pyramids to first find the area in the body where the health problem exists, and then use sacred geometry to “neutralize” the stressor in the area. Chris is certified in Quantum touch, live blood analysis and Radionics. Chris is also the owner of “Quantum Point Technologies” the maker of energy wrist bands such as the “sleep” band.

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Topic: Energy Medicine
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Items Mentioned: Kroeger Herb Co, SPK Formula
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