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Dr. Harvey Bigelsen – How Almost Everything Can Be Seen In The Blood!

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    We had such a great time speaking with Dr. Harvey Bigelsen in this radio show. His work is truly fascinating. He’s taking live blood cell analysis to another level. He does what’s called dark field microscopy where he doesn’t stain the blood.

    Most holistic health care practitioners stain the blood. By doing so it actually kills some of organisms and clouds the picture of the blood. When most doctors do live blood cell analysis you might see parasites, white blood cells and other things floating in the blood plasma.

    But when Dr. Harvey Bigelsen does dark field microscopy he sees things that make you think of Twilight Zone. Remember when Marsuo Emoto wrote the book and he took pictures of water crystals that actually change their structure and shape based on the intention that’s put around them?

    This is similar to what Dr. Harvey Bigelsen is doing. He has seen some pretty amazing things while looking at people’s blood. For example, he’s seen a woman’s baby in the blood when she was pregnant. He can see cancer tumors years before they’ve actually grown into a detectable cancer. He can see anger in the blood in the form of a liver.

    Each organ actually carries different emotional states. For example anger in Chinese Medicine correlates to the liver. The lungs, the stomach, the spleen, the endocrine organs all carry with them different emotional states.

    He even saw a broken femur of a woman who had no broken femur. It turns out 2 weeks later this older lady fell and broke her femur. Can you believe that? What’s going on there?

    Did the event of breaking her femur happen as a sort of subconscious self fulfilling prophecy or was her blood somehow telling the future? Is that creepy or what?

    If you look into energy medicine, quantum physics and string theory, this ideas shouldn’t surprise you. It’s only strange because of our Western mindset brainwashing.

    At the very beginning of the show, Dr. Bigelsen talked about some of the dangers of surgery. Many women these days are getting elective plastic surgery which is very harmful to the body. In fact surgery is so harmful that Dr. Bigelsen says that your body is never the same if you’ve had even just one surgery in your life.

    Isn’t that amazing? I think of women getting their mastectomies to prevent cancer, face lifts, tummy tucks, gastric bypass surgery and breast enhancement surgeries. It’s crazy.

    Not only is surgery an invasion to this living temple designed to house our spirits and souls, it creates scars which further disturb the energy field and blocks certain organs from connecting to and communicating with our plasma energy field.

    Surgery is a HUGE deal and unfortunately people get it done like it’s not a big deal. Dr. Bigelsen didn’t even touch on the toxic affects (I’m wondering if somehow there’s a connection to Alzheimer’s Disease later in life) of the anesthesia that settles in the brain and nervous system during the procedure.

    We also talked about how the FDA raided his office and illegally confiscated patient records. When you’re doing great work out there in the world and actually helping people, the FDA will take notice.

    Another interesting topic we discussed was how ingesting some of the noble metals like gold, platinum, iridium etc actually help to be a conductor in the bloodstream to access other frequencies. It’s an interesting topic that I’d like to look into further. Somehow our blood if it has the right metals could be like a radio antenna where it’s able to pickup frequencies floating around the atmosphere.

    Just a thought…

    Then we talked about some of his remedies for things like strokes and heart attacks. These are substances people can keep in their pockets or purse and ingest any time they feel like their having the symptoms of a heart attack.

    Dr. Harvey Bigelsen is a fascinating man and we were so honored for him to spend some time with us.

    Please pass this show on to the family and friends you love…

    We discuss the following and so much more:

    • The dangers of having surgery
    • How surgery creates scars which blocks energy flows
    • How all people (if they die from a disease) die from cancer, heart attacks or arthritis
    • How the FDA invaded his practice
    • How he got into the holistic and natural medicines
    • Dark field analysis vs live blood analysis
    • Why staining blood is detrimental
    • How the germ theory permeates every area of our lives
    • Homeopathic remedies for heart attacks, strokes and more!
    • And so much more!

    All people die of 3 diseases, heart attacks, cancer or arthritis. Dr. Harvey Bigelsen explains – Click to tweet this!

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    Show Date: Wednesday 6/5/2013
    Show Guest: Harvey Bigelsen
    Guest Info: Harvey Bigelsen, M.D., served his country in Vietnam as a commanding officer in charge of mass casualties and as a trauma surgeon. He had a successful ophthalmology practice in Princeton, New Jersey, before moving to Arizona and following a more nontraditional medical philosophy. He co-authored the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act, and was appointed by then Governor Babbitt to establish a board, and while acting as president, to set the standards for holistic medicine. The law gave homeopathy equal legal status with allopathic and osteopathic medicine. He continues to consult in Nevada City, California.

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    Topic: Live blood cell analysis
    Guest Website(s): http://www.drbigelsen.com/

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    Show Notes: Edgar Cayce

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