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Dr. Steven Baker – COVID Nonsense, Mask Wearing & Practical Solutions!


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Today we had Dr. Steven Baker on the show who is the creator of Project 180 which is an online course devoted to breaking down the science and studies behind all of the major vaccines that are given to children.

He was charging $180 for the course when it first opened the doors. The demand was so big that he felt like he could reach even more people by simply giving Project 180 away for free. Hundreds of hours of planning, thought, research and work went into Project 180 and now he’s just giving it away for free!

After Dr. Baker left the show, I did a rant monologue about some things we can do to turn this crazy situation around!

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Show Notes


Show Guest:

Dr. Steven Baker

Guest Info:

If covering up symptoms with drugs and never actually fixing anything is what real doctors do, no I’m not a real doctor. All I do is find the cause of the problem and teach people how to fix it. With this, people actually get RESULTS. Am I qualified to talk about vaccines? Well… I have studied them for over 100 hours post graduate. Can your MD say the same? I am not giving medical advise, nor am I telling people to not vaccinate. All I do is educate people of their options and show them what informed consent looks like. That is completely within my scope of practice.

Show Topic:

Coronavirus, wearing masks, vaccines and solutions!

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