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Dr. Richard Massey – Your Anger, Your Fears & What Triggers You Doesn’t Belong To You!

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  • Today was another fascinating show with Dr. Richard Massey.

    In this show we talked about Recall Healing and how we can (on an emotional/spiritual level) close the loops that are causing sickness and disease.

    Did you know that your anger, your reactions, your opinions, your triggers don’t belong to you? In fact they belong to people in your family line and it would better serve them to simply give them back.

    When we hold onto something that’s not ours in order to honor someone, we are doing THEM a diservice. If it’s not ours, we must not take it and let it own us.

    We need to look for other ways to honor those that came before us.

    I like to use the analogy of a mother and a son walking a great distance to procure water for the family. The son can carry the jugs of water for the mother in order to honor her.

    But that’s not the only way!

    The son can ask other people if they can carry it. The son can earn enough money to have water delivered. The son can call a taxi perhaps and have them drive the water back home.

    So too can we honor those that came before us by giving back to them our burdens but also sitting in a meditation to figure out how to honor them.

    As Dr. Massey says, everything is a love story. How can we love and honor those that came before us without taking on their programs and pretending they are ours?

    Food for thought.

    We talked a lot about birth and how we honor those that came before us whether we want to or not!

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    Show Guest:

    Dr. Richard Massey

    Guest Info:

    When I went to medical school, I was trained to observe the patient’s symptoms, and map it to an illness in my textbook. When I first encountered the idea that the body could actually be welcoming the dis-ease, I was reluctant to accept it.

    The notion that the body would welcome disease, made no sense until I realized that the subconscious mind actually creates conditions in the body in order to welcome an ailment in order to highlight to the conscious mind that there’s a blockagee of love. (video of Meridian discussing testicular cancer) This means, in our school – unlike a western medical school – the ailment isn’t the problem. Instead it’s a signal from the subconscious to the concious that there’s an unaddressed obstacle to love. Freud demonstrated this with one of his most famous patients.

    In medical schools, doctors are taught to quickly eradicate – often with antibiotics, the dis-ease. Given the illness is actually a metaphor for some life or family history situation where love was (and is still being) blocked – if you destroy it before you know the deeper reason, the dis-ease will likely manifest in a new form to try again to communicate.

    Having graduated medical school, I can report first-hand that they don’t acknowledge or care to explore the deeper (spiritual, psychological, metaphorical) reason for disease. Our school’s approach, similar to shaman training, has pracitioners learn to investigate the deeper why. When I was a doctor, like most doctors, I was often overbooked and needed to bill an insurance company. This is why we’re trained to quickly name the patient’s mallady something in the billing database, and prescribe something to eradicate the situation. As a result, the deeper meaning isn’t likely to be revealed.

    Show Topic:

    Recall healing

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