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Dr. Martin Pall PhD – Exactly How Wireless Radiation & EMF Cause Aging & Disease!

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  • Today we talked with PhD and EMF expert Dr. Martin Pall.

    We talked about dirty electricity, electricity in general, DC vs AC current, cell phones and cell towers, wifi routers, smart meters, dect phones and computers.

    How does all this radiation affect our health? What does the electrification of our environment do to our cellular biology?

    Dr. Pall surmises that radiation (ionizing or non ionizing) causes cellular membranes to essentially break down. These are called the voltage gated calcium ion channels.

    When these cell membranes are “breached” calcium (and other toxins, like iron, oxidized lipids like PUFAs and even heavy metals and parasites) floods into the center of the cell.

    When this happens ATP cannot get created properly in the mitochondria and it also dehydrates you at the mitochondrial level.

    This is bad news my friends.

    This is called a slow death. Death by wifi.

    At the end we talked about what you can do to improve your environment and your health.

    Please pass this show on to your friends who need to hear this!

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    Show Guest:

    Dr. Martin Pall

    Guest Info:

    Dr. Martin Pall, Ph.D. is a professor at Washington State University. He focuses his work on understanding the relationship between EMFs and the activation of voltage-gated calcium channels, which are present in every cell membrane in the body, but play a particularly important role in electrically active tissues, such as the nervous system and heart, as well as the release of hormones and neurotransmitters

    Show Topic:

    Wireless radiation, EMF, 5G, smart meters, electricity, voltage

    Show Links

    The 5G Online EMF Summit
    Get Your EMF Home Assessment
    Dr. Pall’s Paper
    Dr. Pall’s Paper
    Dr. Pall’s Paper

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