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Dr. Gilbert Renaud – How Emotional Traumas Cause Disease & What You Can Do About It


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  • It’s my belief that the first place to start with healing yourself is in the emotional or spiritual traumas.

    This is why I wanted to have Dr. Gilbert Renaud on the show once again to discuss Recall Healing.

    Recall Healing is a way to acces those invisibile processes that are keeping your body from healing. There’s a reason why your body is creating extra cells.

    There’s a reason why your body cannot regulate your hormones or balance your blood sugars.

    There’s a reason why your body has a heart attack.

    What if I told you the tumor or the heart attack was your body trying to heal you? We haven’t been told the truth when it comes to our biology.

    And that’s on purpose!

    Dr. Gilbert Renaud explains with so much grace and elegance exactly how this process works and most importantly the solutions behind it.

    I hope you enjoy this episode with Dr. Gilbert Renaud!

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    Show Notes


    Show Guest:

    Dr. Gilbert Renaud

    Guest Info:

    Gilbert Renaud, PhD has been working as a Consultant in, Recall Healing/Total Biology and in Biological Deprogramming in Vancouver for over 11 years. He has thirty years of experience as a professional in the field of holistic health.

    Today he meets with clients and he organizes workshops & lectures to help you to understand the benefit of this concept, mainly in Vancouver (Canada), USA and Europe. He got his college degree in Montreal (1974), became Massage Therapist (1981), Naturopath in Quebec (1988) ONQ, got a PhD accreditation in 2007.

    In 1993, by an unusual coincidence, Gilbert began to study the principles of emotional traumas causing physical disease through Dr. Robert Guinée. He studied the symbolism of illnesses, the part of the body that is affected and the corresponding parts of the brain.

    He began his training with Bertrand Lemieux in 1982 and then he worked with him for several years at the Visa Health Centre as Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Wellness Consultant and as a teacher at the School of Naturopathy of the Upper Laurentians in Mont-Laurier, Qc. Canada.

    Gilbert Renaud then retrained with Claude Sabbah (Total Biology) and then with Gérard Athias (Biopsychogenealogy and Biology of physiology) with whom he pursued his training by participating in various advanced level courses and specialization seminars that are held each year.

    Gilbert Renaud has integrated the synthesis of his studies, life and work experiences and sessions with his clients…under the name Recall Healing which is a great body of knowledge. Recall Healing is far from being a panacea but when well applied it contributes powerfully to the healing process.

    Show Topic:

    Recall healing, emotional trauma, sickness, illness and disease

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